Swiss Glacier Patrol Ski Mountaineering: They Did It!

As the official timekeeper and official watch of the famous Swiss Glacier Patrol Ski Mountaineering (PDG), TAGHeuer will show the pioneering spirit of ‘#DontCrackUnderPressure (Don’t be afraid of challenges, achieve self)’ On the top of the snow-capped mountains in Switzerland.

   Sponsored by TAGHeuer, the Chinese national team for the first time to participate in this world’s top ski mountaineering event, all members set off for Verbier to prepare for the PDG event. Adhering to the spirit of ‘#DontCrackUnderPressure’, the Chinese national team, under the leadership of PDG event winner FlorentTroillet, launched an impact on the PDG event, and finally completed a 26 km with an amazing result of 5 hours 57 minutes 44 seconds. challenge.

   The Chinese national team that participated in this event for the first time consisted of 3 people, participating together with nearly 3,500 people. In the face of strong European players, the team’s physical limit and cooperative spirit are facing great tests. Everyone strives at every moment. Surpass yourself in breakthrough.

   The outstanding achievements of the Chinese national team cannot be separated from the strong support of TAGHeuer. The 10-day training program at the Verbier ski resort before the game provided a strong guarantee for the Chinese team to complete the game. Under the leadership of FlorentTroillet, the team members worked hard to overcome all difficulties, constantly improved themselves, and perfectly reflected the Chinese spirit.

   Since 1943, PDG has been the world’s most famous military ski mountaineering race. It was founded by the Swiss military and is also open to civilian patrol police. On April 19-22, 2016, the event was held on the alpine road between Zermatt and Verbier in the Valais canton in Switzerland, attracting more than 5,000 participants.

   Mr. Jean-Claude Biver said: ‘The Swiss Glacier Patrol Ski Mountaineering is one of the most legendary events in Switzerland. We are very honored that the Swiss military has chosen TAGHeuer as a partner. .We will participate in this event in the most positive way: not only as a sponsor, but also sending a patrol team of 2 Chinese players to explore skiing and mountaineering resorts in the Alps, helping to enhance the international status of the event. ‘

   As the PDG’s official chronograph and official watch, TAGHeuer launched the TAGHeuerFormula1 (F1) Swiss Glacier Patrol Ski Mountaineering Special Edition watch. This watch is limited to 200 pieces. Tag Heuer) is available at the Bucherer flagship store, the Jacot flagship store in Verbier, Switzerland, and the PDG online mall.