Watch Jewelry Ignites The Festive Atmosphere Belongs To Your Warmth Christmas

What elements can Christmas make friends think of, is it a beautiful Christmas tree, a variety of gifts or colorful dinners? December 24th is the Christmas Eve for Westerners, and it is also a Chinese holiday. Whenever this fantasy-filled day comes, people will feel the festive atmosphere in every corner. Presumably Christmas is also the time for various small parties to gather and party. For women, gorgeous jewelry, exquisite watches, and elegant clothing are all indispensable. In this day full of fantasy, let watches and jewelry light Holiday sparks.
  Qing Liuliu Shanfang’s ‘Nine-Tailed Turtle’ once wrote, ‘Although there are only a few ornaments; and pearls are precious; The so-called ‘Pearl Grace’ has a certain saying. It is not expensive items that can achieve noble and shining purposes. Only ornaments that can be worn on your body and show a distinctive temperament and sunken shape can be used. Pearly. At the banquet, women are the focus of beauty, elegance and sexy. What kind of jewelry and watches can make you shine?

  Breguet LesVolantsdelaReine

  Do you find it particularly novel when looking at a watch from the clothing? In reality, the master of Breguet watchmaking has already completed this masterpiece. In the past, talented tailors produced exquisite and gorgeous clothing, whose bows, ribbons, lace and frills competed to show the wearer’s feminine charm and status. Their rich creativity inspired Breguet to create high-end jewelry watches. This new collection is inspired by Breguet’s first female client, the French legendary queen Marie Antoinette, and uses stunning complex shapes to ingeniously use the elegant silk and feathery lace that prevailed at the time to interpret the temptation of female aristocratic clothing. charm.

  The model of this watch is GJ28BB8924DDS8, and its design is very clever: the glittering gold case is perfectly combined with the bow inlaid with precious stones and subtly blends into the natural mother-of-pearl dial. Breguet uses exquisite jewellery inlaying techniques and uses a large number of diamonds to bathe the watch in a beautiful and brilliant light. The bezel and dial flange are set with bright-cut diamonds. Square diamonds are composed of interwoven ribbons. Set with two pillow-cut sapphires, the flowing bow is trimmed with delicate diamonds. The dial is made of mother-of-pearl, with Breguet hands with a hollow ‘moon-shaped’ needle tip. If there is a eccentric timepiece below the dial, it is decorated with beautiful Arabic numerals, showing Breguet’s consistent elegance.

 In order to meet women’s expectations for high-end timepieces, this watch is equipped with Breguet’s advanced watchmaking mechanical movement. This watch is equipped with a self-winding movement, engraved with an independent number and BREGUET CAL586. It has 29 ruby ​​bearings and a 38-hour power reserve indicator. The Swiss linear lever escapement uses a silicon balance spring. The silk satin strap and the folding buckle set with 26 brilliant-cut diamonds add the finishing touch to perfect femininity.

  At the same time, the watch is also equipped with a complete set of jewelry, including a ring, a necklace and a pair of earrings. Each jewel is set with one or more sapphires as its theme. At the center of the ring is a cushion-cut sapphire, surrounded by brilliant-cut diamonds. Necklace set with six pillow-cut and pear-cut sapphires, ingeniously embellished with a ribbon of bright and baguette diamonds. Earrings set with pear-shaped sapphires and brilliants and baguette diamonds. This series of jewellery full of royal flavor and perfectly matched timepieces are exquisitely curved using the delicate hand-crafted craftsmanship of Breguet jewelry masters.

  Cartier has the style of a king at any festival. The colored lights on the Christmas tree light up the winter night sky, and the beautiful jewellery has beautiful expectations. Cartier will look forward to the good expectations that accompany them. Through extraordinary creativity and exquisite craftsmanship, they will be transformed into glittering pearls, conveying their love and affection to their loved ones. BallonBlancdeCartier watch, add a precious jewellery ladies watch, create a new look with unique design elements.

  The model number WE902072 has a diameter of 30.2 mm. The bezel is decorated with two gorgeous diamonds, and the bright luster is exciting. Through the sapphire crystal glass, the white mother-of-pearl guilloché dial, and the black Roman numerals, it shows the retro taste. With the sword-shaped blue steel hands, the four o’clock orbital scale changes with the case. Zigzag. At 4 o’clock the watch is set with brilliant-cut round diamonds, giving the round case a touch of playfulness.

  The bracelet is paved with five smooth beads, and the mother-of-pearl dial is decorated with sunlight rays, as if floating in the air. Under the outline of bright diamonds, the dial is even more vivid. At the same time, the 18K rhodium-plated white gold bracelet can be a good foil for women’s wrists. Finally, the power watch is equipped with a quartz movement, which eliminates the trouble of women’s winding, and is waterproof to a depth of 30 meters. BallonBlancdeCartier watch, light and elegant, weaving the secrets of Cartier jewelry and watches, become women’s best companion.

  Cartier’s art field continues to expand. In addition to watches, jewelry is also the best ornament for women. With a history of 150 years, Cartier has written a glorious chapter for the history of magnificent and ingenious jewellery and watches. Cartier’s name is as dazzling as its jewelry, and the light cannot be overlooked. Cartier this jewelry series was born in New York in the 1970s, witnessed many lingering legendary love, and became the embodiment of the declaration of love. The perfect oval bracelet, the screw design on the bracelet and the distinctive elegant style become the symbol of eternal love. Available in yellow gold or rose gold and inlaid with diamonds, the love is endless … This white 18K gold bracelet is set with 4 diamonds. Using an ergonomic screwdriver, wearing the bracelet is easy, simple and not simple The design is a noble temperament.
  Jaeger-LeCoultre large ultra-thin women’s flip watch:

  Jaeger-LeCoultre’s women’s watches are very unique in my eyes. Based on everyone’s familiarity with dating series and often seen, I want to talk about large ultra-thin women’s flip watches. Ultra-thin, which is the craftsman keen on watchmaking. The ultra-thin case is decorated with diamonds and can be flipped. This exquisite and small design really makes women love it. GrandeReversoLadyUltraThinHauteJoaillerie The large Reverso ultra-thin women’s high-end jewelry watch has an extremely feminine proportion, and its meticulous fine jewelry elements faithfully present the art deco spirit of the Reverso watch series.

  The serial number of this watch is 3212402. Let alone the history and specific details of the watch, the geometric lines, slender lugs, and pure strap that are reflected in front of you can not be disliked. Introduced in the 1930s, this legendary reversible watch is designed for polo players who urgently need to protect their glass mirrors. Pure geometric line design is inspired by Art Deco style. The rose gold model combines the original dual-row inlay method, which contrasts with the noble case material and emits a charming luster.

  Through the mirror, the watch is equipped with a mother-of-pearl dial. The dial adopts the new guilloché pattern technology to reflect a more brilliant light. The four digital time scales and scales of 3, 6, 9, and 12 are arranged on the dial in accordance with rules. Let the lady’s wrist shine charmingly. Just flip the case and this Reverso watch turns into a custom jewellery with a timeless pattern.

  Dior DiorVIII watch

  Dior is a fashion endorsement in many women’s hearts. Has DIORVIII made you think of Dior girl wearing a gorgeous feather skirt and dancing on the dance floor. A prom dress takes a long time to complete with a lot of cloth and complicated patterns. Similarly, each watch in this collection uses the most outstanding mechanical technology, paying attention to every detail that can be icing on the cake.

Dior is always able to create immortal masterpieces by combining various elements suitable for women. Dior watches have various shapes: exquisite design and elegant style. Since its birth, it has become an integral part of Dior. The brand spirit of Montaigne Avenue and Christian Dior’s personal philosophy have long outlined the development track of Dior watches. Watchmaking and precision are inseparable. The dial is the image of Dior.

  DiorVIII watch is very suitable for women to wear at banquets, parties, gorgeous decoration, simple shape, with evening dress is very decent. In order to realize Mr. Dior’s dream of the year, that is to give every woman the opportunity to wear beautiful high-end customized clothing and become the protagonist of a large prom, the brand not only invited the famous Swiss movement manufacturer Soprod to develop a new movement for it. , Also used the design language of the clothing to decorate the front oscillating weight, such as the use of diamonds to outline lace edges or covered with different colors of natural feathers, which also makes DiorVIIIGrandBal different from other jewelry in terms of its structure or aesthetics table.

  Compared to watches, jewelry is also an intoxicating work of art, especially with its distinctive rattan pattern. A brand’s unique logo that is easily recognizable among thousands: since 1947, rattan has been the symbol of Diro. MyDior jewellery collection is based on the ancient lost-wax craftsmanship, crafted in the finest goldsmith workshops in Paris. The series of jewelry is divided into gold, pink gold and white gold, including bracelets, wide bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces and other single items, there are simple styles and diamond styles, you can match any style, suitable for all temperament, to meet all dreams. The collection also designed a limited-edition wide gold bracelet with diamonds for the discerning and elegant woman, which was launched 10 days ago at Harold’s Dior jewelry store. The delicate interwoven gold thread weaves precious emotions, symbolizing the intimate relationship of communion, and conveying the message of private love.

Summary: Whenever the holiday comes, the mobile phone will be filled with all kinds of blessing text messages. When friends are gathering, they still focus on the screen of the mobile phone. At the end of this year, in this celebrated festival, please put down your mobile phone and chat intimately with friends around you. Feeling face to face is the real life. When attending banquets and parties, do n’t hesitate to choose a beautiful decoration to shine. Hope that the above wonderful recommendations can add luster to your decoration … May the bright and festive Christmas candle light warm every day of the year Day and night. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)