Crafting And Meticulous Perspective Revival Of Fashion

In the traditional sense, the perspective table is often a fine brand to show its strength, because even if there is no technical feature, rearranging the movement to make it transparent and beautiful, You can do well casually. At the same time, various metal engraving and polishing processes and decoration techniques make the perspective table look magnificent. Over the years, the perspective watch, which had been somewhat neglected, has quietly become a new fashion, and of course, there have been obvious new changes.

In collaboration with British car brand AstonMartin, Jaeger-LeCoultre has launched an extremely complex tourbillon watch with a second time zone display and a retrograde calendar display. The new watch combines modern materials with horological technology-a 44 mm diameter ceramic case with a self-made 988 automatic movement. In addition to the automobile radiator grid dial, a hollow tourbillon splint made of gold-plated aluminum alloy is also used. In order to show this complex mechanical movement without any obscurity, it uses a cutting-edge central calendar hand, which jumps back to the beginning at the end of each month and starts from the beginning. The skeletonized 12-hour GMT hand is also located in the center of the dial, and displays the time in the second time zone together with the AM / PM disc at 12 o’clock. Through the central opening of the dial, you can see the bottom plate of the movement, which is made of anodized aluminum or with a ruthenium coating. Through the sapphire glass case back, you can see a rotor made of platinum-iridium alloy. The rotor is fixed by a carbon fiber bracket and is linked with a ceramic bearing for easy winding.
Whether it is traditional handmade or modern industrial design, the revival of perspective watches has attracted more and more watch fans. This large-scale ‘semi-perspective’ design seems to be more and more popular in the future, becoming one of the main trends in the watch market.
Vacheron Constantin

Vacheron Constantin
Oujiang Shidanton’s perspective table shows the factory’s profound skills in watchmaking. Although some people think that its movement seems more ordinary, many structural differences under perspective are still appreciated by any expert. The Quaidel’Ile model produced this year can be designed into various shapes according to customer needs, so it has unparalleled richness. There are more than 400 combinations of case materials, movement models and dial designs. One of the Quaidel’Ile watches is equipped with a 2460QH automatic movement with a calendar function. The other watch with a 2475SC / 1 automatic movement has added functions such as the day of the week and power reserve display. The dial is as delicate and exquisite as ever, designed by Orell Fussli Security Printing Ltd in Zurich. This prestigious company is also a Swiss franc printer, so it uses many of the latest security technologies such as secure watermarking, micro-printing, laser plating and metal spraying. Whether it is a dark or light version, these technologies ensure that each watch has a unique security. It is worth noting that both watches can vaguely see the movement through the dial, showing special interest.