Return To Classic Design Watch House Interviews Walter Volpers ###, Deputy Director Of Product Technical Management Of Iwc

From January 18 to January 22, the 26th Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Awards kicked off at the Palexpo Exhibition Center. Walter Volpers, deputy director of product management of the famous Swiss watchmaking brand IWC, was interviewed by the Watch House at the scene to talk about the brand’s artistic creation, superb craftsmanship and love for different cultures.

Watch House: Please briefly introduce IWC’s new products this year.
Mr. Walter Volpers: On the whole, our new products this year are very rich, as large as our heritage series 55 and 48 two limited series, one is limited to 100 pieces, one is limited to 1000 pieces. In addition, we have launched automatic winding watches as small as 36 mm, as well as some of our classic large pilot series, Mark XVIII series, Little Prince special edition watches, ‘Anthony Saint Exupery’ special Version. The new product is very rich in content, the style is the return of the original design, following our more traditional ideas and elements. For example, the position of the triangle element changed. There was no 6 and 9 on our dial. Now we have returned. The original triple calendar display is now changed to single calendar display. All these details are very similar to the original. The stuff can bring you more classic returns.
Watch House: What’s new in the movement of the new Pilot Collection? What innovations are there overall?
Mr. Walter Volpers: The 36mm watch is 36mm in size because the Mark watch was originally 36mm. The style is elegant casual or sports, including the design of the dial and strap. The other is that we brought the annual calendar to the pilot series for the first time this year, including the version of the little prince. It is very convenient to adjust. These three models are the highlights of our exhibition.
Watch House: This time launched a number of Little Prince special edition watches, this special edition will become a series that will continue in the future?
Mr. Walter Volpers: In the past 7 years, we have launched a number of Little Prince watches, each of which is a limited edition special edition. We find that these special collections are well loved by everyone, so we also want to give consumers more choices. This year’s models, in fact, we have divided the important models into 4 series, one is a classic series, one is a Spitfire, one is the TOP GUN navy air combat unit, one is the Little Prince special series, and Saint Exquis Bury Special Edition. Because the little prince and flying are a very good match, we will continue to launch watch series with the theme of the little prince in the future.
Watch House: Is the focus of IWC this year on the pilot series?
Mr. Walter Volpers: Because the SIHH Geneva International Watch Salon is the highlight of each year, we will put the core models at this time for everyone to understand, but some new models will also be launched in April, June and September. Therefore, the watches displayed by SIHH can be seen all over the world, but other special limited editions may not be fully visible in some countries and places, so many situations are currently uncertain.
Watch House: In your mind, what is the positioning of IWC?
Mr. Walter Volpers: I think we are in the top ten in the watch industry in terms of price. Richemont also gave us a figure. We are always in the growth stage in the watch brand, so we are very confident that in the future Can do better.