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    A.Lange & Söhne Lange At The Italian Antique Auto Show

    Lange A. LANGE & SÖHNE will support the Concorso d’ Eleganza Villa d’ Este antique car show for the seventh time from May 25th to 27th, 2018. This year, this prestigious traditional event is themed on ‘Hollywood on the Lake’. Winners in the ‘Best Car’ category will receive a Lange 1 Time Zone with a unique pattern.

    Lange’s Triple Split launched in 2018 can measure up to 12 hours of comparative timing records, which is quite suitable for racing.

    On the last weekend of May, quaint cars from all over the world will be on display in the spacious Villa d’ Este on Lake Como, Italy. The judges and visitors will be located in ‘Hollywood on the Lake’, against the backdrop of beautiful scenery, carefully examine all kinds of elegant antique cars. Lange is the main partner of the Concorso d’ Eleganza Villa d’ Este antique car show and has been supporting this three-day event since 2012. Lange again sponsored extraordinary awards in 2018, giving the best antique cars in the audience. The ‘Best Car’ is the ultimate award for the entire race. The winner will be awarded a Lange 1 Time Zone ‘Como Edition’ specially made for the race. The watch is a special edition in 18K white gold, and the back cover is engraved with the auto show shield. . In the city zone of this time zone watch, Lange uses “Como” to represent Central European Time.

    Lange President Wilhelm Schmid is also an antique car enthusiast. The picture shows the 1957 Frazer Nash Le Mans Coupé, which he owns.

    Wilhelm Schmid wearing a Triple Split watch driving an antique Le Mans car. The gray dial of the watch perfectly matches the gray dashboard of the sports car.

    Lange President Wilhelm Schmid pointed out that participating in the antique car event fully reflects the brand’s enthusiasm for complex machinery and classic elegance. He said: ‘Whether it is car or watchmaking, it can also reflect the spirit of innovation and creative power, which can continuously improve the level of technology, design and craftsmanship. These achievements are full of enthusiasm, and they are also collectors and connoisseurs of precision timepieces. Connect with lovers of classic cars. ‘

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    Chanel J12 Retrograde Watch

    In 2010, celebrating the tenth anniversary of the CHANEL J12 watch, CHANEL launched a new design that subverts the past on the complex performance watch. For this more perfect round watch, CHANEL found the team of top sophisticated and sophisticated watches — the Giulio Papi team at APRP (Audemars Piguet Renaud Papi), and gave them this round watch without a crown. J12 Rétrograde Mystérieuse-This is the first time in the world that combines three complex features: tourbillon, retrograde minute hand 300 degrees (ten minutes), adjustable crown (projecting on the surface The crown); let the superb technology be willing to admire the aesthetics of the downside, from the core of watchmaking technology, create a new era for CHANEL.

     For a perfect circle, move the crown to have a crown protruding from the surface; and this protruding crown allows the original operation of the previous watch to be dismantled. J12 Rétrograde Mystérieuse of mysterious retrograde The watch redefines it all. This perfect circle must use a newly developed tourbillon movement. One can not only work around the dial, but also reverse it when the dial minute hand runs to meet the crown.

     It may be simple to design, but the process is not easy! The retrograde hand with the digital display window of the minute number is an innovation of watchmaking technology. Pushing the straight crown into the dial and pressing the crystal or ‘release’ the handle with your fingertips is also an unprecedented idea.

     Guilio Papi, a well-known creator of sophisticated watch designs, accepted this challenge: ‘Remove the crown! Why not put the crown on the dial?’ This unprecedented idea and design! What has not been done does not mean that it is not feasible, especially the cooperation between CHANEL and Giulio Papi team can even challenge the difficult task and set a new milestone for CHANEL watches.

     Guilio Papi’s team really lives up to its technical capabilities. This J12 Rétrograde Mystérieuse mysterious retrograde watch not only follows the style and philosophy of the CHANEL brand, but also an extreme complex performance table; on the technical level, it makes a retrograde pointer device that has never been tried; aesthetically, it Presentation of superb design. At the same time, it contains three complex performances, which can be said to be a wonderful event for watch making; and these ten minutes also marked an important milestone for the tenth year of CHANEL J12.

     CHANEL’s first complex watch J12 tourbillon was launched in 2005; then in 2008, Calibre 3125 was used (in collaboration with Audemars Piguet to develop an innovative ceramic automatic reel), thus opening up CHANEL Title page of a watch. In 2010, how to design a complex performance that can show the J12 model? How to translate the idea of ​​this perfect circular complex performance watch into a real product? How to combine the tradition of the CHANEL brand with the tradition of Swiss micromechanics?

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    Pre-basel 2015: Hamilton New Collections Of All Series

    Recently, Pre-Basel models of various brands have been released one after another. When the new product launch conference was held last month, Hamilton, which simultaneously previewed Pre-Basel models, should still be released by Pre-Basel One of the most styled brands, almost every series under its brand has a new exposure before the show.
       The Khaki Navy Pioneer watch series, which has been well-received in the past, is launched with a new size case and new functional styles. The unique Ventura watch has released a new female watch trend with a huge breakthrough in case design. Diamond, mother-of-pearl and Railroad women’s watches from the Prussian blue strap; Jazzmaster’s two-time timepieces are available in black DLC.
       A unique feature this time is the Kahki chrono Worldtimer watch, equipped with a precision quartz movement that can switch between the chronograph function and the world time function, which can automatically calculate the daylight saving time. After switching the functions, all pointer functions are also switched, which is quite interesting. Khaki Chrono Worldtimer, with perpetual calendar, daylight saving, day and night display, world time, aerobatic assist countdown, and many other powerful functions, in an attempt to attract watch function control fans.
    Khaki Navy Pioneer
       The case of the ship clock series is quite distinctive. The bezel decorated with Paris studs on the side, the inner bezel recessed inward, the linear lugs, and the round three-dimensional case are based on the appearance of a marine clock. This preview exposes three models, including two automatic watches with a diameter of 43 mm, and a chronograph model with functions added for the first time.

       Khaki Navy Pioneer Automatic Rose Gold. This time, the ship bell automatic watches all appeared in 43 mm size, slightly larger than the previous 40 mm. The rose gold model has a small three-pin design, and the stainless steel version has a large three-pin design.
       Khaki Navy Pioneer chronograph, stainless steel case, 44 mm diameter. The integral time of this watch is arranged up and down, imitating the configuration of the upper side of the sailing clock as the power reserve disc and the lower side of the small second hand. The blue-steel hands have a silver-white dial as the base, which looks pretty good.
       The movement is adjusted with 7750. You can see that Hamilton has treated it very carefully, and the side of the movement is also very charming.
    Ventura shield watch
       Ventura has an avant-garde triangle shield case, and has a deep connection with Elvis and the MIB Star Warriors. However, Ventura’s styling is too horny and horny, and Hamilton continues to improve wearability. This year’s celebration of the 80th anniversary of Elvis Presley’s birthday has a good breakthrough in this part. The case has become quite wrist-like and the shield is prominent. Some will not fight with the back of the hand or arm.

    Elvis 80 Ventura Automatic

       Another surprise is that the new model is equipped with an 80-hour power reserve movement. Among the watches that use the 80-hour power reserve under the swatch group, Ventura should be the most avant-garde and unique in style.

    Possessing the junior pin plus date function, red and white indicators with black, very durable
    Watch back with 80-hour power automatic movement

       Railroad women’s watch series, the bezel and dial inner diamond setting, the central blue seconds hand and Prussian blue strap echo each other, the dial outer ring time scale is a rail-type design.
       Jazzmaster time watch, this time not only the face plate is black, the case is also treated with black DLC, the style is even more cool. The Jazzmaster Dual Time Watch has a crown on the left side of the watch to adjust the second time.

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    Extremely Restrained And Unique Vacheron Constantin Historical Masterpiece American 1921 Watch Appreciation

    Vacheron Constantin has a long history. This is a precious cultural treasure of the brand. It has gone through different periods, and the brand therefore also has very period-specific works at all stages. The Vacheron Constantin historical masterpiece series is based on this. , Re-engraving these masterpieces, reproduce the charm of the year. The American 1921 is one of the classics. It has a distinctive personality, a unique design, and is unique. Under the treatment of Vacheron Constantin’s modern watchmaking process, it has an ancient charm. Today, let’s take a closer look at this extraordinary work.

       In the United States in the 1920s, when the economy entered a period of rapid growth, Vacheron Constantin launched an avant-garde cushion watch in the United States market. This is not an accident. At that time, in order to break the design conventions of round watches, Vacheron Constantin’s barrel watch It developed during the same period. The 1921 watch in the United States is unique because of its slanted dial design, and it is even a bit puzzling. In fact, this watch is designed for an American customer who loves cars. In order to facilitate reading when driving a car Taking the time, Vacheron Constantin intentionally rotated the dial by 45 °, so that you can easily see the time without turning your wrist.

       Just such an ingenious detail has made it a classic. You know, in that era, watches were just beginning to become popular, and many watches were still improved from pocket watches. We can also easily find that the crown is in the upper right corner of the case, which corresponds to the dial at 12 o’clock, which is the standard pocket watch style. In such a transition phase, this approach is common, but the pillow-type design still brings great visual impact.

       Today, the pillow case is no longer a rare case, but it is more popular because of its round and round, soft and rigid style. Vacheron Constantin’s historical masterpiece series American 1921 watch has a case diameter of 40 mm. It is said to be big or small, and most men can easily control it. The curved case of the watch adds to its elegant texture, while also enhancing the geometric beauty, which is impressive.

       The watch case is made of precious Pt950 platinum. This metal can be described as the precious metal in common precious metals. The higher proportion of precious metals obviously increases its value. In the field of watchmaking, platinum is obviously more precious than gold and platinum, and most of them are only used in advanced works with special significance. Platinum represents a low-key noble.

       The polished platinum case is shiny and exquisite. The short lugs are connected to the case, and the overall shape is more compatible.

       The slanted dial, very classic, orbital minute scale, Arabic numeral scale with European font, blue steel Breguet hand, small seconds dial design, all of which reflect a strong classic charm.

       The crown at the corner of the case is just a touch of the watch. At the same time, the classic arched surface is embossed with the Vacheron Constantin Maltese cross logo. The side texture is clear, and the whole is beautiful and elegant.

    Blue alligator strap

       The watch is paired with a blue alligator leather strap, which echoes the dial’s main color, and also lays down the elegance of the watch. The strap has a half Maltese cross-shaped pin buckle. The pin buckle is naturally curved, which matches the surface arc of the strap. The details are very careful.

       Turning over the watch, the case back with embedded transparent sapphire glass shows the exquisite details and excellent aesthetics of the movement. For fine watchmaking, the charm of the movement cannot be ignored, even in the value of the watch. Occupy a high proportion.

       The watch is equipped with a Vacheron Constantin 4400 manual winding movement. The movement has a simple but effective version of the movement. The center has a two-wheel structure. The edges of the plywood are manually chamfered, while the curve is natural and the workmanship is fine. The surface is decorated with Geneva pattern, with beautiful luster, hot stamping on the plywood, very conspicuous, high-grade, all the screws are polished, the balance spring structure is refined, polished and fine, 5 orientation calibration, with the Geneva mark certification. All of this reflects its extreme beauty.

    Summary: In fact, in addition to the movement, the watch as a whole is also certified by the Geneva Seal, proving its excellence in terms of craftsmanship, mechanical properties, and value of origin. Obviously, this watch seems simple, but every detail strives for beauty. This extremely restrained personality expresses its artistic pursuit implicitly.

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    Oris Artist’s Double Hollow Watch Crystal Clear Makeup Christmas Expression

    I look forward to the year of Christmas coming soon. I ca n’t enjoy the scenery of Bai Xueyu in Taiwan, but I can also celebrate with a touch of silver makeup on the wrist. Artist’s double skeleton watch, exquisite craftsmanship show off.

     The model wears the ORIS Artelier double skeleton watch, showing a delicate and gorgeous texture.

     ORIS Artelier artist’s double hollowed out watch, the outer ring of the dial is designed with hollowed out, and the scale is left alone. In addition to the clearly visible movement of the movement, the beauty of the movement is presented to you without reservation. The double hollowed out design shows its originality. With.

     Artelier double skeleton watch, silver decorative dial with polished nickel scale, Yong Yong container show taste. The exquisite rhodium-plated movement is matched with elegant blue light screws and carefully decorated with Louis XIV-era glyphs. It can be paired with a black, dark brown leather strap or a multi-piece stainless steel bracelet.

     ORIS Artelier Translucent Skeleton double skeleton watch, the suggested selling price: NT $ 75,000.

     ORIS Artelier Translucent Skeleton double skeleton watch, the suggested selling price: NT $ 80,000.

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    Tag Heuer Golf Watches: Less Than 55 Grams

    Golf: the love of gentlemen
         The origin of golf has always been controversial, not even China, because murals about this sport are still preserved in our country. But one thing is certain, no one is willing to wear a watch while playing golf. The ticking sound, heavy wrists, and fragile glass really discourage golfers, so professional golf watches came into being. Raw.

         Many details of this series of watches are designed to match golf. First of all, in order to reduce the weight of the watch, titanium and high-grade stainless steel are mixed. The total weight is less than 55 grams. . The silicone rubber strap, which is different from the ordinary rubber strap, has a high degree of ductility and elasticity, which is easy to clean and harden, which increases the service life. In addition, the strap can be precisely adjusted in length to ensure that the strap can stretch as the wrist stretches due to muscle extension and fit comfortably on the wrist. It can withstand super strong impact, which is forty-five times more than the impact during the swing process. It is not easy to cause the watch to be damaged quickly and repeatedly under severe impact. The crown design at nine o’clock and the patented case buckle alleviate the obstacles that players encounter when bending their wrists during exercise.

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    The Richemont School Of Design Offers Degrees In Clock And Jewellery Design. Online Registration Is Now Open

    The Creative Academy was founded by Richemont Group in 2003 and is headquartered in Milan, Italy. It now officially offers a master’s degree in art design and applied art related to watches, jewellery and accessories.

       Franco Cologni, who has been working for Cartier for many years during his career, is in charge of the design academy for Richemont Group executives. He is now chairing the Cultural Council of the Geneva Fine Watch Foundation and the Métiersd’ArtCologni Foundation in Milan.

       The course is aimed at young Toshihiko and design talents around the world. It only recruits 20 people and costs 10 thousand euros for 10 months (January to November 2017). The 2017 admissions program is now open. Interested parties can apply online. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

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    Diantang Art Heritage Classic Beijing Landmark Stars Shine Cartier Beijing Skp Boutique Elegant Opening

    In November 2015, Cartier, a French luxury jewelry brand, unveiled a new boutique in Beijing’s fashion landmark, Beijing SKP, and continued to write about its indissoluble bond with the Chinese market.
    Cartier Beijing SKP boutique exterior

       Starting from Cartier’s sanctuary, 13 Heping Street, Paris, each Cartier boutique can make you feel the brand’s century-old history, style heritage and classic timeless elegance. The design of Cartier’s Beijing SKP boutique follows the ‘copper concept’ of Bruno Moinard, an internationally renowned designer. The bright crystal chandeliers and beige-toned curtain walls in the store create an elegant and harmonious atmosphere. Copper-colored trim and crystal clear glass display cabinets interweave with exquisite and gorgeous works, exuding classic French romantic temperament. At the same time, the exquisite design details of the boutique take into consideration the needs of different customers, so that everyone can feel Cartier’s intimate and professional service in a comfortable and private environment.
    Cartier Beijing SKP boutique jewelry display area

       Cartier Beijing’s SKP boutique has a total area of ​​nearly 300 square meters and is divided into jewelry, watch and accessories display areas. Newly displayed jewellery display area brings customers multiple aesthetic sensory enjoyment; a calm and high-end watchmaking display area shows the ingenious fusion of machinery and art for watch lovers; new accessories with ‘HOME’ theme as the design style In the display area, we provide customers with unique lifestyle choices with a full range of low-key and elegant accessories.

    Galanterie de Cartier necklace, ring

       In its more than 168-year history, Cartier has always written a glorious history in the field of fine jewelry and watches with its unique design, innovative ideas and craftsmanship passed down from generation to generation, and continues to explore and innovate as the times evolve. The new SKP boutique also presents all the latest Cartier creations.
    Clé de Cartier watch
       For example, the Galanterie de Cartier series, which interprets Art Deco style, uses geometric patterns to play with the symmetrical curves and contrasting black and white contrasting colors. It is unpredictable between light and shadow, and sets off the modern and elegant urban temperament of women.

    C de Cartier handbags
       The accessories collection is equally exciting. The new C de Cartier series, with amethyst, orange garnet, cordierite, turquoise, chalcedony and pink crystal, and many other colors on the bag freely sway individuality. The collection can be carried on the shoulder or by hand, hand-dyed edges, saddle stitches in the same or contrasting colors, the Cartier hot-stamped logo, leather upholstery lining … the details convey the brand’s ingenuity.