Feeling The Beauty Of Machinery

I often hear that there are three treasures for quality men, but each version has different words that say ‘watches, pens, leather shoes,’ and ‘watches, ties, belts,’ and ‘lighters.’ , Shavers and watches ‘, these versions are the only watch that overlaps anyway, that is to say, the importance that men attach to watches cannot be underestimated, and most men prefer mechanical watches. Indifferent to quartz watches. Such a performance is destined to be caused by men’s natural sensitivity and love for machinery. Today we will take you to appreciate a very delicate men’s automatic mechanical watch, the Baume & Mercier watch 10032.
  This watch perfectly follows the style of the Humberton series. Its exquisite workmanship and elegant design style, but you show your charm in your home. The silver rectangular dial and blue steel hands make up the classic watch. Modeling, many classic men’s watches are designed with white dial and blue steel hands.
  This watch belongs to the chronograph series. At the three o’clock position of the dial is a 30-minute chronograph dial, at six o’clock is the date display window, and at nine o’clock is the 12-hour chronograph dial. There are three buttons on the side of the case. The two o’clock position is the timing start / pause button. The three o’clock position is our common crown. The bottom button is the time zero reset button.
  The overall thickness of this watch reaches 13.4 mm. Even as a men’s watch, there are still some heavy ones, but some men naturally like thicker watches. We can clearly see the engraved celebrity logo on the crown, which symbolizes perfect and solid workmanship.
  The black alligator strap is stitched with grey silk and the lining is beige. The texture of the strap’s tail is stronger, and there is no such obvious texture near the strap.
  It can be seen that the strap is close to the lugs, although the texture is not so clear, but you can see the texture and details of this strap.
  In terms of wearing, this watch uses the most classic pin buckle wearing method. The biggest advantage of this wearing method is that everyone can use it. The other is safety, because the pin buckle can lock the strap. Hell, unless the buckle or the strap is broken, there is no problem.
  The buckle is still the design method commonly used by the Baume & Mercier Humberton series, that is, the sapphire crystal glass curved watch is higher than the case, and some of the sides of the watch are exposed outside, which undoubtedly adds to this watch It has full charm, but it also brings some hidden dangers to the arrangement.
  The back of the watch is also made of sapphire crystal glass. Through the back of the watch, we can clearly see the movement of this watch. This is undoubtedly the deadliest attraction for men who like machinery. However, it is a bit regrettable that Baume & Mercier did not provide us with the specific model of the movement used by this watch, so we cannot comment on the quality of this movement.
  Even if we do not know the model of the movement, we still have to take a closer look at this movement, we can see the LOGO of the Baume & Mercier and the impression of Geneva. According to Baume & Mercier’s product style, we can guess that this should be a movement from ETA, we don’t know the specific model, the movement must be improved by Baume & Mercier. With the continuous development of ETA movement, it has won a very good reputation in the market, so the quality is also worthy of recognition.
  There are four rivet-type time scales on the dial, which form a rectangle and it looks a little interesting. Most of the remaining time scales are displayed using ancient Roman numerals, which have a different kind of beauty.
  The white dial with blue steel hands is a combination I like very much. I asked a lot of watch friends around me and everyone liked it. According to previous product sales, this combination should be considered a classic.
  Summary: The first thing that touched me on this watch was its stylish design. Of course, the most striking thing was the blue steel hands. Then there are some relatively practical timing functions, which are very useful for people with a strong sense of time. In my spare time, I can also do a small game or something. I personally feel that the disadvantage is that it is slightly thicker. At present, the domestic price of this watch is about 70,000 yuan, friends who hope that they can pay attention to local dealers for accurate quotes.
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