Seiko Prospex Series World’s First Store Opening Conference Held In Ginza, Tokyo

On August 1, 2019, the launch of Seiko Prospex series, a famous Japanese watch brand, was held in Ginza, Tokyo. Seiko President and CEO Shinji Hattori, well-known designer Kiyoshi Okuyama, Japanese actor Ishiguro Ken and others attended the press conference.

From left to right: Shinji Hattori, Kenji Ishiguro, Kiyooka Okuyama

   At the scene, the well-known designer who designed Ferrari ENZO and ROSA shared his deep relationship with Seiko and the creative inspiration of Prospex LX, and revealed that he will continue to cooperate with Seiko to strive to create high-end watches belonging to Asia Brand.

   At the same time, the world’s first Seiko Prospex store opened in Ginza today.

   A number of Prospex series diving watches are on display in the counter, the most prominent of which is the Prospex LX sea, land and air watch designed by Seiko and Okuyama Kiyoshi.

Prospex LX

   The design of this series is loyal to tradition. It inherits the appearance of a professional diving watch from 1968, but breaks the shackles. The multi-angled design on the shell and the Zaratsu polishing process perfectly interpret the modern fashion sense.

Prospex LX Series Ocean Edition

Prospex LX Series Land Edition

Prospex LX Series Sky Edition

   In addition to light-colored titanium models, the LX series also launched a special all-black model, leaving multiple color choices and returning to the original.

   Other watches real shot:

   Summary: The Prospex series has always been the most popular hot series in Seiko. Now the Ginza Prospex series stores have opened, and the majority of Seiko Prospex watch fans have added a new place. In the hot summer, why not start with a good-looking and practical Seiko Prospex watch in this diving season? This year’s new Prospex LX series watches have been sold in major Seiko stores and dealers around the world. Interested friends may wish to try it in physical stores.