Ocean Chronograph Chronograph ‘darwin Adventure’ Special Edition Real Shot

The special edition of Darwin’s Adventure in Ocean Chronograph Chronograph is a classic in the history of the development of IWC’s modern and innovative diver’s watch. This is the first time the brand has used bronze to make a case, as bronze was commonly used in shipbuilding during the Darwin era. Darwin collected a wealth of valuable information during his Galapagos Islands adventure, laying the foundation for his theory of species origin. And this sporty ocean chronograph watch is a tribute to this great natural scientist.

   October 1835. After four years of voyages around the world, the British research ship HMS Berger anchored in front of the Galapagos Islands, 1,000 kilometers from the South American continent. Young scientific researcher Darwin wrote down in the travel log ‘a group of extremely special finch’: ‘The most amazing thing is that different species can be classified into different species by the size of their beaks. (People) can imagine At first, there were few birds on the island, so many varieties evolved from one species according to different survival needs. ‘Then he turned to the study of other animals. At that time, Darwin had not expected that these observations would later lead to a great discovery that fundamentally shaken the foundations of the natural sciences of the time: the world was not static, but was constantly evolving. Darwin’s evolutionary theory of species variation and origin is derived from his research in the Galapagos Islands. In commemoration of this historic Galapagos scientific expedition, IWC launched a remarkable diver’s watch in 2014-the special edition of the Darwin Adventure ‘Ocean Chronograph (model IW379503) ).

   The Darwin Special Edition is not only unique in the new 2014 Marine Timepiece Collection, it is also the first of its kind for IWC. This is the first time the brand has used bronze as a case material. Bronze is a very traditional metal material. The history of human use of bronze can be traced back to more than 5,000 years ago. The use of bronze for the case is inspired by Darwin’s famous research ship HMS Berger-at that time there was no stainless steel. Bronze became the first choice for shipbuilding materials due to its excellent corrosion resistance. Clocks, boat accessories and marine instruments. Following Darwin’s creed that ‘only change is constant’, bronze will be stained with a faint green light and the color will continue to deepen with the passage of time. This is what gives this timepiece a full personality, Unique temperament.

   Pure copper is softer, and the high-tech bronze used by IWC is a copper-aluminum alloy, which is rugged and hard, has high resistance to abrasion, and is stable in chemical properties. In addition to the case and the innovative inner and outer rotating bezel, this warm bronze hue also appears as a luminous color on the hands, hour markers and the clock ring of the rotating inner ring. The crown and buttons are coated with black matte rubber, which not only creates a strong contrast in color, but also makes the buttons easier to operate. In addition, the strap equipped with the latest patented IWC bracelet quick-change system is also made of black rubber.

   All models in the new generation of marine timepieces are equipped with the innovative inner and outer rotating bezels equipped with the IWC SafeDive system, and the special edition of the Darwin Adventure Journey is no exception. If you need to mark the dive start time or other time, you can turn the outer ring to set the time in minutes until the triangle mark on the inner ring points to the minute hand, and you can hear the meshing sound when you rotate. During the dive, you can read the time you have dived on the inner scale. The safety diving system ensures that the inner ring can only be turned counterclockwise.

   In this way, even a misadjustment will only prolong, without shortening the displayed dive time, thus ensuring sufficient oxygen to float. The newly developed clutch system is responsible for transmitting the rotation of the bezel to the inside of the case. This ingenious device at the ‘9 o’clock’ position, covered with a cover, is a typical feature of the new generation of marine timepieces.

   The ‘Engine Room’ of the special edition of the Ocean Chronograph ‘Darwin Adventure’ is equipped with the IWC-manufactured 89365 self-made movement. Shock, suitable for wearing in various harsh environments. The central chronograph hand shows a chronograph record accurate to the second, while the small dial at ’12 o’clock’ shows the measured minutes with the hands. The watch also has a flyback function. The chronograph hands return to the zero position when the zero reset button is pressed, and a new timekeeping can be started immediately. The small seconds at 6 o’clock continues to indicate that the watch is operating normally. During synchronization, the small second hand can be stopped at any time as needed. The bottom of the watch is engraved with a lifelike Darwin head, and it is his evolution that has changed the way of thinking of human beings forever. 30 bar water resistance makes this special edition watch suitable for all kinds of modern adventure activities above and below water.
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