Looking At 30 Blocks Of Water Ghosts At Once

1953 was an important year for Rolex, because Turn-O-Graph 6202, Explorer, and Submariner 6204 were born in this year. Among them, Submariner, the submariner, is probably one of the best watches in these two centuries. This issue takes you into the world of water ghosts and roughly understands its development history. Involving more styles, it is recommended to collect. Ref.6204 The first water ghost in 1953: 5.3mm small crown 5.3mm, no Mercedes needle, no water-resistant depth lettering, no crown shoulders, no bezel 0-15 minute scale display, internal A260 movement was at the time The best automatic movement with anti-shock device. Ref.6205 Wordless version of 1954. The dial is concise, without the words Submariner. Ref.6205 Mercedes-Benz needle version. The Mercedes-Benz needle first appeared in 1954, the crown was adjusted to 6mm, and the timing was more convenient. A296 movement Ref.6200 Explorer version 1955- 1956 3.6.9 time scale display, the entire watch is thicker and larger, the crown reaches 8mm, with and without words Ref.6536 / 1 Early version 1956-1957 6mm crown, 100 meters waterproof depth 、 1030 caliber Ref. 6536/1 mid-range version 1957 bezel at 12:00 red triangle for the first time Ref. 6536/1 later version 1957-1958 bezel 0-15 minute hand scale display Ref. 6358 1956-1959 Water-resistant to 200 meters in depth, divided into four-line version and two-line version, four lines indicate the observatory certification, two lines have no certification Ref.5510 1958 first generation of water ghost using 1530 movement, last generation 8mm crown water Ghost, representing the end of an era Ref.5508 1958-1962 The last generation of water ghosts without crown shoulders, luminous materials to reduce the use of radium element Ref.5512 Flat head shoulder pads Water with crown shoulders in early 1959 Ghost, table diameter enlarged from 36mm to 40mm, bezel groove extended from side to front Ref.5512 Version 1959 Shoulder Shoulder Eagle Shape Ref.5512 Pointed Shoulder Shoulder Edition 1959-1963 Shoulder Shoulder Shaped Tips, Observatory Certification, Introduction of Movement 1560, 2.5Hz Frequency, KIF Shock Absorber Ref.5512 Dumb Glossy Meters First version 1967-Early matte water ghosts. Previously, the water ghosts were all gold-faced, 1570 movements. Based on the 1560 improvement, the vibration frequency was increased to 2.75Hz. Ref. 5512 Matte First Version 1969- The 1980 foot priority shows that 660ft = 200m. This change may be related to the United States becoming a more important Rolex market. Ref.5513 Pointed Shoulder Pads The difference between 1962-1963 and 5512 is that there is no Observatory certification Ref.5513 Explorer Edition 1962-1965 3.6.9 time scale display, last generation Explorer version of water ghost, highly collectible Ref. 5513 underlined version 1963-1964 underlined is said to indicate that the radon radiation level on the dial is lower than the previous radium Ref.5513 Double Swiss + underlined version In 1963, the underline appeared at 12 o’clock and there were two Swiss characters at the 6 o’clock minute mark. Ref.5513 Gold version compared to the previous Ref.5513 from 1964 to 1966, the movement was slightly upgraded. , 1530 to 1520, 2.75Hz, according to However, there is no observatory certification Ref. 5513 Bart Simpson version 1966 Crown shaped like an animated character Bart Simpson Ref. 5513 Matte Surfaces Meters First Edition 1967-1969 Matte Surfaces replaced at the same time as Ref. 5512 Ref. 5513 MilSub Edition 1972-1976 The special sword-shaped hands of the year, 0-60 minute scale display on the bezel, and the same are highly collectible. Ref.5513 Matte Face First First Edition 1969-1982 can basically be regarded as the last generation of old-fashioned water ghosts. Ref.5513 New The introduction of the old transitional version of the platinum time scale from 1982 to 1989, strictly speaking, this is the last generation of 5513, but it plays a more important role in the calendar of Ref. 1680 in the red letter version 1969-1975, Acrylic magnifying glass, red Submariner lettering, there are seven or eight versions before and after, many collectors like Ref. 1680 COMEX version 1978-1979 Rolex and COMEX cooperated one of the many models, although the number is very small, only 60 pieces, But the degree of popularity is generally because most of the repairs and replacement of the face plate in the water ghost’s history of more than half a century, the above 30 antique watches are only part of the style, but also enough for me We generally understand the development process of Rolex and even the field of diving watches. In a sense, the evolution of water ghosts represents the evolution of diving watches. Let’s talk briefly about the collection. The gold surface may appear cracked, spider-shaped and other chronological phenomena. The matte surface is relatively easy to maintain integrity. Then extract the more special information points of the above water ghosts: explorer, MilSub, The Scarlet Letter and so on. The Ref. 5513 MilSub and Explorer Edition are undoubtedly the hottest styles. Good looks can reach a million levels. The Ref. 1680 Scarlet Letter is about 200,000. There are also some interesting styles, such as the 1967 ‘Pan Wai Pian’ Water Ghost Ref.1665 Sea-Dweller Submariner 2000, double red, it seems like a joint style of Submariner and Sea-Dweller, 610 meters waterproof, with helium exhaust device, rare. I wonder if you have seen so many water ghosts, do you also want to go into the vintage pit? Do not ask for powder, just talk about the public number of the watch