New Watch Brand Breva Launches Its Génie 01 Watch

Breva, originated from La Breva, is a kind of mild warm southerly wind. It is precisely the warm and pleasant micro-climate near Lake Como in Lake Como in southern Italy. The Breva watch is a fresh air blowing into the dreary Swiss watchmaking industry.
Looking around the dial, a variety of easy-to-read display modes allow the wearer to grasp the current time, altitude, remaining power of the mainspring, and a barometer with a weather forecast function.

Left: Brevan CEO Vincent Dupontreue ́-Right: Jean-Founder of Jean-François Mojon Movement

The hours and minutes of the watch are displayed at 8 o’clock with a translucent brown sapphire crystal attached to the dial, and the small second hand is displayed below the 12 o’clock position. A scale indicating the height is arranged in a circular arc on the upper half of the dial. At 2 o’clock, another translucent brown sapphire crystal glass attached plate shows the atmospheric pressure, and based on scientific research, it predicts future weather conditions through icons.
The compass decoration is used throughout the Génie 01 watch, and it is this decoration that makes the 65-hour power reserve display at 4 o’clock clearer and easier to read. At 6 o’clock, an anaerobic metal box for measuring air pressure takes up a prominent position below the dial, and another anaerobic metal box below it maintains the most sensitive response to even the slightest change in air pressure.

Breva’s new Génie 01 watch-back and front

On the side of the case are three dual-function crowns that wind and adjust the exclusive Breva movement. Among them, the two-piece crown at 9 o’clock on the left is used to wind the watch and set the time. The crown at 2 o’clock on the upper right is composed of two parts. The outer knurled ring is used to adjust the air pressure scale, and the internal button is used to calibrate the position of the attached dial.
The second crown on the right is at 4 o’clock and is equipped with a knurled buckle that can be turned 90 degrees to lock or unlock the valve. When the air valve is unlocked, the valve is opened and a small amount of air enters to balance the air pressure inside and outside the case. Of course, before air enters the movement, a permeable Teflon (polytetrafluoroethylene) film filters out the moisture in it to maximize the life and reliability of the watch. When the valve is unlocked, a red indicator with the word ‘SEALED’ is displayed on the face of the crown to remind the wearer.

The feast of technology and vision continues on the back of the Génie 01. A ring scale is engraved around the back of the watch, which explains the relationship between altitude and air pressure-because altitude not only affects air pressure, but also the weather.
Looking through the transparent sapphire crystal caseback, the powerful and powerful oscillation of the balance wheel will first attract the attention; after careful tasting, you will find that there are more remarkable things in the carefully crafted movement. When winding the movement, you can see the compass pattern rotating on the main barrel lid.
Génie 01 watches are available in white and 4N pink gold, each limited to 55 pieces.
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Source: Sparkle PR Solutions for Breva
Video: Breva / TheChronollection Channel on YouTube