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    Say Bye Bye Byebye Sisters Patry Time To Pink Watch To Accompany You To Dawn

    Introduction: Now life is not only stressful for men, but also difficult for women. Work pressure and workplace struggles make people breathless, and all kinds of life and affairs are also headaches. Attend a sister party, spit out your troubles and share your life with your closest friends. Find out how to choose a watch at a sister party, which will make you both glorious and affectionate.

       The best way for women to relieve stress is not to eat and drink, not to go shopping, but to HAPPY together with a few sisters until dawn. At the party between the sisters, you do n’t have to think hard about the topic, and you do n’t have to worry about trying to get everything together. Everything can be done as you like. But don’t forget that no matter how casual, you still need to think carefully, otherwise the theme of the party will be: What happened to you recently? At the party with the sisters, the grand dress looks contrived and the jewelry looks tacky. A beautiful and practical watch is just right.
        Recommended models: Tank Anglaise white gold alligator leather strap

       Tank Anglaise is Cartier’s latest watch. Its avant-garde style breaks the watch’s only round shape, colorful, giving you a variety of choices, and continues to write the new legend of the TANK series. The new Tank watch has been re-interpreted. The bracelet is harmoniously matched with the vertical lugs. The crown is hidden in the hollow vertical lugs, exposing only the gems with diamonds, giving you a new surprise. The new Tank Anglaise watch is available in three sizes for men and women. It is available in white gold, yellow gold and rose gold. The straps are available in multiple colors. In addition, Tank Anglaise’s large model is especially equipped with Cartier’s first self-winding mechanical movement 1904 MC, which can see its mechanical movement through the sapphire crystal transparent case back.

     With Tips: Casual Wear + Pink TankAnglaise Watch

     The party content between women is always changeable, but returning to the girl is always the wish of every woman. Why not wear a floral dress, simple and comfortable, and reminisce about those beautiful years with friends. Although the clothes are simple, wearing an exquisite and charming Tank Anglaise watch, you are still a trendy person walking in the front of fashion.

      Tank Anglaise on this pink strap has a young and cute feel. White gold case set with brilliant-cut round diamonds. The crown is subtly concealed in the case, revealing only a nine-pointed tip with a diamond inlaid at the tip, luxurious and charming. Bright flourish red alligator strap, fresh and beautiful. The watch reveals a girlish taste in luxury, just like an adult gift you received at the age of eighteen, which is precious but nevertheless innocent.
       More with watch recommendations
       If you think the pink watch is a bit seductive, don’t worry, Cartier’s latest Tank Anglaise watch has a variety of colors and materials for you to choose from. Here are two low-key and stylish watches for you.

       Astringent brown is the safest color, and it doesn’t go wrong with any outfit. If you go out to a friend’s party on a rare holiday and don’t want to work hard on how to match it, then you might as well play a safety card. The gold case with a brown alligator leather strap sparkles in retro fashion. (Small Tank Anglaise model, alligator strap)

      If the wearer does not like the high-profile gold watch, you can choose this platinum watch. The low-key case exudes a charming luster. No matter what the age, the silky soft light will always indulge you. Classic styles, classic colors, worthy of your love. (Small Tank Anglaise model, alligator strap)
    Summary: Put on your Tank Anglaise to start a new day’s life, share the bits and pieces of your life with your close friends, laugh and have tears and accompany your Tank Anglaise. Hurry up and don’t miss the time of the sister party!

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    Cartier Floating Tourbillon Three Questions Rotonde De Cartier Watch Debut

    Cartier launched a special gift box watch at the 2015 Watch & Miracle Asia Advanced Watch Show. This set of boxes presents the classic models of Cartier’s three advanced complication timepieces. Five sets of limited editions are issued worldwide. Comes with a separate number. All three watches have a round case design, and the blue enamel dial is equipped with complex devices with different functions, such as a dual mysterious tourbillon, a floating tourbillon quiz and an Astrocalendaire celestial calendar. The editor below will show you the floating tourbillon minute repeater watch.

     The Rotonde De Cartier watch case is made of titanium and has a diameter of 45 mm. The blue enamel dial is decorated with ‘flame’ engraving and is equipped with rhodium-plated steel sword-shaped hands. At the same time, the most eye-catching design of the watch is that the gong and hammer are clearly visible on the dial, and the inertial flywheel is not restricted by the upper bridge, allowing it to truly fly in the air, making people fully feel the complexity of timepieces. Subtle beauty.
    ——Watch details——

     The watch is equipped with a Cartier 9402 MC manual-winding mechanical movement. The movement is equipped with a floating tourbillon and minute repeater function. The movement diameter is 39.5 mm and the thickness is 9.8 mm. It has 45 ruby ​​bearings and a total of 447 movement parts. With a frequency of 21,600 vibrations per hour, it can provide a watch with a 50-hour power reserve.
     Watch House Watch Special Report team will continue to send you the freshest and most up-to-date watch information. If you want to know more about the 2015 Hong Kong Watch Fair, please pay attention to the report topic of ‘Watches and Miracles’.

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    Sublime Sleeves Girard Perregaux 1966 Women’s Watch Brief Comment

    In the 1960s, Girard Perregaux was one of the few watch manufacturers with its own research and development team. In 1966, it launched the first high-frequency movement based on its own ‘Gyromatic’ technology, which operates extremely precisely. As a result, 73% of the 1967 precision timer certificate of the Newhall Observatory in Switzerland was issued to Girard Perregaux. The 1966 series is Girard Perregaux’s tribute to this era, and it has been showing the continuous innovation of the brand. Today, the Watch House brings you a Girard Perregaux 1966 series women’s watch, reference model: 49528D52B871-CKBA.

       The Girard Perregaux 1966 collection combines subtle elegance and precision timepiece performance with a well-balanced design and layout, just the right size ratio, and flawless decoration. It is a contemporary masterpiece of elegant timepieces.

    Case in rose gold with a diameter of 30 mm

       The case of this watch is made of rose gold with a diameter of 30 mm. It is delicately retouched to show more dimensional fit. It is suitable for women’s slender and elegant wrists. The warm rose gold luster complements the elegant brandy dial, which together depict Gentle and moving female charm.

    Watch with a sapphire crystal

       The thin bezel outlines the elegant silhouette of the watch. A clear sapphire crystal glass is fixed under the bezel, revealing the perfect craftsmanship of the top watch without any reservation.

    Exquisite Triangular Crown

       On the side of the case, an exquisite crown crowns the delicate taste of this watch. The watch is made of rose gold with a simple and exquisite shape. The top of the crown is engraved with Girard Perregaux’s ‘GP’ logo, demonstrating the distinguished brand identity.

    Chocolate alligator strap

       This watch is equipped with a chocolate-colored crocodile leather strap. The strap is made of fine leather, exquisite workmanship, comfortable to wear, fine stitches and natural crocodile leather texture present a delicate and elegant temperament.

    Case thickness is only 8.90 mm

       The case of this watch is only 8.90 mm, combined with the exquisite polishing and polishing of the case, giving the watch an unparalleled wearing comfort and delicate and restrained elegance.

    The lugs are exquisitely chic

       The lugs are exquisitely chic, shining with a delicate precious metal luster, reflecting a delicate taste. The ear slightly draws an elegant arc backwards, making the watch fit more closely to the wrist to ensure comfortable wearing.

    With a simple rose gold pin buckle

       This watch is equipped with an easy-to-use pin buckle. The buckle is made of rose gold with exquisite workmanship. The buckle is engraved with the Girard-Perregaux watch’s ‘GP’ logo, which highlights the distinguished brand identity.

    Brandy rose pattern dial

       The brandy-colored dial is decorated with exquisite rose-patterned engravings, and the pattern radiates outward from the center, like a blooming rose flower, with two slender moving willow-shaped hands to highlight the elegant charm of the dial. Except for the finely polished Roman numerals at 6 and 12 o’clock, the other time scales are marked with inlaid diamonds.

    Bezel and lugs set with diamonds

      The perfectly proportioned case is meticulously crafted in rose gold, which is even more elegant and refined, with classic models with sparkling diamonds. The bezel and lugs are inlaid with a total of 80 exquisite bright cut diamonds, one lug that extends from the bezel to the two sides.

    Equipped with a GP03200-0005 self-winding mechanical movement

       This watch is equipped with a Girard-Perregaux GP03200-0005 automatic movement. The movement frequency is 28,800 times / hour, which can provide a power reserve of about 42 hours. Through the sapphire glass at the bottom of the watch, you can appreciate this beautifully refined movement, which is the charm of high-end mechanical watches.

    Summary: The history of Girard-Perregaux, the top Swiss watchmaking brand, was founded in 1791. It is one of the very few real watchmaking factories in the world. Tabulation process. Girard Perregaux has obtained more than 80 technical patents over the years and is committed to the development of new technologies. It is committed to presenting more than 200 years of watchmaking tradition with an innovative look and promoting the development of the watchmaking industry from the perspective of watchmakers.

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    Hand In Hand With Tag Heuer To Meet Intime Tag Heuer Enters Hefei Intime Center Opening Ceremony

    (August 24, 2013, Hefei) TAG Heuer, the pioneer of Swiss watchmaking, opened its exclusive store in Intime Center in Hefei. The brand sincerely invites movie stars, TAG Heuer’s best friend Deng Chao, many mainstream media in Hefei and The VIP guests gathered together to witness another precious moment of TAG Heuer’s expansion in China.

     The Hefei Intime Center store is Heuya’s first store in Hefei. The store design adhering to TAG Heuer’s pioneers and avant-garde, based on bronze and black, highlights the brand’s unique temperament. Entering the spacious and bright store hall, TAG Heuer’s luxurious avant-garde quality is unobstructed, and the full range of TAG Heuer’s full range of products is displayed in the window 360 degrees. It perfectly integrates cutting-edge technology and century-old watchmaking technology, showing the brand’s charm in all directions.

     As a close friend of the brand, Deng Chao has a unique understanding of watches. ‘For a man, being the master of time is a challenge of his life. As a leader in precision timekeeping in the field of watches, Heuer is also an avant-garde pioneer who courageously meets the challenge of time,’ he said. Love is born. Watches symbolize the taste of men’s life. Racing represents the passion and power of men. TAG Heuer combines the spirit of racing with the precision of watches and constantly breaks the speed limit in the field of high-end timing. ‘

     Since its establishment in 1860, TAG Heuer has undergone 153 years of hardening. With sophisticated watchmaking technology, unique and innovative design concepts, high-tech materials, excellent performance, and extreme precision, TAG Heuer has always led the development of Swiss precision watchmaking. As a pioneer in Swiss watchmaking and a leader in chronographs, TAG Heuer writes the brand’s eternal adherence to precise timekeeping. TAG Heuer is the first luxury watch brand to be accurate to one tenth, one hundredth or even one thousandth. In 2012, TAG Heuer launched the world’s first Mikrogirder, which can be accurate to 5 / 10,000 seconds, and won the ‘Golden Hand Award’, the highest honor of the Grand Prix de la Haute Horlogerie in Geneva.

     As the star brand of the world’s largest boutique group Louvre Xuan Group, TAG Heuer is known as a model of Swiss precision watchmaking and has created countless legends in the watchmaking industry. Since entering the Chinese market, TAG Heuer has grown rapidly in China. Today, TAG Heuer has opened TAG Heuer’s first specialty store in Anhui Province in Hefei Intime Center. With its profound cultural heritage, TAG Heuer has mastered many series of masterpieces since 153 years. As well as the constant introduction of new watches and communication products, TAG Heuer will become the dream first choice for Chinese tasters.

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    Perfect Inspiration Tasting Mido Perfection Series Limited Watch

    Swiss beauty watch that is good at drawing inspiration from classic architecture, it uses the Roman Colosseum as the source of inspiration to create the perfect series of watches. The perfect series stands out for its immortal design and shape. The narrow bezel allows the dial to show its space as much as possible, and the anti-dazzling sapphire mirror makes the dial a strong impact on time. Today’s Watch House brings you a Mido Perfect Series limited edition watch, the official model: M8340.4.18.19.

    Mido Perfect Series M8340.4.18.19

       This watch has a round case made of stainless steel and houses an automatic mechanical movement certified by the Observatory. Black dial with bar-shaped hour markers and centered hands, with day and date display. The watch comes with a stainless steel strap and is also 100 meters water resistant.

    Toothed crown for easy handling

       The crown placed on the right side of the watch is also made of stainless steel, and the side of the round crown is decorated with tooth patterns for easy function adjustment; the top is embossed with the English name ‘MIDO’.

    Stainless steel strap and buckle

       The watch is equipped with a stainless steel strap. The unique link design of the strap links is fixed by a steel rod link; a folding clasp with a push-opening device is mounted on the strap, and the brand name is engraved on the strap. The bracelet links and buckle are carefully polished, and the appearance is smooth, reflecting a very metallic texture.

    Black dial is simple and beautiful

       The black dial has a minute scale engraved on the outer edge of the watch, which forms a distinct layer difference from the internal plane; the second hand of the watch is orange, the minute hand and hour hand are orange coated, and the bar hour markers are surrounded by orange coating, and black The dials form a contrast of distinct colors, making the reading more clear and simple. The day and date display at 3 o’clock on the dial is in white font and is easy to read.

    Clear and legible day and date display

       The watch’s week display and date display functions are displayed in a long window at three o’clock on the dial. The day of the week is displayed by the English abbreviation and the date is displayed by Arabic numerals. Both functions are in white font and have a black chassis. Color difference.

    Integrated lugs for stronger links

       The watch uses integrated lugs, which have a wider connection between the lugs and the strap, which not only does not destroy the aesthetics, but also makes the links stronger.

    The inner movement can be seen through the bottom of the watch

       The bottom of the watch is a translucent back, and the inner movement can be clearly seen through the sapphire crystal on the back. This watch is equipped with an observatory-certified automatic mechanical movement, which has excellent performance and fine polishing. The brand’s logo is printed on the movement, which is engraved with Geneva stripes, which is very beautiful.

    Summary: This watch is made of high-quality stainless steel and ingenious design. Its carefully designed case and dial allow the wearer to clearly see the time at an extremely inclined angle. The chronometer-certified movement inside the watch gives it excellent and stable performance. Extraordinary outside and powerful inside, worth having.

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    Huo Jianhua At The 20th Shanghai International Film Festival Wearing Panerai Watches

    Shanghai, June 19, 2017 – Huo Jianhua, the brand spokesperson for Panerai Greater China, has recently launched two new works on the big screen. On June 17th, he appeared at the 20th Shanghai International Film Festival in Shanghai with two new works, ‘When Will the Moon Become’ and ‘Rescue Against Time’.

       In the red carpet of ‘When Will the Moon Become’ and ‘Rescue’, Huo Jianhua chose to wear the Panerai Radiomir 1940 Chronograph chronograph red gold watch with elegant style.

       Huo Jianhua’s work ‘What Time Will the Moon Begin’ at the film festival is to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the return of Hong Kong. It is directed by well-known director Xu Anhua. The movie restores the ‘Dongjiang Column’ in Hong Kong’s Anti-Japanese History. Huo Jianhua even performed the role of agent for the first time in the play , And partner with Zhou Xun. It is worth mentioning that the prototype of the Panerai Radiomir 1940 Chronograph chronograph red gold watch that Huo Jianhua specially chose to wear was just born in the 1940s, and the story of ‘When Will the Moon Begin’ happened in the same period.

       Huo Jianhua also appeared in the film festival’s new work ‘Rescue’ a science fiction action movie, and partnered with Yang Mi. Huo Jianhua, who first challenged the role of a kidnapper, will challenge many difficult action scenes in the play, showing his iron man side.

       At the press conference of ‘When will the moon be tomorrow’ on June 18, the Panerai Luminor 1950 Regatta worn by Huo Jianhua flew back to the chronograph titanium watch, demonstrating Huo Jianhua’s masculine style.

       Two watches with different styles add a lot to Huo Jianhua’s gentleman outfit, helping it become the focus of the film festival and the conference.

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    Sophie Marceau Wears Chopard High Jewellery To Attend The Closing Ceremony Of Shanghai Film Festival

    On June 21, 2015, the famous movie star Sophie Marceau, known as the “Rose of France”, wore Chopard high-quality jewelry and made a stunning appearance at the 18th Shanghai International Film Festival The closing ceremony brought a lot of sensation to Shen Cheng.
    Sophie Masso’s Red Carpet Plus Shanghai Film Festival Closing

    Chopard High Jewellery Rose Cut Diamond Ring

    Chopard High Jewellery Collection Pear-Shaped Yellow and White Diamond Earrings

       On the red carpet, she wore a red dress, pear-shaped diamond earrings dancing with the steps, and the diamond ring was dazzling under the flashing lights.

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    Seagull Dragon Xianghuan Tourbillon Enamel Rose Gold Watch

    Seagull releases limited edition ‘Longxiang Universal’ tourbillon enamel rose gold watch
    In 2012, the year of the Lunar New Year, Tianjin Seagull Watch Group launched the ‘Longxiang Universal’ enamel tourbillon rose gold limited edition luxury watch, and reached an in-depth cooperation intention with China Merchants Bank Tianjin Branch. This watch, as the ‘China Merchants Bank Tianjin Branch’ product, will be displayed, recommended and booked at all China Merchants Bank outlets in the city. This is also the first time that Chinese national watch industry brands and financial brands have joined hands in the field of high-end watches. People in the industry believe that this move by China Merchants Bank is not only a high recognition of the rare value and collection potential of this watch, but also the brand and quality of the Seagull watch, it has also played a positive role in promoting the development of China’s national watchmaking industry.
    With the increasing importance of the Chinese market for global luxury consumption, high-end mechanical watches with a long cultural accumulation and unique aesthetics are also recognized and sought after by more and more Chinese. As the birthplace of China’s first watch, the Seagull Watch Group has successively conquered the three major classic mechanisms of the world’s mechanical watches in recent years, namely tourbillon watches, minute repeaters and perpetual calendar watches, occupying the market leader in high-end complex mechanical watches. Machine, representing the Chinese national watch industry and Switzerland and other world-renowned brands in the international market. The ‘Twelve Beasts Head Enamel Tourbillon Rose Gold Watch’ with Seagull’s independent intellectual property rights even sold a high price of 1.4 million in 2010 at the Guardian auction house, showing the market potential, which also established the ‘Limited Collection of Seagulls’ theme. ‘The cornerstone of high-end watch success.
    Seagull releases limited edition ‘Longxiang Universal’ tourbillon enamel rose gold watch
    In the beginning of 2012, Erhaigull launched another high-end product with the theme of ‘Dragon’-the ‘Longxiang Universal’ tourbillon enamel rose gold watch. As a New Year gift, it is limited to 212 pieces sold worldwide. The ‘Long Xiang Huan Yu’ watch uses an eccentric tourbillon movement set with diamonds, a hand-painted filigree enamel dial, an 18K rose gold case, a crocodile leather strap and a rosewood case, which can be described as the top workmanship of world-renowned treasures.
    The tourbillon is known as one of the greatest watchmaking arts. Its complex escapement, nearly a hundred delicate components handmade, and unique sports aesthetics make the expensive tourbillon watch a favorite of high-end consumers. The eccentric tourbillon is an exclusive configuration of top-level watches. The global annual output is only about 10,000, and the market price has increased by more than 10% annually. It is very popular in the high-end watch collection market, with great appreciation space and collection value. The pure hand-made silk enamel manufacturing process belongs to the intangible cultural heritage project. At present, there are few and few treasures in the world, and there are only a few thousand pieces in the world. As the craft is on the verge of being lost, the transaction price of silk enamel utensils at auctions is all the way up, and the collection value and market value-added space of Longxiang Huanyu watches are evident.
    The visual design of the Longxiang Huanyu watch takes the strong Chinese ink painting style as the bearing. The eastern patron saint Qinglong among the four ancient beasts above is the main visual design. Combining the eccentric tourbillon movement and the silk enamel dial, it creatively shows An auspicious scene of ‘Shuanglongxizhu’. The color of the entire dial is thick and deep, and the ink painting has a long and lasting mood. The naturally streamlined sphere shape of the tourbillon implies the meaning of the earth around the world, and also the long and beautiful wish of the blessings of the world sheltered by the dragon.
    If you look at the two tourbillon watch ‘Guade Seasons’ in 2005, the transaction price will be more than 20% higher than the market reference price. The market potential for collection and appreciation is self-evident. And this limited edition of 212 ‘Longxiang Huanyu’ watches, with the unique charm of the fusion of exquisite watchmaking techniques from the East and the West, and the value of the Chinese national industrial brand, are even more precious and are rare collectors’ treasures.

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    Richard Mille Richard Mille Becomes Manchester City’s Official Timing Partner

    Switzerland’s top watch brand Richard Mille Richard Mille has signed a sponsorship contract with the English Premier League champions Manchester City Football Club 2011 – 2012, becoming the official timing equipment partner of the football club .
    Previously, the brand has bet on sports genius to prove successful. In addition to Manchester City, Richard Mille is also a sponsor of many famous sports figures, such as tennis king Rafael Nadal and famous polo player Pablo Mac. Donough, American golf star Bubba Watson, Formula 1 driver Massa, French driver Jules Bianchi, French driver Romain Dumas, Charles Leclerc, Adrien Tambay, driver Martin Brundle and his son Alex.
    Regarding this signing, John Macbeath, Acting Chief Executive Officer of Manchester City, said: ‘It is a pride for the club to cooperate with Richard Mille and Richard Miller. Our goals are the same, that is, continuous innovation to achieve the ideal. VIP events and regular match day experiences, this new partnership offers many exciting opportunities for collaboration. ‘
    Peter Millon, CEO of Richard Mille EMEA, said: ‘Manchester City has just won the Premier League and we are proud to share this historic moment. Manchester City’s philosophy of excellence and innovation is matched by Richard Mille Richard • Miller wants to create a strong and unique timepiece with exactly the same philosophy. We look forward to a long-term successful cooperation with Manchester City Football Club.
    In addition to providing timing equipment for the Manchester City Club, Richard Mille will also auction a specially manufactured clock under the name of Blue Moon Charity ‘Manchester City in the Community’. Improve the local environment and help children establish the right values ​​from sports and education.
    Picture source: Manchester City Football Club photographer Sharon Latham

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    The Blue Bloodwalker In Time – A Historical Review Of Athens Watch

    As fast-selling culture becomes the mainstream of the market today, many industries that have a long history and deep accumulation have also been affected more or less. Take the watch industry, for example, although antique watches have ushered in an unprecedented event, many big names have to carry out market-oriented and crowd-oriented production and promotion of fast-food products under the influence of fast sales. But there are also some brands that always insist on themselves, just like the old saying—don’t forget your original intention, you always have it.

     What I want to sort out for you today is a very unpopular independent watch brand-Athens. The reason why it is called ‘pure blue blood’ may be clear to many people. According to Swiss law, if an indicator company wants to advertise that it is ‘Made in Switzerland’, it must use a Swiss-made movement. If this situation cannot be effectively resolved, Control and balance, then this will mean that some Swiss watch companies, including Patek Philippe, will have to abandon the gold-made signboards of ‘Made in Switzerland’, and the Swatch Group, which has the lifeline of Swiss movements, will monopolize ‘Made in Switzerland’. Therefore, the high-profile emergence of independent watch brands at this time is undoubtedly a solid counterattack of self-improvement on the basis of adherence to ‘Made in Switzerland’.

     I have to admit that according to Swiss law, if the indicator company wants to promote itself as ‘Swiss-made’, it must use Swiss-made movements. If this situation cannot be effectively controlled and balanced, it will mean that some parts including Patek Philippe The Swiss watch company will have to abandon the ‘Made in Switzerland’ golden signboard, while the Swatch Group, which has the lifeline of the Swiss movement, will have a monopoly on ‘Made in Switzerland’.

     Therefore, the high-profile emergence of independent watch brands at this time is undoubtedly a solid counterattack of self-improvement on the basis of adherence to ‘Made in Switzerland’. Next, please follow the edited text to review the centuries of the Blue Blood Walker in Athens.

     The Athens Watch was founded in 1846. Its marine astronomical clocks and astronomical watches have been famous for their precision functions. They have been popular in the field of marine watches for more than a century. More than 50 countries around the world have designated the Athens Marine Observatory as a professional instrument for the naval fleet. In the era of no electronic navigation, the Athens watch accompanied the navigators through repeated voyage adventures, withstood the test of extreme temperatures and harsh environments, calculated the navigation position with absolute accuracy, and inherited an innovative factor like Columbus’s discovery of the new continent. In the past 158 ​​years, it has won a total of 18 gold medals, more than a thousand championships and 4,324 mechanical sailing time certificates.

     Since 1817, the nautical observatory clocks produced by Athens have been sent to the observatories in Neuchâtel and Geneva for a long period of time. Nine tests for seven consecutive days, first at 36, 28, 20, 12 and 4 degrees Celsius The test was repeated at 12, 20, 28, and 36 degrees. This ‘back and forth’ test method is designed to prove that the precision of the timer can be maintained in the harsh environment of extreme temperatures. The test results proved that the watchmaker and craftsman of Le Roque can be regarded as the pioneer of the most esoteric watchmaking technology in the industry.

     In fact, some very abstract things become more specific and better understood after quantification. Take the Athens watch for example. In this one and a half century of horological career, the quantitative technology can make outsiders feel the difficulty and ups and downs of the brand intuitively. The first produced Athenian watch was exported to Central and South America through Mr. Lucien Dubois, the middleman in Paris. He was also the only customer in Athens for the first two years. From such figures, we can see that the brand was very difficult at the beginning. It may be that such a beginning also determines that Athens is destined to be an independent watchmaker.

     The 1860 Ulysse received a high-precision astronomical adjuster to measure its pocket chronometers. This famous regulator was made by Jacques-Frédéric Houriet in about 1768 and is now stored in Castle Rock in Le Roque, originally exported to the United States. Minute repeaters, sophisticated watches and pocket chronometers made Ulysse Nardin famous.

     In 1922, the Athens Marine Observatory’s timepiece was tested by the U.S. Navy Observatory and won the top 3 places; there were 8 instruments in the top 14 places; and it won the championship at the Tokyo International Expo. 1935 Introduced a new 24-hour double-second hand high-precision pocket chronograph, which can accurately calculate to one-tenth of a second. Suitable for sports timing, numerous awards are proof of its success.

     1975 The Neuchatel Observatory publishes the last official report on the quality performance of the observatory’s timepieces. The years covered are from 1846 to 1975. According to the report, the certificates awarded by Athens during this period include: 4,324 of the 1,504 mechanical marine timepiece certificates issued, equivalent to 95% of the total number, and 1069 of the 2411 special awards. It’s the championship. In addition, Athens has won 747 championships in the table clock, pocket chronometer and watch groups. Ulysse Nardin and his successors were awarded at the International Fair: 14 championship awards, ‘Awards’ and ‘Development Awards’, 10 gold awards, 2 honorary awards, 2 silver awards. At the Swiss National Fair, Athens Watch Won the only ‘highest honor’ award with the ‘Star of the Sun’ sailing timepiece.

    In 1983, Mr. Schneider, who was the first person to introduce Swiss clock parts manufacturing for Asia, partnered with and acquired the Athens Watch Factory in Switzerland. He has a historical brand. Facing this stranded giant ship, he positioned the route with the purpose of ‘innovation’, determined to carry forward his historical glory, blended his excellent traditional watchmaking technology and modern technology, and developed elegant modern precision. Watches, start a new legendary journey of Athens watches with creativity.

     2002 Introduced Genghis Khan’s four-hammer minute repeater watch—the first tourbillon four-hammer minute repeater watch from Westminster Dapeng Zhongle. And Genghis Khan’s four-hammer minute repeater won the 2003 International Creative Award. Introduced the Sonata Bell, the first watch to combine the functions of a spring, countdown, and dual time zone.

     2004 Launch of the Circus Minute Repeater. Sonata bells won the 2004 International Creative Awards.

     2006 Launch of the UN-160 self-winding movement, the first self-made movement developed by the Athens Watch Factory. The ‘Treasures of Timepieces’ exhibition was held in Moscow to welcome the grand 160th anniversary celebration.

     2007 Launch of Freak DIAMonSIL®, the first patented Athens two-way escapement made of diamond and silicon crystals. The launch of InnoVision marks Athens’s vision for the future, combining ten innovative technologies into a single concept watch. In the same year, the Athens watch and its concept watch InnoVision won the 2007 Innovation and Technology Award from the renowned watch magazine Revolution.

     2008 Launched the Sonata limited edition silicon watch, continuing its commitment to the revolution in watch materials. Athenian watches are once again selected by readers of the famous Italian watch magazine L’Orologio as their favorite watch. Our revolutionary Sonata limited-edition silicon crystal ring watch won the third place in ‘Technical Watches’.

     2009 Launch of two revolutionary astronomical timepieces with Dr. O’Kelly DNA pedigree-Moon Fantasy and Earth Planet Clock. Athens Watch’s new creativity and unique design have been well recognized. With its precision moon phases and tidal astronomical watches—the fantasy of the moon, it won the 2009 complex movement watch award. Roth Schneider Dato’s global president He was also awarded a specially produced commemorative medal.

     2010 Launched the Freak Dark Lord Tourbillon, an evolutionary version of the legendary Freak Freak. Launch of the El Toro Challenger Perpetual Calendar. Completed production center for diamond silicon crystal parts in Sion.

     2011 Launch of the tourbillon four-hammer minute repeater by Alexander the Great, Westminster Dapeng Zhongle. In April 2011, the brand owner Rove Schneider died, and the Board of Directors appointed Ms. Cai Aihua Schneider as Chairman and Mr. Patric Huffman as Chief Executive Officer.

     2012 new self-made marine astronomical watch, equipped with the UN-118 movement conceived and manufactured independently. Athens successfully acquired Swiss enamel artisan Donzé Cadrans SA, and a new self-made chronograph movement that will be used in the next series, taking a step towards its independent development. Furthermore, Athens officially announced its investment in the Swiss company Ochs und Junior in order to strengthen the cooperation between the two parties.

     In 2013, the new ‘Freak Phantom’ tourbillon watch from Athens was released. The watch is very hidden, but the ‘fantastic ghost’ tourbillon is a real invention. Limited edition of 99 pieces. The watch uses silicon as the material of its patented hairspring (Si 1.1.1.); In addition, most of the watch’s escapements are made of silicon. The entire ‘Fantasy Wraith’ movement, including the oscillator, was self-developed by the Athens Watch Factory, providing a power reserve of up to 8 days.

     Athens watch, the world’s top watch that has gone through 166 years, what is its charm and essence? What attracts generations of watch fans to indulge in it? In Cai Aihua’s opinion, the Athens watch has won the hearts of the world with its long-term history, endless innovation and indestructible quality. The success of the Athenian Watch is the result of the joint efforts of the entire team of Athenian Watches. All Athenian Watches have always adhered to their faith and the spirit of the Athenian Watch and carried it forward.

     Athens has always adhered to the principle of developing timepieces by carefully selecting the highest quality materials. In fact, when the company entered a new development milestone, it has not only developed mechanical timepieces to meet the achievements of continuously crossing the peak of technology, but also committed to reviving enamel technology, and using this exquisite decoration technology to create unique designs, The elegant art that was once lost is carried forward again.

     Before the days of the Gaul Roman Empire, enamel was already a decorative art. Enamel is a glass containing silicon dioxide, red lead and potassium carbonate. During the polishing of enamel, a stabilizer containing lime or magnesium is added to its main material, silicon dioxide, and a flux containing potassium and sodium is also required to reduce the melting temperature of enamel.

     Today, the distinctive and noble blue San Marco astronomical watch, limited production of the famous ship series and the Tellurium world map and other models have become Athens’s well-known marks.

     The delicate surface of each San Marco watch and even the limited edition series requires more than 50 processes and 12 to 24 drying procedures. Even experienced craftsmen spend at least 50 hours to complete a surface. After arduous and complicated processes and selection processes, the surface of each enamel watch reflects the pride of Athens in participating in the revival of this lost art.

     From the ‘Trilogy of Timepieces’ to ‘Imagination of the Moon’, Athens watches are performing legends in the watch industry with strange imaginations, becoming praises on the wrist. Cai Aihua believes that the ‘Fantasy’ series is bound to lead another aesthetic trend in the watch industry. ‘Fantasy’ has been developed for 7 years. It does not use the hour hand, minute hand, and second hand to distinguish time. It is an unprecedented change and has been applauded by people.