Say Bye Bye Byebye Sisters Patry Time To Pink Watch To Accompany You To Dawn

Introduction: Now life is not only stressful for men, but also difficult for women. Work pressure and workplace struggles make people breathless, and all kinds of life and affairs are also headaches. Attend a sister party, spit out your troubles and share your life with your closest friends. Find out how to choose a watch at a sister party, which will make you both glorious and affectionate.

   The best way for women to relieve stress is not to eat and drink, not to go shopping, but to HAPPY together with a few sisters until dawn. At the party between the sisters, you do n’t have to think hard about the topic, and you do n’t have to worry about trying to get everything together. Everything can be done as you like. But don’t forget that no matter how casual, you still need to think carefully, otherwise the theme of the party will be: What happened to you recently? At the party with the sisters, the grand dress looks contrived and the jewelry looks tacky. A beautiful and practical watch is just right.
    Recommended models: Tank Anglaise white gold alligator leather strap

   Tank Anglaise is Cartier’s latest watch. Its avant-garde style breaks the watch’s only round shape, colorful, giving you a variety of choices, and continues to write the new legend of the TANK series. The new Tank watch has been re-interpreted. The bracelet is harmoniously matched with the vertical lugs. The crown is hidden in the hollow vertical lugs, exposing only the gems with diamonds, giving you a new surprise. The new Tank Anglaise watch is available in three sizes for men and women. It is available in white gold, yellow gold and rose gold. The straps are available in multiple colors. In addition, Tank Anglaise’s large model is especially equipped with Cartier’s first self-winding mechanical movement 1904 MC, which can see its mechanical movement through the sapphire crystal transparent case back.

 With Tips: Casual Wear + Pink TankAnglaise Watch

 The party content between women is always changeable, but returning to the girl is always the wish of every woman. Why not wear a floral dress, simple and comfortable, and reminisce about those beautiful years with friends. Although the clothes are simple, wearing an exquisite and charming Tank Anglaise watch, you are still a trendy person walking in the front of fashion.

  Tank Anglaise on this pink strap has a young and cute feel. White gold case set with brilliant-cut round diamonds. The crown is subtly concealed in the case, revealing only a nine-pointed tip with a diamond inlaid at the tip, luxurious and charming. Bright flourish red alligator strap, fresh and beautiful. The watch reveals a girlish taste in luxury, just like an adult gift you received at the age of eighteen, which is precious but nevertheless innocent.
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   If you think the pink watch is a bit seductive, don’t worry, Cartier’s latest Tank Anglaise watch has a variety of colors and materials for you to choose from. Here are two low-key and stylish watches for you.

   Astringent brown is the safest color, and it doesn’t go wrong with any outfit. If you go out to a friend’s party on a rare holiday and don’t want to work hard on how to match it, then you might as well play a safety card. The gold case with a brown alligator leather strap sparkles in retro fashion. (Small Tank Anglaise model, alligator strap)

  If the wearer does not like the high-profile gold watch, you can choose this platinum watch. The low-key case exudes a charming luster. No matter what the age, the silky soft light will always indulge you. Classic styles, classic colors, worthy of your love. (Small Tank Anglaise model, alligator strap)
Summary: Put on your Tank Anglaise to start a new day’s life, share the bits and pieces of your life with your close friends, laugh and have tears and accompany your Tank Anglaise. Hurry up and don’t miss the time of the sister party!