Athens Watch ‘drilling Oil Well’ Single Question Timepiece Gold Flash (Hourstriker Oil Pump)

Hourstriker Oil Pump, the latest addition to the precious and unique watch series of Athens Watch, pays tribute to the industry. The black enamel surface is one of the highlights of the watch, decorated with hand-carved gold, depicting the size of the oil field and the rhythmic excavation of oil wells to supply oil to the world.
   The 18K rose gold and platinum models are limited to 18 pieces each. The ‘Drilling Well’ single-question timepiece presents an attractive force. The dial pattern is vivid and attractive, and the details depicted are very accurate, as if you are in it and completely surrounded by the scene.
   The watch itself is more realistic in its workmanship. The oil pump arm that drills the oil well is a movable device. It will move up and down with the sound of the time signal. When the hammer hits the string, the drilling well will move in synchronization. Although the watch is a very complicated device, the operation of the ‘Drilling Well’ single-question stopwatch is simple. Simply press the on / off button lightly, the self-buzzer can be started or stopped according to your preference. When the hour hand points to the hourglass on the left, the self-timer function will stop. Conversely, if the pointer points to a small dot, the self-timer will start. Athens Watch is one of the early renaissances of the manufacturer of the watch technology, and is still the world’s few watchmaking brands that use active figures on the dial to make the watch.
   The watch uses the same master enamel technology that is unique to Athenian watches, an art that is highly valued by watchmakers and collectors. In addition, when Athens Watch produced ‘Drilling Oil Well’, it also added extremely difficult hand-carving skills.
   First, the sculpting expert will make the shape of a gold medal by hand, determine the thickness of each part and carve out a lifelike pattern. The enamel craftsman then fills the surface with black enamel. This method is to sculpt some grooves on the thick metal surface, fill it with moist enamel solution, and then bake it at high temperature until the enamel is melted. After the enamel surface cools down, remove excess enamel with a human hand and polish it to make the surface shine. After that, the gold medal will be returned to the carving expert for final modification. After these multiple and complicated processes, drilling wells, pipelines, buildings and landscapes came to life.
   Athens Watch ‘Drilling Well’ single-minded timepiece represents the ultimate craftsmanship of top-level watchmaking, combining ancient tradition and the most advanced watchmaking technology to create a watch that pays tribute to the business world stage.
Technical Information

Model 6106-130 / E2-OIL
6109-131 / E2-OIL
Movement UN-610
Power reserve approx. 42 hours
Winding method Automatic winding method
Function Questionnaire
Every hour at half hour and half hour
Start the system when the bell sounds
18K Gold Mobile Device
Case 18K Rose Gold or Platinum
Diameter 42 mm
Water resistant to 30 meters
Surface black enamel surface
Table glass anti-glare anti-wear sapphire crystal
Case back anti-glare anti-wear sapphire crystal, screwed
Crown Waterproof Crown
Strap Alligator leather strap with folding buckle