How Do The ‘top 10 Watches’ Rank

The Chinese people always seem to like to classify certain kinds of things according to rankings, in order to deepen the impression of such things in people’s minds. In the domestic watch sales industry, the division of the ‘Top Ten Watches’ has long affected the perception and consumption of Chinese watches. Does this so-called ranking need to be continued, and such questions are accompanied by the birth of rankings, then please see below, you will find the answer.

In the international arena, there are few sayings such as ‘Top Ten Watches’, and even the watch kingdom Switzerland has not heard of their selection of ‘Top Ten Watches’, ‘Top Five Watches’ or ‘Eight Watches’. Foreign luxury watches have experienced rapid development in the country for more than a decade. However, in daily communication with consumers, it is found that a large number of consumers are still rushing to the saying of ‘top ten luxury watches’. They do not buy the ‘top ten’, even arguing over which brand ranks higher. For today’s luxury watch industry, what is the significance of the ‘Top Ten Famous Watches’?

Origin of ‘Top Ten Watches’

In the context of reform and opening up, the domestic economy has developed rapidly. By the 1990s, consumer demand for luxury watches continued to increase. However, these consumers did not know how to choose a luxury watch brand. Their common characteristics were showing wealth and showing their identity. Strong demand. Due to the asymmetry of information in the watch industry at home and abroad at that time, domestic recognition of famous watch brands was extremely limited. Until 2005, with Patek Philippe officially settling in China and its first presence on the Bund No. 18, it marked a wave of world-renowned watch brands entering the Chinese market.

‘Top Ten Famous Watches’ has many versions so far. To say the most well-known ‘Top Ten Famous Watches’, we must mention Mr. Zhong Yonglin. It is widely recognized in the industry that the name of the ‘Top Ten Watches’ was obtained by Mr. Zhong from the mainland, Hong Kong, and Taiwan in 1999, and was voted by magazine experts, collectors, and media in 2000. Published in the year, referred to as ‘Ten’s Top Ten’.

先 Let’s not talk about the starting point of Mr. Zhong’s election at that time. The ranking version played a positive role in guiding consumption at that time. Focusing consumers’ attention on truly high-end brands with connotation and quality has promoted the development of high-end watches.

The Impact of ‘Top Ten Watch Lists’ on Today

影响 The influence of the ‘Top Ten Watches’ may not even have been expected by Mr. Zhong at the time. This ranking has been circulating rapidly in China since its release. It has been praised by many watch enthusiasts and sales staff and diligently recited it, which has really affected the final decision of many watch buyers. To this day, the impact of this effect is still widespread. Some watch fans even attack brands that are not in the rankings, and they all scoff at not being included in the list.

不同 But the difference is that after more than ten years of development, more and more watch brands have entered China. The pattern of the international watch industry has also undergone major changes. The entire industry has shown a trend of diversified development, and more and more ancient brands have recovered; the technology of each brand has continued to develop, and competition has become fiercer; the application of new equipment and new materials; The continuous emergence of independent watchmakers; the watchmaking industry in other regions except Switzerland continues to strengthen. Coupled with the development of the Internet, domestic watch lovers can understand the changes and trends of domestic and foreign industries as soon as possible. At present, watch lovers are facing a market full of flowers, and consumers have more choice. More importantly, as consumers’ understanding of watch culture deepens, consumption is becoming more rational.

Can watches really ‘rank’

Strictly speaking, since it is a ranking, there must be quantitative indicators and corresponding standards. And the value of the watch involves a wide range. It is difficult to quantify and compare the values ​​of culture, art, and spiritual pursuit. It can be seen that the so-called ‘ranking’ has the most expression of the cognition and personal preferences of the voters.

蓝色 Patek Philippe ‘Blue Macaw’

Zhou Kaixuan, a senior media source in the watch industry, once said, ‘This list of’ Top Ten Watches ‘is actually a way out of context, and in the current mainland market, it is an idea that needs to be corrected.’ In her opinion, this list The overall strength of each brand on the list is good, but this ranking is very unfair to other brands. There are thousands of watch brands in the world, each with their own different areas of expertise. Some are unique in the field of mechanical watches, some can be far ahead in sports watch technology, and the inlay technology of jewelry watches is more demanding. Since watches can be subdivided into so many fields, such a list does not have any credibility at all, let alone take it too seriously. ‘Switzerland is the number one watch producer in the world. There are thousands of brands there. If you chat with the CEOs of these brands and ask them if there is such a ranking in their hearts, no one will answer you. Including today’s Hong Kong market and In the Taiwan market, no one will mention this top ten list. ‘

更多 With more famous watch brands entering China, many dealers and sales staff are actively guiding consumers how to appreciate. I hope to give more watch brands a clean and pure competition environment, and for this part of the watch brand, only this clean and pure environment can reflect their true value. Creating such a healthy environment is positive and beneficial to the development of the global watch industry, and it is also a good thing for consumers. This effort has continued, but the speed of concept revision is obviously not proportional to the speed of the concept of the “Top Ten Watches” that year, and the change of domestic consumer concepts requires a gradual process.

How to consume correctly

Whether it is the ‘Top Ten Famous Watches’ or the very similar ‘Watch Grade Classification’, they can be produced because of the influence of the environment and conditions at the time, so these terms have a deep era mark! As consumers, don’t be too superstitious. Buying a watch is also based on personal hobbies, personal needs, personal recognition of the brand and other aspects, and it makes sense to choose a watch that is best for you in all aspects.