Minutes And Seconds Competitive Review Of Baume & Mercier Kaplan Moa10065 Watch

The Baume & Mercier blue watch has been praised by watch lovers for its excellent design style and solid workmanship since its inception. The Caplan blue watch has been active in sports and leisure since its debut in 1948 Style, advocate relaxed quality of life, we also realized this design concept from their successful generations, and Baume & Mercier launched some new Caplan products in 2012, still maintaining the relaxed sports and leisure style of this series, It also adds some special features such as timing and speed measurement, which provides more fun and standard timing methods for those who like sports, and provides you with a more powerful and convenient measurement tool for winning. Next, we will look at Baume Kaplan A brief review of the series MOA10065 watch.

 People who like sports are those who want to be the first to reach the top. If you want to compete with friends besides sports, then this watch will be very suitable for you, whether you are in the office or going hiking Its design style can satisfy you, because its positioning is sports and leisure style.

 First of all, this watch looks slightly complicated at first. It is because it has more functions, so it looks more complicated. I will give you a list of the dials. These functions, you can quickly understand the basic functions through this picture.

 This is a watch with complex functions. Of course, the movement is thicker and it is understandable. There are some top manufacturers in the world who can make complex movements ultra-thin, but their prices are also very expensive. So the price of 35900 yuan for this 14.9mm thick watch is quite worthwhile.

 The bottom of the case uses sapphire crystal glass to penetrate the back of the case. The outer ring of the bottom of the case still occupies a large part of the area, so the entire bottom of the case does not look that side. Once you start timing and press it again, the timing is paused. If you want to clear it, please press the button under the crown and then the chronograph hand can be cleared. The flyback type is right.

 The black alligator leather strap is sewn with a white silk thread, which is still a classic match. Although the legendary ‘black and white’ is beautiful, I think the white silk thread is also easy to dirty, but the leather strap itself needs frequent maintenance After all, it is not as worrying as a metal strap.

The case on this side does not have any other keys, and you can see the very good case material.

The combination of the lugs and straps is also very proper, and the connection is very smooth.

 This watch uses the classic ‘butterfly buckle’ style that is often seen on leather straps. We can see the English name of the famous name on the buckle.

 The other side of the buckle is like this 喽, many leather strap watches are designed with butterfly buckles, in order to be more secure and comfortable to wear.

 The texture of the black crocodile leather strap is very good, especially the closer to the lugs, the thicker it becomes. Of course, the common problem with crocodile leather straps is that they have a hard feel when worn.

 The thinnest hand is the chronograph second hand. It can be seen that for easier reading and aesthetics, the top of the hand is painted with red paint, and the top of the hand is slightly saggy. The following picture can see the specific sagging situation.

 In addition to timing, distance measurement and speed measurement, this watch also has a date display function, which should be able to meet the daily needs of most people. It is true that such a versatile function can be put on a dial with a diameter of only 44 mm. This is not an easy design, so let’s not be picky.

 The hands at this angle are very sharp, and you can clearly see the top of the chronograph second hand and some sagging. In addition, the hour and minute hands are shaped as willow-shaped hands, and the hands are coated with luminous paint. It is worth mentioning that the luminous function of this watch is not the blue or light stick color of our manufacturer.

 Next, I will introduce the speed measurement and distance measurement principle of this watch. First of all, let us talk about the speed measurement function. If you want to test your running speed when you are running in a stadium, you first set the chronograph big second hand. After zeroing, start timing and start running around the stadium track. When you have run 1000 meters, press the timing button again. At this time, the value indicated by the large second hand is your speed.
 Ranging means that when we hear a sound, we measure the distance between the place where the sound occurred and the person who measured it. Its scale is in units of sound speed: seconds / 343 meters. The specific method of use is, if we press the timer button after hearing the boom of the car in daily life, press the timer button again when the car is in front of your eyes. At this time, the big second hand indicates the distance between you and the car. .

 Then we are looking at the luminous function of this watch. We deliberately took the photos dark. You can see that the luminous light of this watch is white, not like most watches are blue. Light.
  This watch uses the La Joux-Perret 8120 movement. This movement is a self-winding mechanical movement, which has the consistent stability characteristics of a Baume & Mercier movement. With snailed Geneva ornamentation and the brand logo PHI, these details highlight the watchmaking skills of Baume & Mercier. This watch is water resistant to 50 meters.
 Summary: This watch continues the design style of the Baume & Mercier Caplan series. It has a strong casual and sporty style. It is suitable for men who are 25-35 years old who likes sports. You can wear it in the office or on weekends. Wear it when you go out for sports. If you are interested in playing sports with your friends, it will also be a very good helper. The current domestic price of this watch is 35,900 yuan.
For more details of the watch, please see: In addition, when I wrote the article, I asked the designer of our watch house to make a few renderings. Yes, the superfluous ones are reluctant to delete them and send them together to share with you.

Fashion sport style.

Sports competition style.

Passion sports style.

The last piece of outdoor sports style, I hope everyone can like it.