Oris Artist’s Double Hollow Watch Crystal Clear Makeup Christmas Expression

I look forward to the year of Christmas coming soon. I ca n’t enjoy the scenery of Bai Xueyu in Taiwan, but I can also celebrate with a touch of silver makeup on the wrist. Artist’s double skeleton watch, exquisite craftsmanship show off.

 The model wears the ORIS Artelier double skeleton watch, showing a delicate and gorgeous texture.

 ORIS Artelier artist’s double hollowed out watch, the outer ring of the dial is designed with hollowed out, and the scale is left alone. In addition to the clearly visible movement of the movement, the beauty of the movement is presented to you without reservation. The double hollowed out design shows its originality. With.

 Artelier double skeleton watch, silver decorative dial with polished nickel scale, Yong Yong container show taste. The exquisite rhodium-plated movement is matched with elegant blue light screws and carefully decorated with Louis XIV-era glyphs. It can be paired with a black, dark brown leather strap or a multi-piece stainless steel bracelet.

 ORIS Artelier Translucent Skeleton double skeleton watch, the suggested selling price: NT $ 75,000.

 ORIS Artelier Translucent Skeleton double skeleton watch, the suggested selling price: NT $ 80,000.

Tag Heuer Golf Watches: Less Than 55 Grams

Golf: the love of gentlemen
     The origin of golf has always been controversial, not even China, because murals about this sport are still preserved in our country. But one thing is certain, no one is willing to wear a watch while playing golf. The ticking sound, heavy wrists, and fragile glass really discourage golfers, so professional golf watches came into being. Raw.

     Many details of this series of watches are designed to match golf. First of all, in order to reduce the weight of the watch, titanium and high-grade stainless steel are mixed. The total weight is less than 55 grams. . The silicone rubber strap, which is different from the ordinary rubber strap, has a high degree of ductility and elasticity, which is easy to clean and harden, which increases the service life. In addition, the strap can be precisely adjusted in length to ensure that the strap can stretch as the wrist stretches due to muscle extension and fit comfortably on the wrist. It can withstand super strong impact, which is forty-five times more than the impact during the swing process. It is not easy to cause the watch to be damaged quickly and repeatedly under severe impact. The crown design at nine o’clock and the patented case buckle alleviate the obstacles that players encounter when bending their wrists during exercise.

The Richemont School Of Design Offers Degrees In Clock And Jewellery Design. Online Registration Is Now Open

The Creative Academy was founded by Richemont Group in 2003 and is headquartered in Milan, Italy. It now officially offers a master’s degree in art design and applied art related to watches, jewellery and accessories.

   Franco Cologni, who has been working for Cartier for many years during his career, is in charge of the design academy for Richemont Group executives. He is now chairing the Cultural Council of the Geneva Fine Watch Foundation and the Métiersd’ArtCologni Foundation in Milan.

   The course is aimed at young Toshihiko and design talents around the world. It only recruits 20 people and costs 10 thousand euros for 10 months (January to November 2017). The 2017 admissions program is now open. Interested parties can apply online. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

Diantang Art Heritage Classic Beijing Landmark Stars Shine Cartier Beijing Skp Boutique Elegant Opening

In November 2015, Cartier, a French luxury jewelry brand, unveiled a new boutique in Beijing’s fashion landmark, Beijing SKP, and continued to write about its indissoluble bond with the Chinese market.
Cartier Beijing SKP boutique exterior

   Starting from Cartier’s sanctuary, 13 Heping Street, Paris, each Cartier boutique can make you feel the brand’s century-old history, style heritage and classic timeless elegance. The design of Cartier’s Beijing SKP boutique follows the ‘copper concept’ of Bruno Moinard, an internationally renowned designer. The bright crystal chandeliers and beige-toned curtain walls in the store create an elegant and harmonious atmosphere. Copper-colored trim and crystal clear glass display cabinets interweave with exquisite and gorgeous works, exuding classic French romantic temperament. At the same time, the exquisite design details of the boutique take into consideration the needs of different customers, so that everyone can feel Cartier’s intimate and professional service in a comfortable and private environment.
Cartier Beijing SKP boutique jewelry display area

   Cartier Beijing’s SKP boutique has a total area of ​​nearly 300 square meters and is divided into jewelry, watch and accessories display areas. Newly displayed jewellery display area brings customers multiple aesthetic sensory enjoyment; a calm and high-end watchmaking display area shows the ingenious fusion of machinery and art for watch lovers; new accessories with ‘HOME’ theme as the design style In the display area, we provide customers with unique lifestyle choices with a full range of low-key and elegant accessories.

Galanterie de Cartier necklace, ring

   In its more than 168-year history, Cartier has always written a glorious history in the field of fine jewelry and watches with its unique design, innovative ideas and craftsmanship passed down from generation to generation, and continues to explore and innovate as the times evolve. The new SKP boutique also presents all the latest Cartier creations.
Clé de Cartier watch
   For example, the Galanterie de Cartier series, which interprets Art Deco style, uses geometric patterns to play with the symmetrical curves and contrasting black and white contrasting colors. It is unpredictable between light and shadow, and sets off the modern and elegant urban temperament of women.

C de Cartier handbags
   The accessories collection is equally exciting. The new C de Cartier series, with amethyst, orange garnet, cordierite, turquoise, chalcedony and pink crystal, and many other colors on the bag freely sway individuality. The collection can be carried on the shoulder or by hand, hand-dyed edges, saddle stitches in the same or contrasting colors, the Cartier hot-stamped logo, leather upholstery lining … the details convey the brand’s ingenuity.