Introduction To Tag Heuer Carrera Series

True love is never a chasing game. Two hearts with the same rhythm can often play the most beautiful movement. Because of the charm of each other’s personality, they are attracted to each other, grow together because of common goals, support each other on the way of constantly challenging themselves, and achieve their own life goals. Only such close loved ones can truly understand the true meaning of love.
What can stand forever in the years but endure, and is also allowed to renew the traces of new life, in addition to time itself, it is love. Let TAG Heuer interpret the love of the new era for you: break the limits of words, break through the region His uncle, shoulder to shoulder with time, insists on a long-lasting love.

TAG Heuer Carrera
As the longest and most classic series in TAG Heuer’s history, the Carrera Lovers Watch continues the classic elegance, purity, legibility and elegance of the series. The open dial design brings a strong visual impact, the eye-catching satin-finished tachymeter scale, and the advanced processing of the silver dial form the best proportion, and you can immediately feel the noble car of the Carrera series. Descent. It is worth mentioning that the men’s watch is the 1887 chronograph that led the Geneva Watch Awards in 2010. It has already crossed the barriers of fine technology and design, and reproduces the classic style of the first version of Calera in 1964.
零售 (Retail price: Black: 37,500 yuan White: 41,000 yuan)