Bao Po And His Best Friend Li Jian Co-produced ‘deep Ocean Search’ Mv

Recently, Blancpain and Li Jian, the brand’s best friend, produced the public welfare single ‘Deep Ocean Search’. ‘Awakening the consciousness of the ocean, transmitting the passion of life, protecting the blue ocean’ is Blancpain’s eternal belief. Blancpain, which is advancing in the professional field of marine protection and scientific exploration, hopes to find a way to resonate with the public in order to evoke more people’s understanding of the beauty of the ocean and participation in marine public welfare; Jian, a natural closeness to the water and the ocean, and supporting public welfare has long been an important part of his life. He is looking for an opportunity and inspiration, using the power of creation, to lead the audience to reflect on the depths of the sea and find the future. As a result, Blancpain and Li Jianzhi joined forces to join forces, and ‘The Search for the Deep Sea’ came into being. The word ‘Xun’ in the song name is more homophonic to the pioneer of the Blancpain modern diver’s watch.
   In the 1950s, Blancpain became associated with the ocean through the Pioneer Fifty Fathoms series, the pioneer of modern diving watches. Strong capabilities have given birth to a strong sense of corporate responsibility. Blancpain believes that the vast and mysterious underwater universe is worthy of human exploration, and defending the ocean is a measure to safeguard human well-being. Blancpain’s name is thus closely linked to the ocean. For more than six decades, the brand has strongly supported marine exploration and scientific research, and promoted the sustainable development of the marine industry. In the name of Blancpain Ocean Commitment, Blancpain Ocean Commitment has passed the brand’s eternal conviction to more people.
   Born on the banks of the Songhua River, Li Jian has always had a special emotion for water. He has repeatedly expressed this emotion in music creation and has been working hard to raise public awareness of environmental protection. The lyrics of the new song ‘Deep Ocean Search’ face up to the current situation that human development is damaging the ocean, and at the same time convey the correction and return after introspection-‘I have embarked on my journey / rushed to you / did not have to look back’, calling on the audience to work together to maintain The common destiny of mankind.

From the mainland to the ocean ‘The Search for the Deep Sea’ sublimates the emotional core of Li Jian’s ‘Water Series’
   As the ambassador of the United Nations Environment Programme, Li Jian has traveled to Africa many times to promote the concept of environmental protection. In 2014, Li Jian traveled to Nanfa with Blancpain to participate in the ‘Mind in the Ocean’ activity, and witnessed the latest achievements and progress of a series of sincere and rich marine public welfare projects. Among them, the ‘Primitive Ocean Expedition Plan’ jointly sponsored by Blancpain and National Geographic, which has successfully protected 2,200,000 square kilometers of sea area (equivalent to 53.3 Switzerland’s land area), is particularly noticeable. The African Gabon sea area involved in this project is once again Li Jian’s thoughts were triggered, and his creative thinking extended from the mainland to the ocean.
   The image of water as the source of life has appeared in Li Jian’s works many times: from ‘Songhua River’ to ‘Baikal Lake’ to ‘Shichahai’, different ‘water’ reflects Li Jian’s creative ideas and emotions Different sides. In 2015, with the introduction of Blancpain, Li Jian’s enthusiasm for public welfare, healthy image and artistic accomplishment were highly recognized by the State Oceanic Administration, and he was hired as ‘Marine Public Welfare Image Ambassador’. A hundred drops of water flow into the sea, a song dedicated to marine public welfare was born, and the music creation of Li Jian’s ‘Water Series’ has also risen from depicting personal emotions to a height of reflection and attention to human destiny.

MV for ‘Deep Ocean Search’
   The song MV also cooperates with Blancpain, who has not forgotten his original heart and is concerned about the ocean. The beautiful scenery of the island and the delicate emotions of Li Jian perfectly blend. Speaking of cooperation with Blancpain, Li Jian said that it was due to the common love of the two sides for the ocean. He is very impressed with Blancpain’s marine charity, hoping to awaken everyone’s awareness of the ocean and protect the ocean through the natural and beautiful carrier of music, because in his eyes, it is an urgent, passionate and hopeful Great cause.
Blancpain’s ‘heart is the ocean’: the search for the deep sea
   Today, Blancpain promotes a number of marine public welfare undertakings under the name of ‘Heart is in the ocean’, calling on the public’s attention, understanding, love and protection of the ocean, including the original marine investigation plan, coelophysis Fish exploration research project, World Ocean Summit and many other projects.
   This year, in China, Blancpain has taken an important step from the professional field to the public. Following the establishment of the nation’s first marine library with the State Oceanic Administration, this ‘Deep Ocean Search’ will further help the brand interact with the public. Pass the beauty of the ocean and the protection of the ocean to more people. Blancpain believes that through music and books that are rich in human emotions, experience, and aesthetic crystals, we will awaken our love and worship of the ocean, so as to consciously and actively protect the blue of the earth.