Kunlun 2015 New Product Appreciation Admiral Cup Legend 42 Chronograph Opens!

The Admiral Cup series has been around since the 1960s. It has been embodying the essence and personality of the Corum brand with a dynamic and dynamic style that emphasizes both elegance and masculinity. Its sharp outline replaces the classic The radian lines, but the deep marriage with sailing sport is consistent. The new model of the 2015 Admiral’s Cup returns the classic triangular colored nautical flag design of the 1980s, and foresights the launch of the new Corum timepiece this year!

   The uniqueness of the Admiral’s Cup Legend 42 Chrono is naturally the history of the sea, the beautiful design and the status of the first classic temperament watch of the Legend series. Legend chronograph with the first design elements of the original Admiral Cup series, supplemented by strong dynamics and elegant strokes, feel more natural; 2015 new Legend 42 automatic chronograph also inherited the aesthetic characteristics of the Admiral Cup series , Style is more subtle and elegant.

   The new work follows the classic 12-sided bezel design of the Admiral’s Cup series, but with the timing button of the fiber show, the appearance suddenly appears soft. The inner bezel ring is decorated with nautical flags, which makes the time-mark design look colorful; this chronograph is equipped with a CO984 automatic movement with hours, minutes, small seconds, date and chronograph functions; the movement swings every hour 28,800 times (4Hz), power reserve is about 42 hours; case diameter is 42mm, screw-set back and crystal glass, see the structure and operation of the chronograph movement.

   The dial surrounded by a steel case has exquisite machine-engraved linear texture, exuding a strong sense of clockwork; the dial is equipped with a variety of subtle elegant colors, especially the blue dial style is more born from the original Admiral Cup series models, Fluent lines match harmoniously. Admiral Cup Legend 42 chronograph with calfskin strap and pin buckle, and a metal chain strap model is also available.
Admiral Cup Series Legend 42 Chronograph


Technical specifications
· CO 984 automatic movement
Functions: hours, minutes, small seconds, date, timing
Swing frequency: 28,800 times per hour (4Hz)
· Straight textured dial
· Colored nautical flag markings on the edges
· Rhodium plated hour markers
· Rhodium-plated luminous hands
Small seconds at 3 o’clock
6 o’clock for hour timer
9 o’clock for minute timer
· Material: stainless steel
· Case back: stainless steel case back with crystal glass
· Table glass: anti-glare crystal glass
· Waterproof depth: 50m / 5ATM
· Diameter: 42 mm
· Thickness: 11.60 mm
· Band width: 21/18 mm
· Calf leather strap
· Stainless steel discount
· Alternative stainless steel chain belt
Reference Price
RMB 38,640

Hublot Launches Three Big Bang Watches For The 2015 Baselworld Watch Fair

Three ‘Anniversary’ watches have been carefully selected, and each watch represents Hublot’s unique brand concept.
   First of all, we will present the latest version of the Big Bang Unico by Hublot! In 2013, Hublot boldly carried the UNICO in-house chronograph movement on its iconic award-winning design, the Big Bang collection. This column-wheel chronograph movement has a two-level clutch and is clearly visible on the side of the dial. The design of Big Bang Unico is in the same vein as the famous Big Bang series and has undergone major optimizations: screws, buttons, crowns, scales, digital time stamps and counters have been redesigned to further optimize their technical functions and aesthetic appearance. At the same time, the practical principle of interchangeability and adaptability is continued. The strap is equipped with the famous “one-button” switching function, which allows the wearer to quickly switch between various straps while ensuring safety and stability.

   To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Big Bang, Hublot released the Big Bang Unico full magic gold at the Baselworld 2015. Magic Gold is Hublot’s exclusive anti-scratch 18K alloy-the ‘hardest gold in the world’. The case diameter is 45 mm, which highlights the mechanical texture, fashionable style and powerful aura.

   The second watch, the Big Bang Tourbillon 5 Days Power Reserve Full Magic Gold, was newly released in Geneva in January 2015, announcing the birth of the first Big Bang watch with a tourbillon movement! The exquisite skeleton tourbillon and the power reserve display on the front of the dial are both beautiful and practical. The skeletonized movement of the tourbillon with a diameter of 13.6 mm is completely designed, developed and produced by Hublot micromechanics, engineers and watchmakers, and it rotates once per minute. The bridge design on the side of the movement also ensures the stable operation of the tourbillon.

   Lastly, the extraordinary and unique ‘Anniversary’ watch-Big Bang ’10th Anniversary’ fine jewelry watch. Hublot’s first Big Bang Unico haute jewellery watch is available in ten different versions, each valued at $ 1 million! Four of these 45 mm watches will be available at Baselworld 2015 (all black diamonds, all diamonds, diamond and sapphire, and diamond and ruby). This exquisite and timeless collection combines three highly complex gem setting techniques: hidden setting, Paris nail pattern setting and orbital setting. Each watch has 653 square stones, and the weight of the stones is also amazing: the black diamonds of the all black diamond model total 41.84 carats, the diamonds of the all diamond model total 40.02 carats, Square diamonds and blue square sapphires total 40.41 carats, and diamond and ruby ​​square diamonds and square rubies total 40.93 carats. The top technicians complete such complicated gem setting in a unique way, Hublot has achieved an extraordinary achievement of the fusion of high-end jewelry and top watches.
   For the first time, Hublot has adopted a hidden inverted trapezoidal inlay on the bezel. For this setting process, there is no other material between the square diamonds, so the gem setting of the bezel is a very complicated project. In addition, the color of the edge of the bezel and the color of the reading and the strap button are also bright and extraordinary. This watch is also the first time the gemstone is set with a chronograph on the dial. The entire dial, including the embedded gemstone readings, contains a total of 62 square stones. Features 132 hidden gems, 127 orbital gems, and 394 Paris-studded gems. The strap is made of black alligator leather covered with natural rubber. Behind every watch is 400 hours of R & D and manufacturing, and 350 hours of rigorous and precise gem setting, which is destined to shine in the most gorgeous posture!
Big Bang Unico Full Magic Gold
Serial number 411.MX.1138.RX — limited edition of 250 pieces
Case 45 mm diameter, polished magic gold
Bezel Polished Magic Gold
6 black PVD-coated H-shaped titanium screws, countersunk, polished and locked
Table mirror Sapphire mirror with anti-reflective treatment on the inside and outside, gold-plated Hublot logo
Crown Brushed satin-finished black PVD-coated titanium engraved with Hublot logo, black overpressure rubber inserts
Buttons Satin brushed black PVD coated titanium
Case back Sapphire mirror with anti-reflective coating
Microblasted black PVD coated titanium
Water resistance to 10 standard atmospheres, about 100 meters underwater
Dial Matte black lacquered cutout
Rose gold and 2N gold powder transfer hour markers
Brushed satin-finished gold-plated chronograph ring at 9 o’clock (small seconds)
Brushed satin-finished chronograph ring at 3 o’clock (chronograph minute hand)
Gold-plated readings with black SuperLuminova ™ fluorescent coating
Hands Satin-finished gold-plated, black SuperLuminova ™ fluorescent coating
Gold-plated, red lacquered chronograph hands
Movement HUB1242 UNICO movement, grey coated,
Hublot independently developed an automatic flyback movement. The column wheel dual clutch is visible on the side of the dial.
Calendar display White pane at 3 o’clock
Table hammer grey coating
Power reserve approx. 72 hours
Strap Structured, threaded black natural rubber strap with quick-change system

Buckle Black PVD-coated titanium folding clasp with ceramic insert
Big Bang Tourbillon 5 Days Power Reserve Full Magic Gold
Serial number 405.MX.01 38.RX-limited collection of 50 pieces
Case 45 mm diameter, polished magic gold
Bezel Polished Magic Gold
6 black PVD-coated H-shaped titanium screws, countersunk, polished and locked
Table mirror Sapphire mirror with anti-reflective treatment on the inside and outside, gold-plated Hublot logo
Crown Brushed satin-finished black PVD-coated titanium engraved with Hublot logo, black overpressure rubber inserts
Case back Sapphire mirror with anti-reflective coating
Microblasted black PVD coated titanium
Water-resistant to 3 standard atmospheres, about 30 meters underwater
Dial Sapphire mirror
Gold-plated numerals with black SuperLuminova ™ fluorescent coating
Hands Satin-plated, black SuperLuminova ™
Movement HUB6016 manual winding tourbillon skeleton movement, independently developed by Hublot
Power reserve display at 9 o’clock on the side of the dial
Power reserve approx. 115 hours
Strap Structured, threaded black natural rubber strap with quick-change system
Buckle Black PVD-coated titanium folding clasp with ceramic insert
Big Bang Unico “10th Anniversary” Fine Jewellery Watch
Serial number 411.WD.9000.LR.9900-all black diamond
45 mm case, white gold with black coating, set with 558 black square diamonds, approx. 36.24 carats
Case back Sapphire mirror with anti-reflective coating inside / outside
Platinum with black chrome coating
Dial skeleton, white gold with black chrome coating, set with 62 black square diamonds, approximately 1.82 carats
Hands Polished Black with Black SuperLuminova ™ Fluorescent Coating
Strap Semi-matte black alligator leather lined with black natural rubber with quick-change system
Buckle Folding buckle, white gold with black chrome coating, set with 33 black square diamonds, approximately 3.70 carats
Serial number 411.WD.9004.LR.9904-all white diamond
45 mm case, white gold, set with 558 white square diamonds, approx. 35 carats
Case back Sapphire mirror with anti-reflective coating
Dial Skeleton, white gold, set with 62 white square diamonds, approximately 1.42 carats
Hands Rhodium-plated white SuperLuminova ™ fluorescent coating
Strap Semi-matte black alligator leather lined with black natural rubber with quick-change system
Clasp Folding clasp in white gold with 33 white square diamonds, approximately 3.70 carats
Serial number 411.WX.9041.LR.9941-white diamond and sapphire
45 mm case, white gold, set with 492 white square diamonds, approximately 32.70 carats;
And 66 square sapphires, about 2.17 carats
Case back Sapphire mirror with anti-reflective coating inside / outside
Dial skeleton, white gold, set with 50 white square diamonds, about 0.88 carats;
And 12 sapphire hour markers, approximately 0.93 carats
Hands Rhodium-plated white SuperLuminova ™ fluorescent coating
Strap Semi-matte black alligator leather lined with black natural rubber with quick-change system
Buckle Folding buckle in white gold set with 33 white square diamonds, about 3.70 carats
Serial number 411.WX.9042.LR.9942-white diamond and ruby
45 mm case, white gold, set with 492 white square diamonds, approximately 33.42 carats;
And 66 square rubies, about 2.12 carats
Case back Sapphire mirror with anti-reflective coating
Dial skeleton, white gold, set with 50 white square diamonds, approximately 0.88 carats; and 12 square rubies, approximately 0.93 carats
Hands Rhodium-plated white SuperLuminova ™ fluorescent coating
Strap Semi-matte black alligator leather with black rubber lining
Clasp Folding clasp in white gold with 33 white square diamonds, approximately 3.70 carats
Movement HUB1242 UNICO movement
Hublot independently develops and manufactures the automatic flyback movement. The double-clutch guide wheel is visible on the side of the table.
Calendar display 3 o’clock position window
Power reserve approx. 72 hours
Water-resistant to 3 standard atmospheres, about 30 meters underwater
   The above is the cutting-edge information of the Hublot Pavilion at the Basel International Jewellery & Watch Fair 2015 prepared by the staff in front of the Watch House. In the future, we will continue to provide more and more intuitive exhibition reports for everyone, so stay tuned.

   For more details, please click the live feature of Basel International Jewellery & Watch Fair:

Bauchelet Mid-autumn Festival Presents Mali Long Moon Phase Rose Gold Watch

Minimalist, modern design; function and form complement each other, practicality and allegorical coexistence, the Mid-Autumn Festival in August and August, Swiss watch Baucher chooses Mali Long moonphase rose gold watch, spend with you Reunion night. This watch incorporates date, week, month and moon phase functions into an elegant rose gold case.

 The Marion Dragon Moon Phase Rose Gold Watch is crafted with precision and contains the meaning of the word ‘Manero’: The name Marion comes from the Latin ‘manuaria’, which means ‘controlled by hand’, which means that time is controlled by you; The simple and elegant appearance, the hidden beauty of complicated mechanical functions, and the practical design with a sense of time, make the master craftsman’s exquisite craftsmanship to the fullest.

Moon phase function

  In 1888, Carl Friedrich Bucherer opened a watch and jewellery store in Lucerne, writing a legend in the Swiss watchmaking industry. Carl Friedrich Bucherer has a unique vision and eager pursuit of meticulous aesthetic details and traditional watchmaking craftsmanship. The delicate workmanship of the Mali Long Moon Phase Rose Gold Watch echoes the spirit of perfection of the founding man. The functional layout of this watch is simple and neat, the date hand in the dial is clear and easy to read, the week is displayed at 10 o’clock, the month is at 2 o’clock, and the moon phase is at 6 o’clock. Each function performs its role and is clearly displayed on the dial. . Driven by the CFB 1966 self-winding movement, the function is excellent and reliable, and it is a good companion for timepieces on your wrist.

Strive for perfection, praise for Mid-Autumn Festival

  Mid-autumn moon, ancient legend, profit and loss change, mysterious and charming. The ancient and modern masters, picking hands and picking the moon, put the vast sea of ​​stars on your wrists, and watch the taste of life. The Marly Dragon collection contains the profound technical know-how of Bucherer. The new Marly Dragon Moonphase Rose Gold watch has a timeless elegant appearance: 38 mm, 10.85 mm thick rose gold case with silver or black dial and silver hour markers. . Despite the complicated functions, the layout is clear and clear, which shows the design ideas of the watch factory; the three-dimensional trapezoidal hour markers, slender luminous hours, and minute hands of the Maliron series can be seen at a glance; the shiny silver moon phase dial is more pleasing to the eye against the charcoal gray background; The polished case, rounded hands and high-quality crocodile leather strap are combined in one go. Together with the 18K rose gold buckle, it creates a perfect elegance and charm.

Marion Dragon Moon Phase Rose Gold Technical Specifications
Reference: 00.10909.03.33.01
Movement: CFB 1966 self-winding movement, diameter 26.2 mm, thickness 5.2 mm, 21 stones, 42 hours power reserve.
Function: Moon phase display, date, month, week, hour, minute, second hand
Case: 18K rose gold, one-sided curved anti-reflective sapphire water
Mirror, sapphire crystal case back, water-resistant to 30 meters, diameter 3
Mm, thickness 10.85 mm
Dial: Black dial
Strap: Black Lewis Anna alligator strap, 18K rose gold pin buckle

Other models:
00.10909.03.33.21: 18K rose gold bracelet with 18K rose gold discount
00.10909.03.13.21: Silver dial, 18K rose gold bracelet with 18K rose gold discount
00.10909.03.13.01: silver dial, brown Lewis crocodile leather strap

To Pay Tribute To Every Warrior Who Is Not Afraid Of The Deep Tasting Panerai Submersible Watch

At the 2019 Haute Horlogerie Show in Paris, Panerai launched this new stealth series carbon fiber watch. This watch is limited to 33 pieces because it has a different special meaning. For decades, Panerai has been equipping Italian Navy commandos with watches and precision instruments. This timepiece is a tribute to the historical partnership between Panerai and the Italian Navy’s special forces, recalling and witnessing that period Heroes. Let’s take a look at this memorable and innovative diving watch. (Watch number: PAM00961)

Watch real shot

As a wrist watch with special significance, this Panerai stealth series carbon fiber watch perfectly embodies the military style. The 47mm diameter carbotech carbon fiber composite material case, the carbon material round dial, and the dark green rubber strap, the cool and elegant appearance is enough to catch the eye.

大 The large hollow hands, hour markers and rotating bezel on the dial are coated with Super-LumiNova® to ensure that the wearer can clearly read the time in any environment. With the watch’s unidirectional rotating bezel, the wearer can safely calculate the dive time.

日历 Calendar display window at 3 o’clock, white numerals are clear and prominent against the charcoal black dial.

The small seconds dial at 9 o’clock adds a touch of liveliness and temperature to the coldness of the watch.

看 From the side of the watch, you can feel the excellent texture of the watch. The whole body is made of carbon fiber composite material. Although it looks thick, the carbon fiber material is lighter than titanium and is stronger than stainless steel.

The watch is equipped with a Panerai classic crown bridge device, a screw-down crown, black titanium coating and engraved decoration.

腕表 This watch uses a dense bottom technology to effectively ensure the safety of the internal movement. The watch is equipped with a P.9010 self-winding mechanical movement independently developed by Panerai and equipped with a 3-day power reserve. The engraved Comsubin logo on the case back echoes the commemorative theme of the Italian Navy commando.

全 The all-black design of the watch case makes the watch look too serious and cold. The dark green rubber strap is used to match it, which is not only suitable for diving functions, but also more vibrant in color.

Summary: This Panerai SUBMERSIBLE Special Edition watch has a unique design and a strong military color. The perfect fusion of military style and Panerai’s brand characteristics. Looking at this watch, it seems to see the determination and bravery of the barracks. If you are also a military fan and prefer tough guy style, you may wish to pay more attention. Reference price: ¥ 306,000

Hermes’s First Luxury Watch And Jewelry Boutique Opens In The Uk

Hermès independently launched its first watch and jewelry boutique in Harrods department store in the UK. Harrods is the most famous department store in London, while Hermès is the top luxury brand in France. This Hermès presence is bound to set off another wave of luxury in Britain.

 Hermes’ first watch and jewelry boutique opens in the UK

 The brand’s watchmaking history is also very long. As early as 1912, Jacqueline Hermès, the great-granddaughter of the then founder of the Hermès brand Thierry Hermès, was only nine years old and energetic every day. This is Hermes’ first intimate contact with the watchmaking industry. Since then, Hermès has started to develop a large number of ingenious boutique watches, including Le Temps Suspendu, the ‘favorite watch’ selected by the Daily Telegraph fashion channel.

 Le Temps Suspendu is a magic watch capable of pausing time, as its name illustrates. There is a narrow ‘v’ band around the clock at 12 o’clock, and a button on the side. When the pointer reaches the narrow ‘v’ band, the button is pressed and the hand stops immediately. The time was thus erased from the dial and it seemed to pause. Press the button again, the time is back on track, and it works normally. This idea was put forward by Pierre-Alexis Dumas, who is the sixth brand artistic director of Hermès.

Blancpain’s Racing World Speed ​​pioneer L-evolution Series

In 2009, Blancpain, Switzerland’s top watch brand, became a partner of legendary sports car manufacturer Lamborghini, honoring the top-level event SuperTrofeo Challenge, and gradually launched various world-wide competitions since then. The enthusiasm of motorsport shows this ‘founder of classic timepieces’ passion for speed and excellence. Among Blancpain’s six series, the L-EVOLUTION series is modern and dynamic. With the art of timepieces integrating cutting-edge technology and traditional watchmaking technology, it perfectly interprets the brand’s peak speed.

Blancpain sponsors racing event

Blancpain-Lamborghini SuperTrofeo Super Challenge

Since 2009, Blancpain has become a partner of the legendary sports car manufacturer Lamborghini, and has become the title sponsor of the Blancpain SuperTrofeo Challenge. This event covers three major regions in Europe, North America and Asia, of which the Asian Challenge first landed in China in 2012. This championship is divided into six races each year and is the world’s fastest single-brand event.

Blancpain President and CEO Mark Hayek has personally participated in this tournament. Blancpain and Lamborghini combine the best of both worlds. The two brands have used their exquisite craftsmanship and unique aesthetics to the extreme, creating a limited edition of Lamborghini Gallardo.

FIAGT1 World Championship

Since 2010, Blancpain has become the exclusive official timepiece of the FIAGT1 World Championships. This precious partnership has witnessed the brand’s important position in the world’s top racing circles. The FIAGT1 World Championship is one of the ‘Four International Series of Sports’ recognized by the FIA. It brings together well-known sports cars such as Aston Martin, Chevrolet, Ford, Lamborghini, Maserati and Nissan. Compete on ten tracks. At this wonderful event, Blancpain will not be absent. In the 2011 season, Blancpain participated as a SwissRacingTeam team partner.


Blancpain is the title sponsor and the official exclusive timepiece of the Blancpain Endurance Race. This new European Championship is an important event for GT3 and GT4 sports cars. It is organized by SROMotorsportsGroup and is based on the Total24HeuresdeSpa endurance race. Four three-hour races will be played on different tracks in Europe. The Blancpain Endurance Race is a multi-brand sports car event. Many well-known classic sports car brands will come together, such as Aston Martin, Audi, BMW, Corvette, Dodge. , Ferrari, Ford, Ginetta, Lamborghini, Lotus, Maserati, MacLaren, Mercedes, Nissan, and Porsche ( Porsche). The Blancpain Endurance Race is aimed at professional teams and non-professional ‘gentleman drivers’. It can change drivers twice during the race. It is a three-stage promotion race inspired by Formula One racing. The Blancpain Endurance Race provides a professional and harmonious atmosphere for the team and drivers. It is a passionate sporting event.

ADACGTMasters Masters

Since 2007, the ADACGTMasters has been very popular among sports car fans. Blancpain has also established a cooperative relationship with this exciting event. This tournament is mainly held in Germany but is also played on other European circuits. Here are some of the most famous car manufacturing brands, such as Alpina-BMW, ​​Ascari, Aston Martin, Audi, Chevrolet, Ferrari, Ford GT, Lamborghini and Porsche. The ADACGTMasters is a professional-amateur championship in which professional and amateur drivers can participate together. Each course includes two 60-minute races. The two drivers work together in the race and the promotion, each of them responsible for half of the schedule. As a result, this event brings together a variety of players, from amateur racing enthusiasts, former Formula One drivers to DTM top touring car racers or celebrities from all walks of life. Through this partnership, Blancpain not only strengthens its influence in the European racing world, but also strengthens the close relationship between watchmaking and car manufacturing.

Speed ​​Pioneer: Blancpain L-EVOLUTION Series

Blancpain’s cross-border cooperation with motorsport aims to convey the brand spirit of challenge and passion by sponsoring professional and high-level events. In addition, in-depth cooperation with top racing brands, sharing materials and machinery manufacturing Research results, continuous innovation and refinement in the manufacturing process of watches.

Blancpain L-evolutionR series large date double chase flyback chronograph

In keeping with the brand’s long-standing tradition, Blancpain chose carbon fiber to create this extraordinary timepiece. Lightweight and sturdy precious characteristics, combined with pleasing visual effects, provide a wide space for the use of carbon fiber in the development of watches and clocks. As a major technological innovation of the brand, this high-tech material is used in the manufacture of certain parts of Blancpain timepieces, such as the carbon fiber bezel, case back, and dial, demonstrating the brand’s strong innovation strength and research and development spirit. The large date window on the dial is displayed in digital font. The background of the dial highlights the oversized red digital processing. The timing button at 8 o’clock mimics the appearance of the oil cap. The 9 o’clock position is equipped with a badge-type chronograph dial. All the details underline the dynamic sports style of this watch.

This timepiece is internally equipped with Calibre69F9 movement. The movement consists of 409 parts and is set with 44 gemstone bearings. The power reserve can reach 40 hours. The movement is equipped with a column wheel to ensure precise control of the buttons. At the same time, the vertical disc clutch effectively prevents unnecessary jittering of the chronograph second hand when the chronograph function is activated. The watch perfectly combines the flyback dual tracking hand timing mechanism with a large dual-hole date display window. Among them, the double tracking hand chronograph function is an important and complex technology in watchmaking. The second chase hand is superimposed on the chronograph second hand (‘rattrapante’ in French is called a double chase hand, meaning ‘catch up’), and the two chronograph second hands run in parallel to catch up with each other. The wearer can use this function to perform multiple split timings. Press the chronograph button at 8 o’clock to activate the dual chasing hand timing function. At this time, the second chase hand stops and the chronograph second hand runs independently. Press the same button again and the second chase hand will quickly “chase” the previous timekeeping The second hand continues to run synchronously. The button at 4 o’clock activates the flyback function, which resets the chronograph to zero and restarts instantly.

Through the sapphire back, the elegantly decorated internal movement is clearly visible. Behind this fascination lies the complicated mosaic work of the watchmakers. According to processing requirements, the movement parts are coated with sandblasted coatings of two different materials (5N red gold plating or rhodium plating); the bridge is coated with NAC coating, and the vertical texture highlights the smoky gray color of this process. Appearance characteristics. According to different models, the hollow rim pendulum is available in white gold and 5N rose gold designs, both of which are frosted and coated with NAC. In addition, the spokes are also chamfered, which not only highlights the original color of the pendulum, but also creates a gorgeous and elegant contrast effect.

The watch uses a black Alcantara suede strap, which is sewn with precision, exquisite craftsmanship and added carbon fiber materials. At the same time, the matte satin 18K white gold or red gold buckle is embedded with carbon fiber, which complements the design concept of delicate and perfect details.

Blancpain L-evolution series eight-day long-powered watch

Blancpain’s L-evolution series of watches embodies the extraordinary reliability and excellent performance of Blancpain as the ‘maker of classic timepieces’ on the basis of highlighting sports elements. This L-evolution eight-day long-powered watch is equipped with Calibre13R5 movement, like the ‘engine’ of a racing car, which generally provides high performance and high accuracy for the travel time. The movement is equipped with three barrels, which can provide a power reserve of 192 hours (8 days). The high-density gold oscillating weight ensures the winding efficiency, and the cardless balance spring with the gold fine-adjustment screws ensures perfect waiting. Timeliness. The large diameter of 43.5 mm, the dial is engraved with exquisite Geneva decoration; two windows on the dial: the date display at 6 o’clock and the power reserve display at 12 o’clock, creating a striking visual depth effect of the structure. In addition, two oversized Arabic numerals-3 o’clock and 9 o’clock, further enhance the three-dimensional characteristics of the surface of this high-tech watch.

Blancpain L-evolution eight-day long-power moon phase watch

In addition, Blancpain has also added the complex technology of many mechanical watches to make the L-evolution series more innovative. This L-Evolution eight-day long-power moon phase watch is equipped with Calibre66R9 movement, which was independently designed and manufactured by Blancpain Blancpain. The shape blends romantic and poetic temperament, embodying Blancpain’s movement structural engineer and manufacturing The master craftsmanship of the watch masters: 3D three-dimensional dials, finely polished movement parts, parabolic trimmed and chamfered bridges. This series of exquisite details, coupled with the high-density gold rotor that can be seen from the back of the transparent case, has created a nearly perfect watch mechanical structure. The dial design also reflects the perfect design and innovation of the internal movement. The surface is divided into three different levels: the dial engraved with the Geneva ornament pattern and the oversized Roman numerals at 3 and 9 o’clock, which enhances the three-dimensional visual effect of the watch; the large window enables the power reserve display, date display and The month display is clear at a glance.

Panerai Radiomir And Luminor 1950 Tourbillon

Panerai is the perfect combination of Italian design and Swiss watchmaking. Every year, Panerai will make another interpretation of its nearly 150 years of history. The creation of the models comes from Panerai’s consistent insistence on excellence, aesthetics and functionality.
Radiomir Tourbillon GMT 48mm dual time tourbillon rose gold watch
RADIOMIR and LUMINOR 1950 time tourbillon watch
全新 Panerai P.2005 Tourbillon self-made movement new watch series, fully demonstrate the essence of Panerai watchmaking technology. The P.2005 self-made movement is complex in structure and highly innovative in technology. It is equipped in the Radiomir Tourbillon GMT 48mm two-time tourbillon rose gold watch and Luminor 1950 Tourbillon 47mm two-time tourbillon titanium watch in the craft series.
From a technical point of view, this P.2005 movement is the most complex movement of all Panerai’s home-made movement series, with manual winding function, three barrels, which can accumulate enough watches to run six The power required by the sky, and drive the storage indicator.

Longines Watch Railway Pocket Watch: Start The Journey Of Time

As early as more than a century ago, Longines, a famous Swiss watchmaker, devoted its long watchmaking tradition and experience to the elegant adventures of the railway. Today, Longines draws inspiration from its long watchmaking history and launches Longines Rail pocket watches. This stainless steel pocket watch is based on the historical railway pocket watch, which reproduces the booming era of the railway. Longines railway pocket watches present a simple and distinctive design, limited to 250 pieces worldwide and numbered one by one. Just as railway is not only a means of transportation, clocks are not only used to record time: timepieces are a great adventure that combines mechanical movement, precision performance and long tradition.
   The boom of the railway has brought time to a completely different connotation: punctuality has received unprecedented attention. As with safety and reliability, timing accuracy has become a basic condition for the railway industry to maintain normal working order. Longines, which enjoyed wide acclaim in the field of timekeeping, also timed railway companies around the world such as Romania, Serbia, Persia, Italy, Chile, Canada, the United States, Turkey and China, and became the standard for their employees. . The Longwing’s flying wing hourglass logo symbolizes precise timing expertise on the world’s most accessible railways.

   The design inspiration for the Longines Railway Pocket Watch comes from a number of classic models born in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Practical functions are combined with precise timing technology without losing its distinctive design style. Just as you look out the window during the journey, the lake and mountains are endless; the partially transparent case back of the Longines Railway pocket watch also elegantly presents the movement of the three bridges and the balance wheel in the movement. The delicate carved decoration continues the design of the classic railway pocket watch, which makes the watch more attractive.

   The Longines Railway Pocket Watch will satisfy people’s railway feelings and imagination. The stainless steel case with a diameter of 49.5 mm is equipped with a manual winding mechanical movement L513.2 specially developed for Longines. Adhering to the practical spirit of the railway watch, the white polished lacquered dial is decorated with 11 huge and eye-catching Roman numerals, and the contrast design ensures clear reading. Blue stainless steel hands across the track-like minute scale, such as a galloping time train, convey the design theme more vividly. The small second hand is at 6 o’clock. The stainless steel bracelet complements the overall design of the watch.

Chopard Green Carpet Collection

In September 2013, following the launch of two top jewellery pieces at the Cannes International Film Festival, Chopard chose the Venice International Film Festival to showcase its latest green carpet series as a global luxury brand.

 Before the world-famous film festival decorated the most elegant women’s dream on the red carpet, the source of jewellery works was profound. The provenance of the gemstones, especially gold, that make up jewellery is even more important today. With years of experience and its role in the jewellery industry and its social and ecological responsibility, Chopard Watchmaking Factory has invested in an ambitious sustainable development activity called ‘The Journey’.

The Journey

 Working with Eco-Age and its founder, Livia Firth, Chopard joined the Green Carpet Challenge to strengthen social ethics and the fashion world. At the initiative of the event, Chopard designed and launched a bracelet and a pair of earrings, as the first jewelry pieces of the Green Carpet Collection, together with the famous Red Carpet Collection launched during the annual Cannes Film Festival by Chopard. Well-known actress Marion Cotillard wore both pieces when she stepped up the stairs at the Cannes Film Festival.

Exquisitely handed down new products

 The far-reaching ‘The Journey’ is a natural extension of Chopard’s instincts that evokes praise for its artistic value. Caroline Scheufele and Livia Firth, co-president and creative director of Chopard, have unveiled this new high-end necklace to the world. Its pure and perfect design is almost suffocating. 144 pear-shaped diamonds (43.1 carats) are set in 18 carat white gold, creating this smooth and supreme work. Crafted by jewelers, gem inlayers, sanders and gold casters at Chopard’s top jewellery workshops, this boutique is also a testament to Chopard’s outstanding jewellery craftsmanship.

Tag Heuer Link Watch Series Officially Launched

TAG Heuer, a well-known Swiss high-end watch brand, has launched a new and improved LINK watch series. In order to match the appearance of the new watch, TAG Heuer has held a short film creation competition earlier. As the theme, each exerts his creative talents and competes for precious prizes sent by the brand.
    This competition was co-organized by TAG Heuer and eYeka websites. TAG Heuer from Southeast Asia invited the most creative customers to participate. The organizer provided each participant with three photos of the new watch. The creative expression was very free. The participants used classic watches. Designed as a title, creating a 30- to 60-second short film or animation contest. The contest lasts six weeks and the prizes total more than $ 18,000. Participants also have the opportunity to win the LINK watch. This competition attracted creative talents from all over the world. EYeka website and TAG Heuer selected 41 short films. All the shortlisted works showed the participants’ creative interpretation of the new LINK watch full of modern elegance.
    Customers from all over the world will be able to enjoy the shortlisted short films and vote for the winners of this competition by logging into the TAG Heuer Southeast Asia Facebook page, Youtube.com or Youku.com from September 1.
    LVMH Watch & Jewelry Asia President Jean Marc Lacave said: ‘Today’s consumers receive a lot of marketing information from social media and other channels, and they know how to filter. Heuer has to create new promotions if it wants to focus on consumers’ attention. Perspectives and topics, and attract consumers to participate through the Internet platform. The competition follows the same requirements by the public to lead the creative process. Since its creation, TAG Heuer has always respected creativity and adhered to the brand regardless of product design and marketing methods. Avant-garde creative spirit gene. Through this online competition project, the brand image can be expanded to a broader level and attract more public and consumer participation and attention. ‘
    eYeka representative Joel Cere (Global Director of Insights & Innovation) said: ‘The public consumer’s creativity on the company’s online community platform is amazing. In fact, premium brands have also noticed that in the field of professional advertising and marketing companies Besides, creative talents are also crouching. ‘