Tag Heuer Golf Watches: Less Than 55 Grams

Golf: the love of gentlemen
     The origin of golf has always been controversial, not even China, because murals about this sport are still preserved in our country. But one thing is certain, no one is willing to wear a watch while playing golf. The ticking sound, heavy wrists, and fragile glass really discourage golfers, so professional golf watches came into being. Raw.

     Many details of this series of watches are designed to match golf. First of all, in order to reduce the weight of the watch, titanium and high-grade stainless steel are mixed. The total weight is less than 55 grams. . The silicone rubber strap, which is different from the ordinary rubber strap, has a high degree of ductility and elasticity, which is easy to clean and harden, which increases the service life. In addition, the strap can be precisely adjusted in length to ensure that the strap can stretch as the wrist stretches due to muscle extension and fit comfortably on the wrist. It can withstand super strong impact, which is forty-five times more than the impact during the swing process. It is not easy to cause the watch to be damaged quickly and repeatedly under severe impact. The crown design at nine o’clock and the patented case buckle alleviate the obstacles that players encounter when bending their wrists during exercise.