Seagull Dragon Xianghuan Tourbillon Enamel Rose Gold Watch

Seagull releases limited edition ‘Longxiang Universal’ tourbillon enamel rose gold watch
In 2012, the year of the Lunar New Year, Tianjin Seagull Watch Group launched the ‘Longxiang Universal’ enamel tourbillon rose gold limited edition luxury watch, and reached an in-depth cooperation intention with China Merchants Bank Tianjin Branch. This watch, as the ‘China Merchants Bank Tianjin Branch’ product, will be displayed, recommended and booked at all China Merchants Bank outlets in the city. This is also the first time that Chinese national watch industry brands and financial brands have joined hands in the field of high-end watches. People in the industry believe that this move by China Merchants Bank is not only a high recognition of the rare value and collection potential of this watch, but also the brand and quality of the Seagull watch, it has also played a positive role in promoting the development of China’s national watchmaking industry.
With the increasing importance of the Chinese market for global luxury consumption, high-end mechanical watches with a long cultural accumulation and unique aesthetics are also recognized and sought after by more and more Chinese. As the birthplace of China’s first watch, the Seagull Watch Group has successively conquered the three major classic mechanisms of the world’s mechanical watches in recent years, namely tourbillon watches, minute repeaters and perpetual calendar watches, occupying the market leader in high-end complex mechanical watches. Machine, representing the Chinese national watch industry and Switzerland and other world-renowned brands in the international market. The ‘Twelve Beasts Head Enamel Tourbillon Rose Gold Watch’ with Seagull’s independent intellectual property rights even sold a high price of 1.4 million in 2010 at the Guardian auction house, showing the market potential, which also established the ‘Limited Collection of Seagulls’ theme. ‘The cornerstone of high-end watch success.
Seagull releases limited edition ‘Longxiang Universal’ tourbillon enamel rose gold watch
In the beginning of 2012, Erhaigull launched another high-end product with the theme of ‘Dragon’-the ‘Longxiang Universal’ tourbillon enamel rose gold watch. As a New Year gift, it is limited to 212 pieces sold worldwide. The ‘Long Xiang Huan Yu’ watch uses an eccentric tourbillon movement set with diamonds, a hand-painted filigree enamel dial, an 18K rose gold case, a crocodile leather strap and a rosewood case, which can be described as the top workmanship of world-renowned treasures.
The tourbillon is known as one of the greatest watchmaking arts. Its complex escapement, nearly a hundred delicate components handmade, and unique sports aesthetics make the expensive tourbillon watch a favorite of high-end consumers. The eccentric tourbillon is an exclusive configuration of top-level watches. The global annual output is only about 10,000, and the market price has increased by more than 10% annually. It is very popular in the high-end watch collection market, with great appreciation space and collection value. The pure hand-made silk enamel manufacturing process belongs to the intangible cultural heritage project. At present, there are few and few treasures in the world, and there are only a few thousand pieces in the world. As the craft is on the verge of being lost, the transaction price of silk enamel utensils at auctions is all the way up, and the collection value and market value-added space of Longxiang Huanyu watches are evident.
The visual design of the Longxiang Huanyu watch takes the strong Chinese ink painting style as the bearing. The eastern patron saint Qinglong among the four ancient beasts above is the main visual design. Combining the eccentric tourbillon movement and the silk enamel dial, it creatively shows An auspicious scene of ‘Shuanglongxizhu’. The color of the entire dial is thick and deep, and the ink painting has a long and lasting mood. The naturally streamlined sphere shape of the tourbillon implies the meaning of the earth around the world, and also the long and beautiful wish of the blessings of the world sheltered by the dragon.
If you look at the two tourbillon watch ‘Guade Seasons’ in 2005, the transaction price will be more than 20% higher than the market reference price. The market potential for collection and appreciation is self-evident. And this limited edition of 212 ‘Longxiang Huanyu’ watches, with the unique charm of the fusion of exquisite watchmaking techniques from the East and the West, and the value of the Chinese national industrial brand, are even more precious and are rare collectors’ treasures.