Meitu Bruna New Watch Launched, Please Choose Your Gentleman Color

If a gentleman has a color, what color do you think you will become? Mido Bruner 2017 new watch, a variety of colors, take you to understand the colors of gentlemen. This year’s new Bruner series watch is more stable, despite the use of a variety of shades, but all are unique dark colors, these shades are common in various suit fabrics, elegant and exquisite. Since the launch of the Basel Show in the beginning of the year, the Mido Bruna series has become a unique gentleman’s watch in the brand. Today, these models are finally listed, just after the fall, and the fall is already in sight.

   The new Bruner series watches have natural and smooth case lines, just like the design principles of formal watches. They are classic and stylish, with details in individuality. The watch still chooses the simple design foundation of the Bruner series, and at the same time, it adds radial sun texture, so it is complicated in Jane, like a checkered suit. Compared with the traditional simplest suit, it always has more personality and taste. This Bruner watch has a blue dial. Blue has different meanings in different celebrity cultures. In Europe, blue generally represents loyalty, and in China, blue contains calmness and rationality. Meaning, and therefore meets the characteristics of mature men.

   Different from the previous Bruner series, the new watch has wider scales and hands, so it is more generous than the previous models. At the same time, the hands and scales are square and square, with sharp edges and rules. Strong sense also represents strong principle. In order to facilitate time reading in different light, the scale and the pointer are recessed in the middle, so the effect of light and dark can be formed, so the visibility is more prominent.

   In addition, the watch case is made of stainless steel, PVD rose gold plated, the sides are polished, and the bezel is polished to show the outstanding texture of the watch between light and dark. The warmth and luxury of rose gold color also gives the watch a rich connotation. The rose gold color is also more suitable for business and formal dinner occasions, highlighting personal taste, and attaching importance to social occasions and guests.

   As a gentleman’s watch, of course, the watch is also more suitable for matching with a leather strap. The leather strap gives the watch an elegant predecessor impression, embodies the wearer’s gentle and humorous conduct, and is easy to give people a good impression.

Above: Mido Bruner series gray plate M024.630.36.061.00 (RMB 7300)
Bottom: Mido Bruner series blue plate M024.630.36.041.00 (RMB 7300)
   In this new product, in addition to the blue dial style, of course there are dark brown, black and gray dial models. Compared with blue, this gray disc model will look more serious and solemn, not as lively as blue, so the gray is more mature and stable. Coupled with the rose gold tone case, it is obviously more suitable for mature men.

Left: Mido Bruner series blue disk M024.630.11.041.00 (RMB 6900)
 Middle: Mido Bruner series gray plate M024.630.22.061.00 (RMB 7900)
 Bottom: Mido Bruner series gray steel surface M024.630.11.061.00 (RMB 6900)
   In addition, Bruna’s new products also have metal bracelet models, with dark gray and blue dials, as well as all stainless steel and gold options. The metal chain is more suitable for daily wear. It is suitable for attending less stringent and serious occasions, especially for work. It is also suitable for meetings or daily customers. Because of its applicability, it is easier to match more clothes.

Summary: The new Bruner series watches can be combined in many styles according to the color of the dial, the material of the case, and the type of strap. It is derived from the design of the Albert Hall, giving it rigor and style. The style details. Since autumn is not far away, if you want to plan for the autumn, or rush to alternate between summer and autumn, Bruner is actually a very good choice. It is not so sporty, but it will not be dull.
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