Rodriguez, Ambassador Of Montblanc Brazil. Santro Wears Brand Watch And Cufflinks Chicly To Attend The World Premiere Of The Movie ‘the 33’

Montblanc’s Brazilian brand ambassador, and also the well-known film ‘300 Heroes’, plays Rodríguez of Xerxes I. Rodrigo Santoro attended the world premiere of the film ‘The 33’ in Chile on August 2nd, and the evening venue was selected at Las Condes Theater, a well-known historical landmark in San Diego.
Rodringo Santro (right) wears Montblanc Star Classique automatic watch (110717) and stainless steel three-ring black agate cufflinks (110673)

   Rodringo Santro wears the Montblanc Star Classique Date Automatic (model 110717) and Montblanc stainless steel three-ring black onyx cufflinks (model 110673), paired with white cedar and fitted black jacket, and sexy long hair and drop Hu, the level of chicness breaks the table.
Montblanc brand ambassador Rodriguez Santro attended the world premiere of the film ‘The 33’ in Chile, wearing a Montblanc steel three-ring black agate cufflinks.

The film was inspired by a well-known disaster in 2010, when 33 Chilean miners were trapped at the San Jose mine for two months, and Rodringo. Santro has an excellent performance in the film. He plays the miner Laurence Golborne, who is responsible for the energy of the mine. He tries to rescue the survivors in the mine and deeply understands the technical difficulties and the time-critical challenges.
Rodringo Santro attends the Chilean premiere of ‘The 33’, wearing a Montblanc Star Classique automatic watch.

   The film ‘The 33’, produced by Flowserve Pictures, was directed by Patricia Riggen, a Mexican female director, and by Antonio. Banderas and Juliet. Binuo Xu and Martin. Xin and many other well-known actors have joined forces to perform, and Brazil’s premiere date will officially debut on October 29.