Top Precious Watches

Patek Philippe self-winding semi-skeleton three-question perpetual calendar watch, this exquisite watch is extremely exquisite rare platinum and pink gold as a whole, at the same time with flyback date, moon phase profit and loss and leap year display, 2009 It was manufactured in the year of 5104P. Patek Philippe is a famous Swiss watch brand that began in 1839. Every watch is very precious.
Estimate: HK $ 4 million to 5 million / US $ 510,000 to 640,000.
Patek Philippe automatic winding three minute perpetual calendar watch, this is the second precious Patek Philippe watch. Extremely exquisite pink gold wine barrel design, with flyback date, moon phase profit and loss and leap year display. The year of manufacture is 1998, model 5013R. Patek Philippe’s watch adheres to the tradition of quality, beauty and reliability. With its strong sense of boutique, exquisite craftsmanship, and continuous innovation, it has created a world-renowned watch brand.
Estimate: HK $ 2.4 million to 3.2 million / US $ 300,000 to 410,000
Greubel ForseyG (Quadruple Tourbillon) four-body tourbillon watch, this watch is made of extremely rare platinum, with power reserve display, number 3, about 2009. Cooperfuss watches have always been centered on high-complexity watches, and each watch has amazing creativity.
Estimate: HK $ 2.2 million to 3.5 million / US $ 280,000 to 450,000 —