Vacheron Constantin Art Master Flower Temple Series Madonna Lily Watch

White lily (Virgin’s lily) is the twentieth figure in Mr. Solten’s ‘Temple of Flowers’, and it is also one of the most popular flower species. It symbolizes purity and virtue. The moving trumpet-shaped white flower always appears in the most beautiful stories, and it is used as an important emblem from the Byzantine Empire to the French royal family. In order to highlight the extraordinary beauty of the lily, Mr. Solten’s atlas deliberately chose a dark background. This watch also follows the same contrast design. The delicate flower core is lifelike. The soft petals are set against a delicate machine-engraved pattern, which makes the enamel refract a few real textures, and the flower details are clearly visible.

   Since its founding in 1755, Vacheron Constantin is known for its craft traditions and the spirit of excellence. Behind the superb technology handed down from generation to generation, the members of Vacheron Constantin conceal their daily hard work, and they silently inject outstanding craftsmanship into the brand’s works. Vacheron Constantin’s timepieces are not only a tool for timing, but also a microcosm of contemporary culture and history. The master of art (métiersd’art) is the strong connection between the brand and the top craftsmanship. It is not only a unique and unique watch, but also the crystallization of Vacheron Constantin’s brand value and sincere attitude.
   In 2013, the Master of Art series added a new force dedicated to women’s watch lovers for the first time: the Métiers d’ Art Master of the Flower Temple series. This trilogy is based on the floral illustrations in the 19th-century British plant map. John. A tribute to the biological masterpiece ‘The Temple of Flora’ compiled by Robert John Thornton and published in 1799. These three models combine enamel, machine-engraved carving and gem setting to faithfully interpret the flower patterns in the book.

  ‘The Temple of Flowers’ has been published for more than two centuries, and has been regarded as a classic bibliography by the academic community. The entire book is printed with 90 editions of color plants, which is an unprecedented book on botany. Mr. Solten is a physicist himself, but he has infinite enthusiasm for botany. He is more interested in turning plant knowledge into science, even more than the ‘two names’ of the famous Swedish biologist Carl Linnaeus. The ‘law’ has been used in the plant world for decades. As a follower of Linne’s, Mr. Solten paid tribute to this great Swedish scientist. He spared no effort in compiling this atlas. Not only did he invite the top plant illustrators and painters of the time, such as Peter Henderson, Philip Reinagle, and Abraham Pether, to participate in the production, but he also invited the strongest book engraver in London to manipulate the engraving. . This color map has not only attracted the attention of botanists, but also appreciated by art historians. Through the methods of copperplate engraving and gravure etching which can produce colors with different intensities, or by hand color, the planter’s painters are displayed extremely finely, and usually adopt exotic or European landscapes, or pre-romantic of the 19th century Period English countryside as a scene. The exquisite pictures are fascinating and the results are moving. The natural and innocent style of painting and the coordination of harmony make this atlas still have irreplaceable artistic value to this day.

   To commend this precious cultural heritage, Vacheron Constantin brought together the expertise of the brand’s artisans and the independent artist: Geneva-style miniature enamel master Anita Porchet. Cloisonné with rich colors is fired in Grand Feu. Each dial has a stunning three-dimensional feel and visual effects, complemented by a diamond-set bezel, just like a flawless piece of art.

   The flower faceplate combines the skills of a number of master craftsmen, and the vivid work results reproduce the details of the flowers one by one. First, combining the artist’s sensitivity and delicate touch, the master carved engraving machine carved a symmetrical and repeating machine-engraved pattern with only one-tenth of a millimeter on the gold placenta, and then the enamel master produced the enamel with a gold wire structure. The outline of the color filling; fill in the enamel glazes of different colors in batches, put them in an oven at about 800 °, fire them, and polish the surface for the next color addition. Repeat this delicate step several times, the color concentration of enamel will gradually deepen, and finally coated with a layer of vitrified transparent enamel to protect the ingenious flower pattern.
Summary: I still remember that last year Vacheron Constantin also launched a shocking work of art. This year, with the strong Chinese wind blowing all over the world, this brand has applied this element to the extreme. It also uses exquisite arts and crafts, which can be top quality in the flavor table.

   The above is the latest cutting-edge information of the 2013 SIHH brought by the special editor of the Watch House. Next, we will present more and more intuitive exhibition reports, so please pay attention. (Picture, text / watch home Mao Zhuang Yang Fan)

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