Strong Aspirations Breguet Type Series Legend

Breguet has produced military timers for two hundred years, from the travel bell of Napoleon to Egypt, to the marching pedometer of Russian tsar Alexander I. Mr. Abraham-Louis Breguet is a great pioneer in watchmaking, and his achievements are obvious to all. But perhaps not everyone knows that his fifth-generation grandson, Louis Breguet, was a pioneer of aviation timepieces.

   At the Musée des Arts et Métiers, there is also a Biplane manufactured by Louis Breguet in 1911.
Breguet and military aviation
   Louis Breguet has always had a keen interest in aviation and put it into practice. At the age of 22, he was appointed chief engineer of the family workshop. In 1907, at the age of 27, he had built a Gyroplane that could take off on his own power, and then he founded an aircraft manufacturing company named after his own surname.

Louis Breguet, the fifth generation of the Breguet brand

   In 1909, his first biplane was completed, then the first seaplane in 1912, followed by the first bomber in 1915. In 1917, the great Breguet XIV (14) aircraft assisted the coalition forces in winning the First World War. Between the two wars, Louis Breguet has been exporting aircraft to some countries in Europe, the Americas and even Japan. Breguet aircraft made record-breaking long-distance voyages. In 1924, it completed the flight from Paris to Tokyo. In 1927, it was the first voyage across the Atlantic Ocean. In 1930, it was the first voyage from Paris to New York. Breguet aircraft have laid the foundation for the development of modern aviation. Today, many of them still fly in the sky.

Breguet 4107 was produced in September 1938 and sold to France for 15,800 francs. Keyless Siderometre Breguet 101 double-second chronograph, only 25 were made.

   The aviation industry is just like in Japan. Similarly, Breguet’s watch workshops have also developed rapidly in aviation timepieces. Breguet has always provided precision chronographs for the aviation industry. They have made a stellar timepiece called Siderometre, which is a few minutes away from our current daily use. This watch was useful in the extreme expedition of the 1950s. .

Breguet Type XI in the cockpit

   Since then, Breguet has also developed Type XI and Type XII cockpit timepieces, which are still widely used in aircraft in up to 15 countries. As one of the early timepieces, it also provided a design template for the Type XX models later introduced.
Breguet Type
   Based on the production of the company’s first chronograph watch in 1935, Breguet completed the design of this watch according to specifications and named it TypeXX. The first batch of secretly produced watches was recognized by the French Technical Centre in 1950. From 1954 to the 1970s, TypeXX became the designated timepiece for the French Air Force, the Aviation Test Center, and the Naval Air Force. Since these watches are the property of the state and are only worn by pilots for particularly important missions, they are not too many in terms of quantity.
   After 1986, the Type XX watch was converted to civilian use. The real popularity was the third-generation Type XX launched in 1995, named Aéronavale. Today, the Type XX series in production is still a series sought after by aviation experts and watch history enthusiasts. Breguet has developed it into a complete family of fully automatic flyback chronograph movements.

   Type XX Aéronavale 3800 stainless steel flyback chronograph. Self-winding movement with small stopwatch. 30-minute and 12-hour totalizer. The dial can be rotated in both directions. Luminous hands and digital hour signs. Bolted crown. Water-resistant to 10 Pa (100 meters). 39 mm in diameter.

   Flyback chronograph watch No. 3820, the self-winding movement is equipped with a small calendar and small seconds, and a 30-minute and 12-hour cumulative timer. Screw-down crown with 100-meter water resistance. Size 39 mm, steel and titanium.

   The Type XXI 3810 watch, which is based on the Type XX, is equipped with a central flyback minute totalizer and 24-hour time display. It has a center hand movement record for more than a minute, an automatic winding movement calendar and a small second hand, day and day. / Night display and 12-hour cumulative timer, the scale outer ring can be twisted, and there are luminous hours, minutes, seconds and digital hour markers, screw-locked crown, and 100 meters waterproof. The size is increased to 42 mm. Rose gold, stainless steel and titanium.

   Another TypeXII 3880 uses silicon escapement, the movement frequency is as high as 10 Hz, the performance is remarkable, rose gold and stainless steel two models. The minute scale ring is composed of red and white short lines, combined with the red and white two-color digital hour sign second hand scale ring, you can see at a glance whether the timer is in the first (red) or second (white) 30-second rotation region. The BREGUET TYPE XXII chronograph has a flyback function that resets the totalizer to zero and restarts quickly with a single operation. In addition, the watch has a second time zone display and is accompanied by a calendar window. With a two-speed crown, you can adjust the central hour hand and reset the second time zone indication without affecting the minute hand. When the crown is in the central hour hand setting, the calendar changes with the time in the central main time zone. The 3 o’clock position is a 24-hour day and night display, which helps the wearer to know whether the area covered by the second time zone is day or night. The sub-dial at 9 o’clock shows the rotating second hand, which is also a 30-second circle, highlighting the extraordinaryness of this work. The brown dial contrasts sharply with the red flyback hands, and is paired with a corresponding brown leather strap.

   This year, in order to highlight the century-old establishment of the French navy aviation team, Breguet has taken pride in its watchmaking skills; it has created a limited edition of only 1,000 Aéronavale 3803 in the world. Slightly different from 3800, the two-way rotating bezel painted in black paint, the Arabic numerals on the bezel are slightly larger than the conventional version, and the retro crown is specially made for the limited edition. The back of the case is engraved with the emblem of the French Navy Air Force As well as the centenary year and so on, such a historic commemorative watch, with a special custom display box and limited certificate.