Basel 2019: Bronze With Khaki Green Turned Out To Be So Good-looking Zenith Pilot Type 20 Adventure

The Zenith Pilot Type 20 series has always been the brand’s index series, and many classic styles have also been introduced and welcomed by the market. In 2019, Zenith launched the Pilot Type 20 Adventure watch and Pilot Type 20 Chronograph Adventure with bronze case. Zenith has applied khaki green to a brand new model. The watch combines an urban appearance with unparalleled versatility and a clear and easy-to-read Pilot trademark. It is suitable for urban players seeking adventure and fashion.

This time the case is made of bronze material, after years of precipitation can produce a natural copper green. The side of the case is engraved with ‘HB-XXX’. ‘HB’ stands for Swiss Civil Aviation Registration Code, followed by the watch number

This time, like the onboard instruments developed by Zenith for the early years of aviation history, the Pilot Type 20 Chronograph Adventure is powered by an automatic El Primero column wheel chronograph movement. The Pilot Type 20 Adventure is not to be outdone. It is equipped with an Elite 679 automatic movement, which ensures complete travel time and a power reserve of 50 hours.

New model with camouflage crocodile leather and soft khaki matrix calfskin leather strap with protective rubber and titanium buckle clasp for military style

The watch is equipped with an easy-to-adjust wide ratchet crown, which became the inspiration for the evolution of early aeronautical instruments into the 21st century. The Pilot Type 20 Adventure uses the logo of Zenith flight instruments on the case back of the titanium case as a way to dare them. A tribute to the pioneering spirit of the world, these cities are equipped with grained khaki green faceplates and oversized Arabic numerals made of Super-LumiNova® fluorescent paint, allowing the wearer to easily read the face at any time plate.

Pilot Type 20 Chronograph Adventure

Bronze material / El Primero 4069 self-winding movement / hour, minute, small seconds display / chronograph function / sapphire crystal mirror / waterproof 100 meters / diameter 45mm / reference price: 58,000 RMB

Pilot Type 20 Adventure

Bronze material / Elite 679 self-winding movement / hour, minute, second display / sapphire crystal mirror / water resistance 100 meters / diameter 45mm / reference price: 54,000 RMB

Catatrava Ultra Thin Women’s Watch

Ref. 4897R, Cal.215 hand-wound ultra-thin movement, power reserve about 44 hours, 18K rose gold case, polished and polished, case set with 72 diamonds, sapphire crystal, strap 18K rose gold case back with sapphire window, case diameter 33 mm, rose gold plated matte arrow-shaped hour markers, double faceted sword-shaped hour and minute hands, sandblasted on the other side, matte brown satin strap , 18K rose gold pin buckle.
Recommended reason:
     Abandon the ‘stale’ concept of ‘women’s watches mostly use quartz movements’ that you have always adhered to. Now Patek Philippe lets you know that women’s watches can not only use mechanical movements, but also use manual winding. Who says that the words mechanical and controllable are men’s patents? The moment you put it on your wrist, you are destined to stun the queen that night.

Looking At 30 Blocks Of Water Ghosts At Once

1953 was an important year for Rolex, because Turn-O-Graph 6202, Explorer, and Submariner 6204 were born in this year. Among them, Submariner, the submariner, is probably one of the best watches in these two centuries. This issue takes you into the world of water ghosts and roughly understands its development history. Involving more styles, it is recommended to collect. Ref.6204 The first water ghost in 1953: 5.3mm small crown 5.3mm, no Mercedes needle, no water-resistant depth lettering, no crown shoulders, no bezel 0-15 minute scale display, internal A260 movement was at the time The best automatic movement with anti-shock device. Ref.6205 Wordless version of 1954. The dial is concise, without the words Submariner. Ref.6205 Mercedes-Benz needle version. The Mercedes-Benz needle first appeared in 1954, the crown was adjusted to 6mm, and the timing was more convenient. A296 movement Ref.6200 Explorer version 1955- 1956 3.6.9 time scale display, the entire watch is thicker and larger, the crown reaches 8mm, with and without words Ref.6536 / 1 Early version 1956-1957 6mm crown, 100 meters waterproof depth 、 1030 caliber Ref. 6536/1 mid-range version 1957 bezel at 12:00 red triangle for the first time Ref. 6536/1 later version 1957-1958 bezel 0-15 minute hand scale display Ref. 6358 1956-1959 Water-resistant to 200 meters in depth, divided into four-line version and two-line version, four lines indicate the observatory certification, two lines have no certification Ref.5510 1958 first generation of water ghost using 1530 movement, last generation 8mm crown water Ghost, representing the end of an era Ref.5508 1958-1962 The last generation of water ghosts without crown shoulders, luminous materials to reduce the use of radium element Ref.5512 Flat head shoulder pads Water with crown shoulders in early 1959 Ghost, table diameter enlarged from 36mm to 40mm, bezel groove extended from side to front Ref.5512 Version 1959 Shoulder Shoulder Eagle Shape Ref.5512 Pointed Shoulder Shoulder Edition 1959-1963 Shoulder Shoulder Shaped Tips, Observatory Certification, Introduction of Movement 1560, 2.5Hz Frequency, KIF Shock Absorber Ref.5512 Dumb Glossy Meters First version 1967-Early matte water ghosts. Previously, the water ghosts were all gold-faced, 1570 movements. Based on the 1560 improvement, the vibration frequency was increased to 2.75Hz. Ref. 5512 Matte First Version 1969- The 1980 foot priority shows that 660ft = 200m. This change may be related to the United States becoming a more important Rolex market. Ref.5513 Pointed Shoulder Pads The difference between 1962-1963 and 5512 is that there is no Observatory certification Ref.5513 Explorer Edition 1962-1965 3.6.9 time scale display, last generation Explorer version of water ghost, highly collectible Ref. 5513 underlined version 1963-1964 underlined is said to indicate that the radon radiation level on the dial is lower than the previous radium Ref.5513 Double Swiss + underlined version In 1963, the underline appeared at 12 o’clock and there were two Swiss characters at the 6 o’clock minute mark. Ref.5513 Gold version compared to the previous Ref.5513 from 1964 to 1966, the movement was slightly upgraded. , 1530 to 1520, 2.75Hz, according to However, there is no observatory certification Ref. 5513 Bart Simpson version 1966 Crown shaped like an animated character Bart Simpson Ref. 5513 Matte Surfaces Meters First Edition 1967-1969 Matte Surfaces replaced at the same time as Ref. 5512 Ref. 5513 MilSub Edition 1972-1976 The special sword-shaped hands of the year, 0-60 minute scale display on the bezel, and the same are highly collectible. Ref.5513 Matte Face First First Edition 1969-1982 can basically be regarded as the last generation of old-fashioned water ghosts. Ref.5513 New The introduction of the old transitional version of the platinum time scale from 1982 to 1989, strictly speaking, this is the last generation of 5513, but it plays a more important role in the calendar of Ref. 1680 in the red letter version 1969-1975, Acrylic magnifying glass, red Submariner lettering, there are seven or eight versions before and after, many collectors like Ref. 1680 COMEX version 1978-1979 Rolex and COMEX cooperated one of the many models, although the number is very small, only 60 pieces, But the degree of popularity is generally because most of the repairs and replacement of the face plate in the water ghost’s history of more than half a century, the above 30 antique watches are only part of the style, but also enough for me We generally understand the development process of Rolex and even the field of diving watches. In a sense, the evolution of water ghosts represents the evolution of diving watches. Let’s talk briefly about the collection. The gold surface may appear cracked, spider-shaped and other chronological phenomena. The matte surface is relatively easy to maintain integrity. Then extract the more special information points of the above water ghosts: explorer, MilSub, The Scarlet Letter and so on. The Ref. 5513 MilSub and Explorer Edition are undoubtedly the hottest styles. Good looks can reach a million levels. The Ref. 1680 Scarlet Letter is about 200,000. There are also some interesting styles, such as the 1967 ‘Pan Wai Pian’ Water Ghost Ref.1665 Sea-Dweller Submariner 2000, double red, it seems like a joint style of Submariner and Sea-Dweller, 610 meters waterproof, with helium exhaust device, rare. I wonder if you have seen so many water ghosts, do you also want to go into the vintage pit? Do not ask for powder, just talk about the public number of the watch

Flower Realm Dating Light And Shadow – Jiajia And Shanghai International Film Festival Continue For Nine Years Legend

Jaeger-LeCoultre, a Swiss watchmaker, once again joined hands with the 22nd Shanghai International Film Festival as an official partner to host a charity dinner and opening reception at the Shanghai West Coast Art Center on June 15, 2019. Invite guests from all over the world to join the nine-year legend. On the day of the event, Jaeger-LeCoultre continued to help classic film restoration projects through public auctions to protect and inherit the immortal classics of light and shadow art. At the same time, the Jaeger-LeCoultre “Filmmaker Honor Award”, which debuted in China last year, once again shined in Pujiang this year, paying tribute to the Chinese filmmakers who have made unremitting efforts and achieved outstanding achievements. Jaeger-LeCoultre Ambassador Jing Bairan, Amanda Seyfried, the famous director Tian Zhuangzhuang and many other filmmakers gathered at a dinner party to meet the flower scene and witness the bright light and shadow.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Hosts Charity Dinner and Opening Reception at Shanghai West Coast Art Center

The red carpet moment of Jaeger-LeCoultre

Jaeger-LeCoultre Global CEO Ms. Catherine Rénier and Jaeger-LeCoultre Ambassador Jing Bairan at the Jaeger-LeCoultre Charity Dinner to witness the bright light

Internationally renowned actor Amanda Seyfried and Jaeger-LeCoultre Global CEO Ms. Catherine Rénier at the Jaeger-LeCoultre Charity Dinner to witness the bright light and shadow

Beauty of Nature, Art of Time
  The Jaeger-LeCoultre workshop, which was born in Ru Valley, Switzerland, has undergone 186 years of change. The natural beauty and tranquility of Zhong Ling have given Jaeger-LeCoultre a unique tone and become the inexhaustible inspiration for Jaeger-LeCoultre watchmakers. Source. From the morning dew among the flowers to the vast starry sky, everything is in an orderly balance, in a beautiful and pure way, recording the passage of time and telling eternal poetry and feelings. Master watchmakers in the Jaeger-LeCoultre workshop, listening to the heartbeat of time, feeling the dance of time, will pass the perfection of craftsmanship and precision technology from generation to generation, creating a lot of handed down works, and constantly breaking through precision technology The border. This year, Jaeger-LeCoultre will give birth to a natural environment of infinite inspiration, presented at the Shanghai West Coast Art Center, praising the art of time and the charm of light and shadow with the splendor of flowers.

Jaeger-LeCoultre creates a realm of flowers, praising the art of time and the charm of light and shadow

Jaeger-LeCoultre Jing Boran talks with brand watchmaker Christian Laurent in the flowering realm

Jaeger-LeCoultre Charity Dinner

Creative glory
  Jaeger-LeCoultre’s passion for precision art continues and extends to the world of light and shadow, paying attention to and supporting film cultures with the same artistic value. As a long-term partner of world-renowned film events, Jaeger-LeCoultre and the Venice International Film Festival jointly launched the Jaeger-LeCoultreGlorytotheFilmmakerAward in 2007. In 2018, Jaeger-LeCoultre’s ‘Filmmaker Honor Award’ shined at the Shanghai International Film Festival for the first time, paying tribute to Chinese filmmakers who have made outstanding contributions to film art. This year, the glory once again shined at the 22nd Shanghai International Film Festival. On the evening of the banquet, the famous filmmaker Tian Zhuangzhuang won this honor. It was won by the famous international actor Amanda Seyfried, deputy director and director of Shanghai International Film and Television Festival Center. Tong Ying, deputy general manager of Shanghai International Film Festival, and Catherine Rénier, global CEO of Jaeger-LeCoultre, presented awards. Tian Zhuangzhuang, as one of the representative figures of the ‘Fifth Generation of Directors’ in China, not only carries his passion for the film industry, but also contains a powerful force, giving his works observation and reflection on the times, human beings and society. Shooting methods bring different themes and types of works to Chinese movies. Tian Zhuangzhuang directed the film ‘The Rogue Horse Thief’ in 1986, whose Tibetan 4K repair version was selected as the CannesClassics of the 2019 Cannes Film Festival. This film reflects the director’s contemplation and exploration of film art, strives to break through boundaries, and constantly pursues higher More than 30 years later, it continues to promote the development of Chinese films. The director’s enthusiasm for the continuous exploration of light and shadow art coincides with the innovative spirit of Jaeger-LeCoultre’s commitment to time art. Time flies and the art legends are immortal.

Internationally renowned actor Amanda Seyfried, deputy director of Shanghai International Film Festival Center and deputy general manager of Shanghai International Film Festival Co., Ltd. and Ms. Catherine Rénier, Jaeger-LeCoultre’s global CEO, awarded ‘Jacques’ to the famous director Tian Zhuangzhuang Filmmaker Honor Award ‘

Flowers blooming on the sea, like light and shadow
  Over the past nine years, Jaeger-LeCoultre has invested in classic Chinese film restoration projects, and successfully restored more than ten representative film works through 4K technology. The choice of films spans different eras, genres, themes and regions, leaving precious memories of the times for the Chinese film industry. And historical information. This year, Jaeger-LeCoultre sponsored the restoration of ‘Sea Flowers’, which was directed by Hou Xiaoxian, during the 22nd Shanghai International Film Festival. This film is adapted from China’s first dialect novel, ‘Biography of Sea Flowers’, written by Han Bangqing and by Zhang Ailing Translated and named ‘Flowers at Sea’, through the unique long lens aesthetics of Hou Xiaoxian, the picture of love, hate, sadness and joy is depicted in plain narration. The story takes place in Shanghai at the end of the 19th century. The dialogue of Wu Nong’s soft words vividly portrays the delicate thoughts of the characters in the film; the meticulous care of clothing and utensils, reproduces the prosperity and customs of Shanghai in the late Qing Dynasty, and displays the background of the great era Unique mark.

  On the evening of the charity dinner, Jaeger-LeCoultre donated a limited edition Rendez-Vous dating moon phase watch worldwide-2019 Shanghai International Film Festival Charity Auction Customized Model, helping Chinese classic film restoration projects, the auction proceeds will be used to repair the next classic The film, ‘Blessings’ shot in 1956, pays tribute to the 100th anniversary of the birth of famous actor Bai Yang. Jaeger-LeCoultre Rendez-Vous Date Moon Phase Watch-2019 Shanghai International Film Festival Charity Auction Customized Model, rose gold case with silver guilloché dial, set with 107 beautifully cut diamonds, moon phase at 6 o’clock In the display window, the moon, stars and clouds are reflected in the red sky. The innovative red moon phase and red crocodile leather strap symbolize the passion of Jaeger-LeCoultre for the art of light and shadow.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Global CEO Ms. Catherine Rénier, Jaeger-LeCoultre Managing Director Maxence Kinget, and Jaeger-LeCoultre Ambassador Jing Bairan awarded the auctioneer Rendez-Vous dating series moon phase watch-2019 Shanghai International Film Festival Charity Auction Customization and Honor

  The master watchmakers of Jaeger-LeCoultre bred inspiration from nature, blended sophisticated high-end watchmaking technology with flawless production technology, constantly broke through boundaries, and cast classics between the wrists. In the name of flowers, go on a date with Jaeger-LeCoultre and the art of light and shadow, and continue to write the chapter with the film world.

Oscar Protagonist In The Top Watch World

‘Geneva Watch Awards’ represents the top level of Swiss watchmaking technology. Every year, the best timepieces and manufacturers are selected, which is equivalent to the Oscars in the top watch industry. The finalist watches will be on tour around the world for collectors and watch enthusiasts. Last week, the organizer exhibited 65 world-class limited-time watches at IFC Sambo Watch and Jewellery, and I went there in person. The exhibition will move to Shanghai on October 19th. Don’t miss it if you like watches. The Geneva Watch Awards will select the best watch awards in seven categories and three special awards.
The ‘Geneva Watch Awards’ will select the best watch awards in seven categories and three special awards: the Golden Hand Award, the jury special award, and the best watchmaker award. The results will be in November. Announced on the 15th. This time, I will first select a few top watches and talk about their charm.
Van Cleef & Arpels Midnight Poetic Wish.
Van Cleef & Arpels dial decoration is full of French romance, ingenious, bringing together top-notch gold carving, enamel painting, mother-of-pearl inlaying technology. When the 2-digit button is touched, the teenager steps up the steps on the top floor of Notre Dame to indicate the hour and time; while the meteor in the sky appears from the mother-of-pearl cloud and falls to the Eiffel Tower, indicating the minute time accurately. When the clouds drifted towards the boy, the bell of Notre Dame rang and the time was told with a voice (three questions).
Hublot Masterpiece Antikythera.
Antikythera is a timepiece device found in an ancient Greek shipwreck in 1900. It has a history of more than 2,000 years. There are dozens of gears in it. Although it has been damaged, it has been found that it can accurately calculate the position of celestial bodies such as the sun, the moon, and the 12 constellations. . Hublot restored this device to create this complex watch, which can display the moon phase, zodiac position, Egyptian calendar, etc., and has a tourbillon and a five-day power reserve function.
Dior VIII Grand Ball ‘Plisse’ Jade.
Dior’s series of women’s watches are inspired by gorgeous ball, each watch is like luxury custom clothing, luxurious and expensive. Ceramic strap, dial made of white gold, mother-of-pearl, diamonds, emerald decoration is an automatic rotor, the emerald ring will dance with the swing of the wrist.
Dior VIII Grand Ball Plume.
Dior gorgeous ball, the same series of works, this watch is automatically decorated with pink gradient feathers, natural lightness, even more exquisite workmanship.
Roger Dubuis Velvet Sapphires and Spinels.
表 This watch is made of titanium. Rarely, the dial is inlaid with purple sapphires and the dial is decorated with purple radial Roman numerals.
Harry Winston Rendez-vous.
WinHarry Winston is a leader in the jewelry industry. This watch is set with 84 carats of diamonds, white gold base, and pear-shaped diamond on the cover.
Bvlgari Serpenti.
The Serpentine Jewelry Watch is the icon of Bulgari. This design represents a magnificent style and mysterious temperament. This watch is crafted from rose gold and diamonds. The only drawback is the quartz movement.
‘Geneva Watch Awards’ Shanghai Tour
Time: October 19-21, 2012
Address: 4 / F, No. 18 on the Bund (No. 18, Zhongshan East First Road, Huangpu District)
Reservation website:
Q: In the past few years, Panerai has become very popular. I would like to know, which relatively young brands like the top ten traditional watches such as Audemars Piguet and Jaeger-LeCoultre would be better? The same watch with 150,000 yuan, which one is more valuable?
Answer: Panerai was originally a designated watch for the Italian Navy. It began to face the international market in 1997 and is a leader in emerging watches in recent years. Panerai’s oversized, simple dial with round squares and exaggerated crown protection makes this brand’s distinctive personality. It can be said to be the most stylish luxury item in sports watches, and is highly sought after by Hollywood stars. Panerai specialises in diving watches and is extremely water resistant. When diving, the crown protection device (mutual bridge) can lock the crown tightly and play a waterproof role, which is also a unique patent of Panerai.
Audemars Piguet and Panerai are sports watches, while Panerai is more young. Jaeger-LeCoultre watches are more elegant, and most of them are belt watches, so they are popular among professionals such as lawyers and accountants. The three brands have their own characteristics. It is difficult to say which one is better. If the budget is 150,000 yuan, I suggest that you consider Panerai. It has excellent waterproof performance and a simple but stylish dial.
Author introduction: Mr. Mei Qiangnian is an internationally renowned antique watch collector, and the first and so far the only internationally recognized Chinese ‘antique watch collector’ in Hong Kong.
Since his childhood, Mr. Mei has had a strong interest in watches and clocks. Since the age of sixteen, he has been a major shareholder of the multinational company Huoshi Group, a famous watchmaker Jewish smith Jr. and traveled around the country. In more than half a century of travel, whenever he sees a watch with collectible value, he buys it all, and now has a rich collection.
In 2000, Mr. Mei opened the ‘Antique Art Clocks Collection’ in Xintiandi, Shanghai. In 2012, Mr. Mei will open his museum in Macau, which will display his lifelong collection.

Exploring Inner Beauty Glashütte Original Holds Watch Appreciation & Manual Engraving Experience In Beijing

On August 9, 2019, German watchmaker Glashütte Original held the ‘Eccentric Movement Limited Edition Limited Edition Watch Manual Engraving Appreciation’ event at the Beijing APM store.

Store map

Event site

   The event is divided into two parts. The first part is ‘Watch Appreciation’. The watch apprentice will give a professional explanation to the new Glashütte original watch for guests this year. You can try it on site.

On-site try-in

On-site try-in

   The second part is the manual engraving experience. Originally, Glashütte specially invited a master sculptor from Germany to conduct manual guidance on the spot, so that everyone can experience the difficulty and fun of engraving the watch.

Experience hand-carved craftsmanship on site

   Shop watches real shot:

Glashütte Original PanoInverse Limited Edition Limited Edition
Reference price: RMB 369,000

Glashütte Original Senator Chronometer
Reference price: RMB 196,000 (pin buckle); RMB 210,500 (folding buckle)

Glashütte Original Sixties Panorama Date
Reference price: RMB 64,500

Glashütte Original SeaQ Panorama Date Large Calendar
Reference price: RMB 100,500 (stainless steel strap)

Glashütte Original SeaQ
Reference price: RMB 70,000 (grid nylon strap with buckle); RMB 72,500 (grid nylon strap with buckle)

Summary: As a premium German watch brand, Glashütte Original is not only a model of the German precision watch industry, but also an important contemporary watchmaking center. Glashütte’s original designs have always been high-end, precise and practical. And this year’s new watch also allows us to see more unique aesthetics and more exquisite watchmaking technology.

Meitu Bruna New Watch Launched, Please Choose Your Gentleman Color

If a gentleman has a color, what color do you think you will become? Mido Bruner 2017 new watch, a variety of colors, take you to understand the colors of gentlemen. This year’s new Bruner series watch is more stable, despite the use of a variety of shades, but all are unique dark colors, these shades are common in various suit fabrics, elegant and exquisite. Since the launch of the Basel Show in the beginning of the year, the Mido Bruna series has become a unique gentleman’s watch in the brand. Today, these models are finally listed, just after the fall, and the fall is already in sight.

   The new Bruner series watches have natural and smooth case lines, just like the design principles of formal watches. They are classic and stylish, with details in individuality. The watch still chooses the simple design foundation of the Bruner series, and at the same time, it adds radial sun texture, so it is complicated in Jane, like a checkered suit. Compared with the traditional simplest suit, it always has more personality and taste. This Bruner watch has a blue dial. Blue has different meanings in different celebrity cultures. In Europe, blue generally represents loyalty, and in China, blue contains calmness and rationality. Meaning, and therefore meets the characteristics of mature men.

   Different from the previous Bruner series, the new watch has wider scales and hands, so it is more generous than the previous models. At the same time, the hands and scales are square and square, with sharp edges and rules. Strong sense also represents strong principle. In order to facilitate time reading in different light, the scale and the pointer are recessed in the middle, so the effect of light and dark can be formed, so the visibility is more prominent.

   In addition, the watch case is made of stainless steel, PVD rose gold plated, the sides are polished, and the bezel is polished to show the outstanding texture of the watch between light and dark. The warmth and luxury of rose gold color also gives the watch a rich connotation. The rose gold color is also more suitable for business and formal dinner occasions, highlighting personal taste, and attaching importance to social occasions and guests.

   As a gentleman’s watch, of course, the watch is also more suitable for matching with a leather strap. The leather strap gives the watch an elegant predecessor impression, embodies the wearer’s gentle and humorous conduct, and is easy to give people a good impression.

Above: Mido Bruner series gray plate M024.630.36.061.00 (RMB 7300)
Bottom: Mido Bruner series blue plate M024.630.36.041.00 (RMB 7300)
   In this new product, in addition to the blue dial style, of course there are dark brown, black and gray dial models. Compared with blue, this gray disc model will look more serious and solemn, not as lively as blue, so the gray is more mature and stable. Coupled with the rose gold tone case, it is obviously more suitable for mature men.

Left: Mido Bruner series blue disk M024.630.11.041.00 (RMB 6900)
 Middle: Mido Bruner series gray plate M024.630.22.061.00 (RMB 7900)
 Bottom: Mido Bruner series gray steel surface M024.630.11.061.00 (RMB 6900)
   In addition, Bruna’s new products also have metal bracelet models, with dark gray and blue dials, as well as all stainless steel and gold options. The metal chain is more suitable for daily wear. It is suitable for attending less stringent and serious occasions, especially for work. It is also suitable for meetings or daily customers. Because of its applicability, it is easier to match more clothes.

Summary: The new Bruner series watches can be combined in many styles according to the color of the dial, the material of the case, and the type of strap. It is derived from the design of the Albert Hall, giving it rigor and style. The style details. Since autumn is not far away, if you want to plan for the autumn, or rush to alternate between summer and autumn, Bruner is actually a very good choice. It is not so sporty, but it will not be dull.
More details:
This quotation was collected on August 15, 2017. The watch price / spot is subject to change at any time. For the final price, please pay attention to the store details.
[Dealer Name]: Mido Shengshi Watch Co., Ltd. Beijing Hengdeli R & F Plaza Store
[Dealer Address]: Shop 138-139, F1 Plaza, East Third Ring Middle Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
[Contact]: 010-59037068 Please call us as a ‘watch home’ user

Louis Vuitton Launches New Tambour Evolution Series

Louis Vuitton’s watchmaking industry has opened a new chapter: the Tambour eVolution watch series is born. A new interpretation of ‘Tambour’, a design with male charm and tension, perfectly integrated in this high-tech watch. This Tambour eVolution watch series innovatively uses ‘black MMC’ material, separated from the classic Tambour design concept, reinterpreting the iconic Louis Vuitton watch.

A new chapter in the line

 It’s not just a change, it’s an innovation. Since the birth of the first Louis Vuitton Tambour series in 2002, the unique octagonal crown, the case engraved with the twelve letters of Louis Vuitton and the masculine case design have become the logo of the Louis Vuitton Sex watch. The Tambour eVolution series set a precedent for modern design.

 Its design is more angular and masculine. The design of the octagonal crown was revolutionarily designed as a non-slip crown with 9 grooves, fully embodying the humanized design. The smooth case made of black MMC is inserted into the V-shaped crown of the crown, as if the original Louis Vuitton twelve letters around the case are missing and integrated into this large V Type fine rigid link point.

 Louis Vuitton accumulates energy from the mix and match of materials, low-key and powerful: the newly-made case complements the black MMC bezel, and the combination of the black MMC case and the rose gold bezel. This architectural design makes this watch full of power and at the same time the characteristics of high-tech experts. The GMT three-hand version of the 43 mm diameter case and the GMT chronograph version of the 45 mm diameter case both emphasize this feature. This exquisite new watch series emphasizes the ergonomic comfort when worn, which is perfect.

 The innovation is also reflected on the black bezel, and the arrow-shaped second time zone dark red pointer makes the surface design more bold, eye-catching and impressive. Similarly, the circular dial at six o’clock for the day and night and the date opening at three o’clock are also impressive.

 And don’t forget another important innovation: the Tambour eVolution series is the first Louis Vuitton watch series to come with a fully rigid strap.

Real best performance

 The sense of high-tech is not only reflected in the glorious design of the Tambour eVolution series watches, but also in its real materials. The use of black MMC (Metal Matrix Composite) marks the entry of the Tambour eVoultion watch into an absolutely high-tech world. Originally used in the aerospace industry and then in the highly competitive F1 racing world, metal-based composite materials represent excellent performance with both lightness and high strength. The black MMC material has been processed by a complex chemical process and has been made into a rigid version of the bezel. And rose gold case. This combination of different materials makes the Tambour eVolution series a model of the perfect combination of tradition and modernity.

 The unique technological innovation of the Tambour eVolution series watch is also reflected in its three different processing methods for the dial material: the edge part is burnt blue, the middle part is satin-finished, and finally the center part is matte sanded. The polished rhodium-plated scale is delicately designed to be placed at an angle of 7 degrees to maximize the concentration of light. The dial is covered with two anti-reflective coatings on the sapphire surface.

 The Tambour eVolution automatic watch with day and night display and the automatic chronograph with day and night display are equipped with LV71 and LV92 movements, respectively. Both automatic movements have a 42-hour power reserve and both have a frequency of 28,800 / hour. Through the transparent case back, the balance wheel engraved with the Louis Vuitton logo can be seen.


– 43mm diameter case.

– Black MMC bezel and crown insert.

– Arabic numerals and vertical lines mark the black surface at all times.

– Fine strap.

– LV71 self-winding movement with LV logo engraved on the balance wheel.

– Two time display hours, day and night display and date display function.

– 42-hour power reserve.

– Vibration frequency of 28,800 / hour.

– 25 ruby ​​bearings.

– 100 meters waterproof.

– Transparent case back.

TAMBOUR EVOLUTION day and night display precise automatic chronograph

– 45mm diameter case.

– Black MMC bezel and crown insert.

– Arabic numerals and vertical lines mark the black surface at all times.

– Fine strap.

– LV92 self-winding movement with LV logo engraved on the balance wheel.

– Timekeeping, time display, day and night display and date display.

– 42-hour power reserve.

– Vibration frequency of 28,800 / hour.

– 26 ruby ​​bearings.

– 100 meters waterproof.

– Transparent case back.

TAMBOUR EVOLUTION rose gold chronograph day and night

– Black MMC case, 18K rose gold bezel, buttons, crown.

– 45mm diameter case.

– Rose gold Arabic numerals and vertical lines mark the black surface at all times.

– 18K rose gold strap.

– LV92 self-winding movement with LV logo engraved on the balance wheel.

– Timekeeping, time display, day and night display and date display.

– 42-hour power reserve.

– Vibration frequency of 28,800 / hour.

– 26 ruby ​​bearings.

– 100 meters waterproof.

– Transparent case back.

Omega Omega Standards Must Be More Accurate-news Omega

The COSC certification of the Swiss Observatory may not be enough, because the new watch testing standards established by OMEGA in cooperation with the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS) have changed from planning Come true.

Recently, the brand held a press conference in Biel, Switzerland, and officially introduced that ‘Zhenzhen Observatory Watch’ (belonging to the Globemaster series) will be added to its lineup of commercially available products. As soon as the news came out, for fans and collectors who valued the quality of the watch. Saying is another focus worthy of attention. As early as the end of 2014, the news of the cooperation between the two parties has been exposed, but because the entire evaluation mechanism has not yet been fully established, it is not until nearly a year later that the various aspects of the certification mechanism have gradually matured, and the brand released the first one that has passed the new META certification. The Chronometer Observatory.

Recently, the brand held a press conference in Biel, Switzerland, and officially introduced that ‘Zhenzhen Observatory Watch’ (belonging to the Globemaster series) will be added to its lineup of commercially available products. As soon as the news came out, for fans and collectors who valued the quality of the watch. Saying is another focus worthy of attention. As early as the end of 2014, the news of the cooperation between the two parties has been exposed, but because the entire evaluation mechanism has not yet been fully established, it is not until nearly a year later that the various aspects of the certification mechanism have gradually matured, and the brand released the first one that has passed the new META certification. The Chronometer Observatory.

On the day of the press conference, important watchmakers including Swatch Group Chief Executive Nick Hayek, METAS Research Director Dr. Christian Bock, and Omega Global President Stephen Urquhart attended the event, showing the importance of the new certification listing. Mr. Hayek mentioned on the day: ‘For Omega, excellent timepiece craftsmanship, historical heritage and innovative spirit are indispensable elements, and there is one thing that is equally critical, and that is trust-trust from the consumer market. .By working with an independent agency such as METAS, we hope to reach a level of openness and transparency to consumers, demonstrating the professionalism and leading standards of Swiss watchmaking. ‘The focus of this conversation is on third-party objectivity and watches The verification of test data will be attractive to consumers.

As for the new certification, will Omega, which originally belonged to C.O.S.C. certification owners, abandon this traditional certification? The answer is no. The brand’s plan can maintain the dual certification form and combine the advantages of both certifications, making the quality of the watch passed the test more reassuring.

The new METAS certification has a total of 8 test levels. The actual test phase is a simulation test of daily wear using a watch at an intensive time point (10 days). The most interesting item is that the watch must be able to resist 15,000 Gauss Strong magnetic field, this is a very interesting threshold, because at this stage, in addition to the Swatch Group can propose a watch equipped with a Master Co-Axial movement to achieve the standard, look at the altar so imprinted on the antimagnetic performance of the brand may be a lantern I still can’t find it. Although this new certification is clearly open to any watch factory, it is still meaningful to Omega’s own works at this stage. On the day of the press conference, Omega again introduced the contents of the new METAS certification tests, followed by the display time of the Chronometer Observatory. And the most exciting thing is that in the future, consumers can check the test results of their watches through the Internet. Compared with any certification logo or a certification certificate / card engraved on the watch, they can directly watch the actual measurement. The results are believed to be more convincing, and also set a new thinking mode for watch certification.

Strong Aspirations Breguet Type Series Legend

Breguet has produced military timers for two hundred years, from the travel bell of Napoleon to Egypt, to the marching pedometer of Russian tsar Alexander I. Mr. Abraham-Louis Breguet is a great pioneer in watchmaking, and his achievements are obvious to all. But perhaps not everyone knows that his fifth-generation grandson, Louis Breguet, was a pioneer of aviation timepieces.

   At the Musée des Arts et Métiers, there is also a Biplane manufactured by Louis Breguet in 1911.
Breguet and military aviation
   Louis Breguet has always had a keen interest in aviation and put it into practice. At the age of 22, he was appointed chief engineer of the family workshop. In 1907, at the age of 27, he had built a Gyroplane that could take off on his own power, and then he founded an aircraft manufacturing company named after his own surname.

Louis Breguet, the fifth generation of the Breguet brand

   In 1909, his first biplane was completed, then the first seaplane in 1912, followed by the first bomber in 1915. In 1917, the great Breguet XIV (14) aircraft assisted the coalition forces in winning the First World War. Between the two wars, Louis Breguet has been exporting aircraft to some countries in Europe, the Americas and even Japan. Breguet aircraft made record-breaking long-distance voyages. In 1924, it completed the flight from Paris to Tokyo. In 1927, it was the first voyage across the Atlantic Ocean. In 1930, it was the first voyage from Paris to New York. Breguet aircraft have laid the foundation for the development of modern aviation. Today, many of them still fly in the sky.

Breguet 4107 was produced in September 1938 and sold to France for 15,800 francs. Keyless Siderometre Breguet 101 double-second chronograph, only 25 were made.

   The aviation industry is just like in Japan. Similarly, Breguet’s watch workshops have also developed rapidly in aviation timepieces. Breguet has always provided precision chronographs for the aviation industry. They have made a stellar timepiece called Siderometre, which is a few minutes away from our current daily use. This watch was useful in the extreme expedition of the 1950s. .

Breguet Type XI in the cockpit

   Since then, Breguet has also developed Type XI and Type XII cockpit timepieces, which are still widely used in aircraft in up to 15 countries. As one of the early timepieces, it also provided a design template for the Type XX models later introduced.
Breguet Type
   Based on the production of the company’s first chronograph watch in 1935, Breguet completed the design of this watch according to specifications and named it TypeXX. The first batch of secretly produced watches was recognized by the French Technical Centre in 1950. From 1954 to the 1970s, TypeXX became the designated timepiece for the French Air Force, the Aviation Test Center, and the Naval Air Force. Since these watches are the property of the state and are only worn by pilots for particularly important missions, they are not too many in terms of quantity.
   After 1986, the Type XX watch was converted to civilian use. The real popularity was the third-generation Type XX launched in 1995, named Aéronavale. Today, the Type XX series in production is still a series sought after by aviation experts and watch history enthusiasts. Breguet has developed it into a complete family of fully automatic flyback chronograph movements.

   Type XX Aéronavale 3800 stainless steel flyback chronograph. Self-winding movement with small stopwatch. 30-minute and 12-hour totalizer. The dial can be rotated in both directions. Luminous hands and digital hour signs. Bolted crown. Water-resistant to 10 Pa (100 meters). 39 mm in diameter.

   Flyback chronograph watch No. 3820, the self-winding movement is equipped with a small calendar and small seconds, and a 30-minute and 12-hour cumulative timer. Screw-down crown with 100-meter water resistance. Size 39 mm, steel and titanium.

   The Type XXI 3810 watch, which is based on the Type XX, is equipped with a central flyback minute totalizer and 24-hour time display. It has a center hand movement record for more than a minute, an automatic winding movement calendar and a small second hand, day and day. / Night display and 12-hour cumulative timer, the scale outer ring can be twisted, and there are luminous hours, minutes, seconds and digital hour markers, screw-locked crown, and 100 meters waterproof. The size is increased to 42 mm. Rose gold, stainless steel and titanium.

   Another TypeXII 3880 uses silicon escapement, the movement frequency is as high as 10 Hz, the performance is remarkable, rose gold and stainless steel two models. The minute scale ring is composed of red and white short lines, combined with the red and white two-color digital hour sign second hand scale ring, you can see at a glance whether the timer is in the first (red) or second (white) 30-second rotation region. The BREGUET TYPE XXII chronograph has a flyback function that resets the totalizer to zero and restarts quickly with a single operation. In addition, the watch has a second time zone display and is accompanied by a calendar window. With a two-speed crown, you can adjust the central hour hand and reset the second time zone indication without affecting the minute hand. When the crown is in the central hour hand setting, the calendar changes with the time in the central main time zone. The 3 o’clock position is a 24-hour day and night display, which helps the wearer to know whether the area covered by the second time zone is day or night. The sub-dial at 9 o’clock shows the rotating second hand, which is also a 30-second circle, highlighting the extraordinaryness of this work. The brown dial contrasts sharply with the red flyback hands, and is paired with a corresponding brown leather strap.

   This year, in order to highlight the century-old establishment of the French navy aviation team, Breguet has taken pride in its watchmaking skills; it has created a limited edition of only 1,000 Aéronavale 3803 in the world. Slightly different from 3800, the two-way rotating bezel painted in black paint, the Arabic numerals on the bezel are slightly larger than the conventional version, and the retro crown is specially made for the limited edition. The back of the case is engraved with the emblem of the French Navy Air Force As well as the centenary year and so on, such a historic commemorative watch, with a special custom display box and limited certificate.