Elegant And Exquisite Performance Tasting Breguet Classic Complex Series 5367 Ultra Thin Tourbillon Platinum Watch

One of the most outstanding inventions in the history of watches and clocks is the complex tourbillon. Its appearance not only greatly improved the accuracy of timepieces, but also represented the highest level in the manufacturing process of mechanical watches. . As the inventor of the tourbillon, the Swiss high-end watch brand Breguet introduced the classic series 5377 watch in 2013. It cleverly combines the classic appearance of the brand with advanced technology to pay tribute to the most outstanding watch technology. In 2018, the brand refocused its design on the tourbillon and launched the Breguet classic complex series 5367 ultra-thin tourbillon watch, which incorporated the special ‘big fire’ enamel process into it, combining superior performance with elegant appearance , Both internal and external, leaving a deep impression. The new work is divided into platinum and 18K rose gold. Let’s take a look at this watch with platinum as an example: (watch model: 5367PT / 29 / 9WU)

The first watch in the series to be equipped with a ‘big fire’ enamel plate

18K Rose Gold
   This watch is the first of Breguet’s classic and complicated series. It is the first model equipped with the ‘Big Fire’ enamel plate, and the tourbillon is purely and perfectly interpreted on it. It is simple, exquisite and sharp. Compared with the 5,377 watches launched in 2013, the new watch does not have a power reserve display function and looks more simple. Clear and easy to read. In addition, Breguet also inlaid fine gemstones on the tourbillon bridge modified by hand chamfering, highlighting the finishing touch of the dial elements.
Watch real shot display

   Compared with the gentle and low-luxury rose gold, platinum has a more high-cold, luxurious character. Most of this material is used in special models and limited editions, showing noble temperament. The case of this watch is made of platinum. The diameter of the table is 42 mm, and the outer ring is decorated with the brand’s classic coin pattern, showing an exclusive recognition and enjoyment. Equipped with independently welded lugs secured with screws, making the watch fit the wrist more closely and ergonomically.

   The platinum crown is located on one side of the watch. It is engraved with the Breguet logo pattern and is designed with a non-slip texture.

   The elegant white ‘Big Fire’ enamel dial looks clean and simple, and the ‘off-centre’ hour and minute indicator design on the senses highlights the tourbillon device. It is equipped with a Breguet digital time-marking ring and blue steel hands. The time indication is very clear and easy to read.

   The tourbillon frame is made of titanium, and the hand-chamfered tourbillon bridge is inlaid with fine gems. The small second hand is located on the axis of the tourbillon, which highlights the delicate layout of the disk.

   Through the back cover of the process, the Cal.581 self-winding ultra-thin movement is immediately in front of us. From the real shot, we can also see that both the movement (3 mm) and the watch are very thin and amazing. . It adopts a horizontal flip lever escapement, equipped with a silicon pallet and a silicon hairspring, with a vibration frequency of 4 Hz. The barrel is supported by roller bearings, which can provide up to 80 hours of power reserve. The movement is rhodium-plated, and the splints, crates and rotors are all hand-engraved for a great look. Looking closely at the outer edge, there is a platinum automatic rotor that not only provides greater inertia for the winding, but also expands the viewing range of the movement, which is unique and clever, giving people a bright eye.

  Alligator leather strap with natural cracks and edge stitching, elegant and stylish.

   And with a metal folding clasp, you can finish wearing the watch by pressing the buttons on both sides of the clasp, which is very convenient.

Breguet Classic Complex 5367 Ultra-thin Tourbillon Platinum Watch
Summary: This time, Breguet once again added a classic charm and outstanding performance to the new watch, and incorporated a more modern aesthetic eccentric design and a special ‘big fire’ enamel craft plate into it. Proud of traditional complication again. If you like this watch, you may wish to pay more attention.