Low-cost High-end, ‘industry Conscience’ In Diving Watches

Today, I want to talk about a watch that impressed me, the Tissot Starfish diving watch. I was so impressed because the price / performance ratio of this watch was surprising.

Tissot Starfish Dive Watch
Main model, public price 5000
 Seriously, among the watches of various brands, I admire the watches of the Swatch Group (referring to cost-effectiveness). Represented by Tissot, Longines, Omega, and Blancpain, each brand has an extraordinary ‘price-performance ratio’ in its respective positioning, achieving an excellent balance between brand awareness, watch configuration, and price. It allows players to buy watches with relatively high visibility and configuration at the corresponding level with relatively little cost.

Various versions of the Tissot Starfish diving watch.
 Especially in the field of entry-level watches with lower public prices, Tissot and Longines have obvious advantages in China, especially Tissot has almost no rivals, because like Lifeng and LVMH Group-owned watches, at the Tissot level, there are no watches of the same level at all. When I accidentally noticed the new Tissot Starfish diving watch, I was very surprised because the price was really good.
 Steel case and steel chain model, the price is 5750
 Steel case canvas belt / tape model, the price is 5550
 Black plated steel case tape, price 6350

Steel case black-plated version of the Tissot starfish dive watch.
 In addition to the above mechanical models, there are also chronograph versions of quartz movements. The public price of 4000 will not be repeated because it is a quartz watch. Generally speaking, the conventional steel shell models have a public price of more than 5,000, and the price is very good (discounts, exchange rates, secondary markets, and other factors depend on personal circumstances). Compared with Tissot itself, the official price of Tissot’s formal watch is more than 7,000 for Baohuan series, more than 5,000 for Haozhi series, and more than 6,000 for Duluer series. As a diver’s watch with more technical configurations, the price of Tissot’s new starfish is lower than many Tissot’s formal watches. It can be said that the new starfish basically has no counterparts at the same level on the outside, and its internal advantages are also very great.

The starfish diving watch with quartz chronograph movement, because it is a quartz watch, the price is 4,000.
What can I get if the price is 5000?
 The biggest highlight of the Tissot starfish diving watch is the public price, but the mainstream configuration of the diving watch should be no less. So let’s take a look at what the public price of 5,000 yuan can bring us.

Tissot Starfish Dive Watch
First, ceramic rings
 The ceramic ring has always been the configuration of high-end diving watches. The advantage of the ceramic ring is that it is scratch-resistant, does not fade, and is bright and new. At the beginning, the world’s three major professional diving watches, including the Rolex Water Ghost, Omega Seahorse, and Blancpain 50, were used as ceramic rings. Since then, ceramic rings have gradually become popular, but in luxury diving watches, some watches are still used, and some have not been used. Ceramic rings are used, such as the Tudor Leader Submersible, Breitling Marine Culture, and Longines Concas. The Tudor Shield and Breitling Super Ocean are useless. The most surprising thing about Tissot’s new starfish is that a diving watch with a public price of only 5,000 yuan is equipped with ceramic rings, which is very powerful and very conscience. Tissot starfish should be the lowest price ceramic ring diving watch among the mainstream Swiss watch brands.

The Tissot Starfish series has a public price of just over 5,000, but uses a ceramic bezel.
Second, 80-hour power movement
 Everyone is well aware that the Swatch Group has popularized the uniform 80-hour power movement on entry-level watches over the years, but different brands have different names for this 80-hour power movement. For example, Mido is called caliber80, Hamilton is called H-10, the radar directly uses the original ETA number of ETA C07, and Certina and Tissot use the name powermatic 80. Tissot is actually the first brand to use the powermatic 80 movement. At that time, the powermatic 80 movement was on the Tissot, and we were all shocked because the performance of this movement exceeded the 2824 widely used at the time. We all thought it was a special movement specially developed for the Tissot by the Swatch Group. It was later learned that it was a shared movement supplied to the Swatch Group for entry-level watches.

In that year, Tissot was the first brand to use the 80 series movement. The picture shows a Tissot using the 80 movement.

Tissot powermatic 80 movement
 The biggest feature of the Powermatic 80 movement is 80 hours of power. In terms of power reserve time alone, 80 hours is already relatively long, like Rolex 3235 is 70 hours, Omega 8900 is 60 hours, and Glashütte Original 36 is 100 hours. Powermatic 80 oscillating frequency is 21600 times / hour, 23 gem bearings. It is precisely through the swing frequency of 21600 that the mainspring is increased (some opinions point out that the mainspring box capacity is increased by reducing the mainspring shaft) to achieve 80 hours of power.

The Tissot silicon balance spring version of the 80 movement can be seen on the balance plate with a Si silicon logo.

Certina version of the 80 movement.
 In addition, another major feature of the powermatic 80 movement is the use of a cardless fine adjustment weight balance. The Powermatic 80’s balance wheel has four balance arms, two of which have a fine adjustment weight each. The use of fine adjustment without clamping weight helps to increase the accuracy of the movement and the accuracy of the movement time (because there is no need to adjust the hairspring to avoid the impact of the hairspring on the travel time). At the same time, the 80 series movement has a strong ability to expand. Now it has developed the ordinary version, the observatory version and the silicon hairspring version to meet the needs of Tissot, Mido, Hamilton and radar. The popularity of the 80 series movement gives the Swatch Group an absolute advantage in entry-level watches.

The 80-caliber movement is used to adjust the balance without weight. The picture shows the version of radar silicon spring.
Third, bottom-through and 300 meters waterproof
 Tissot’s new starfish series measures 43 mm in thickness and 13.3 mm in thickness, which is the mainstream size of professional diving watches. Tissot’s new starfish movement can be seen through the bottom. The watch face uses large luminous hands and dots, long luminous hour markers. Below the 12 o’clock triangle time scale is the Tissot logo. At 6 o’clock on the dial, there are SEASTAR and POWERMATIC 80 words. The calendar is also at 6 o’clock. There are many types of Tissot starfish series, including black, blue, silver and a gradient blue. The gradient blue disk is very beautiful, the middle is blue, and it gradually turns black at the edge of the disk. The overall appearance of the Tissot starfish is good.

Tissot starfish diving watch, waterproof 300 meters, movement through the bottom.
 Tissot starfish is waterproof to 300 meters, and 300 meters is the standard line for professional diving watch waterproof. Reaching 300 meters means you can wear a watch and swim and dive normally. Like Rolex water ghosts, Blancpain 50 噚 are 300 meters waterproof.
 If only from the perspective of a luxury diving watch, the Tissot starfish is quite satisfactory. However, from the perspective of the public price of 5,000, plus a discount of 5,000, the configuration of the Tissot starfish diving watch has fully reached the level of 10,000 yuan diving watches, even exceeding the level of some 10,000 yuan diving watches. Everyone also knows that in the famous watches, the brand positioning and influence are the first, and the performance configuration of the watches is in the back, so I do n’t want to say what this watch is. Tissot is really the ‘industry conscience’ in diving watches.