Age Is Just A Number, You Can Decide What You Want To Be

Everyone has the right to choose to make themselves better, but not everyone is willing to make such efforts. Age is just a number. We may not escape the traces of time and life left on our bodies, but we can still fight gracefully to the end, at least not to give up on ourselves. ( Special thanks: People Photography / Summer Hsia) People to middle-aged, friends and parties apart from life and work, the most often sighs are ‘life is a pig killer’, ‘life is not easy ‘It’s easiest to get fat’ and so on. I remember during a party, a single female friend took out a photo of a man, his eyes glowing and said, ‘If my husband / boyfriend can still maintain such an appearance when he is 50, I am willing to give him a Hit the child. ‘The strike caused all the men present to be curious, and then the female friend showed off the following photos with a challenging eye. The style of painting was like this. The men present protested that this could not be a fifty-year-old man. The female friend only left a cold sentence: ‘He is Singaporean photographer ChuanDo, this year is 52, the Internet celebrity on IG, you go and check it yourself!’ Then there was a silence among the men who picked up their mobile phones, their faces The weather is cloudy, and the expressions are utterly endless, as if thinking about what kind of words to fight back, but without a strong reason. In the end, some people tried the last struggle and threw out a sentence: ‘He is a net red, this is not fair enough, handsome and natural, and you can train to have such conditions.’ ‘Then you look like No one is handsome, just over the age of 4 and everyone is over 5. They are still trying to maintain this figure, not to mention the abdominal muscles. May I ask the number of wrinkles, the number of weights, and the dressing style? ‘Female friends made up the deadliest knife, and did not even give the opportunity to explain their last words. When you are middle-aged, your appearance is a walking business card that shows one’s self-management and life attitude. Someone said: ‘No one will find your excellent inner through your sloppy appearance.’ When dealing with people, the other person’s first concern must be the face, body and clothing Decent, good appearance, can keep us absolutely decent in the face of cruel years. On the way to middle-aged people, there is too much helplessness in life, family, and work. Every day, they are burned by a variety of trivial matters and pressures. Therefore, many people simply ignore themselves and even give up. As a result, a group of ‘greasy uncles’ appeared in the eyes of the post-90s and post-00s. In their eyes, their bodies are blessed, they are not trimmed, their faces are shiny, they are wearing clothes that do not fit their body, and sometimes they have a large string of beads on their hands. No one can touch them, let alone have any possibility of communicating with such uncles, because the ‘brushing face’ level has directly brushed them into the sewer. Age is just a number, never an excuse, Especially as an excuse for self-abandonment. We may not have the will and conditions to become a celebrity, but it’s not difficult to spend time in daily life to remind ourselves to avoid self-abandonment. No time to go to the gym, Then go to work for more than 500 hundred meters to move a little; feel a bit too much for a meal, don’t lie on the sofa immediately, stand for half an hour, brush your phone, watch TV; waist is an inch longer than last week, Then eat less greasy, snacks and starch control; coupled with walking as much as possible to remind yourself to shrink the belly, it is better than the increase of internal annoyed belly, but do not want to go to the gym The guilt of being defeated by laziness. In terms of dress, the idea that middle-aged uncles should not pursue ‘shape’ is a fallacy that the middle-aged ethnic groups suppress each other. They would say ‘all of them are so old and still care so much’ People who are “dressed up” are completely unaware that they are close to “inability to return to the sky” and are unwilling to make any effort to change, so they try to draw others with themselves with a mocking and degrading attitude and words. Level. But I have no consciousness about my poor image in the eyes of others, and even feel that I am like a ‘real man’. I feel complacent. Appropriate dressing does not mean that I want to be full of famous brands or catch up with the trend. Clothing, clean and tidy instrumentation, trying to find a style that suits you, and presenting the most decent self, is the key to making a first impression, and it is the first step for people to decide whether to have trust. For details Attention, or even ingenious jewelry matching, is a little trick to deepen the impression. And the true meaning behind the phrase ‘a lot of people care about dressing up’ Responsibility is also the basic principle of respect for others. If you give up yourself, the end result is that life and others will gradually give up on you. Even if you drive a luxury car with a watch, it will be a first glance. The bad impression you see may also just be another local tyrant or rich greasy uncle in the hearts of others. On the contrary, let your decent image appear in the eyes of others, and then choose a watch with a good texture and good design for yourself Not only does it make people feel more comfortable, but it’s easier to have a willingness to actively communicate. After all, who does n’t want to get closer to beautiful people and things? It’s like the new Kerry from the Richemont brand brand. 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We may not escape the traces of time and life that have left us, but we can still fight to the end gracefully, at least never giving up on ourselves. Bronze Clifton Club Bronze Watch, Material: Bronze, Movement: ETA2893-2 automatic movement, vibration frequency: 288,00 times per hour, power reserve: 42 hours, waterproof: 100 meters, suggested selling price: 20,600CNY