About Chanel J12, Lan Siqing And Cousin F Have Something To Say

If you have to have a watch in a woman’s cabinet, Chanel J12 may be the first choice for many people. why? Not only is it classic, but the brand also challenges tradition and subverts itself on the basis of classics. Constant innovation is also its success. J12 has become a ‘symbol’, which represents the pinnacle of ceramic watches; it has an avant-garde design style of ‘black or white’. What kind of charm does the “J12” watch have? We invite two women Lan Siqing and cousin F who are very authoritative in the watch industry and have a strong attitude towards fashion to see what they say.

Picture from Cousin F

Chanel J12 series watches have been born for 18 years. Why do you still choose J12 watches today as there are endless new models and constantly changing?

Lan Siqing (watch and jewellery critic and public account ‘Lola Capital’, Lan Siqing): The name ‘J12’ has revealed the ambition of Jacques Helleu (design director of Chanel in 2000) in this watch Under the highest and most stringent specifications, we have created watches with both technology and aesthetics and functions.
Cousin F (famous luxury influencer Li Fei, Cousin F): Comfortable to wear, this is the unique advantage of ceramic watches, skin-friendly and moist like jade is not just talking, in the actual wearing process, make the wrist comfortable and natural Burden is also one of the very important principles of table selection.

Picture from Lan Siqing

In private, you all wear Chanel J12 watches. What is the most special thing about J12?

Lan Siqing: Before the advent of J12, it was almost impossible for high-tech precision ceramics to enter the field of boutiques, let alone J12 raised the definition of high-tech precision ceramic watches to high-end luxury status. This is its most successful point.
Cousin F: Chanel premiere, classic, but square watch; Boy · Friend, simple yet elegant, but square watch; Code Coco, stylish and stylish, or square watch. I am a huge fan of square watches myself, but from a design point of view, the circle is indeed more traditional and low-key and suitable for the wrists of a wider range of people. This is why even if there is a focus series every year, J12 will appear in the Basel showroom at the same time with new products.

At this year’s Baselworld, Chanel’s new J12 Untitled watch is unique

When it comes to materials, a large part of the reason people are familiar with the J12 series watches is because of the special material used in watchmaking-high-tech precision ceramics. What do you think the use of this material represents for J12?

Lan Siqing: Differentiate from other brands and form an independent style belonging to Chanel. Black as the first color choice for J12 watches is not only an important mark color of the Chanel brand, but also because of the optimization of black high-tech ceramic production technology, so that Chanel can bring black J12 watches to the market. White is also Chanel’s signature ‘color’. It is said that it was because of the white required by the design director Jacques Helleu at the time. When the black J12 watch was launched, because the technology could not meet its strict white requirements, the white J12 was marketed at night. I don’t know if this statement is true, but if you compare the texture of the J12 white ceramic watch carefully, you will find that the high-tech ceramic material used in the white J12 watch: rich and fat as white as jade, is indeed the best of all white ceramics. Excellent.
Cousin F: High-tech precision ceramics are not the first to use Chanel for watchmaking, but it is certain that it is Chanel that has allowed ceramics to flourish in the field of watchmaking. To this day, everyone still thinks of ways to improve ceramics in making The use and proportion of watch fields to maximize the characteristics of this material.

In addition to the special nature of the material, what is the most attractive aspect of J12 in your design?

Chanel J12 GMT Dual Time Watch
Picture from Lan Siqing

Lan Siqing: Breakthrough. From various aspects of technology, design, wearability, and functionality, J12 has a variety of looks. Mademoiselle launched a cartoon-like Chanel lady placed in the center of the faceplate, with both hands as hands to indicate time, just like Chanel Dancing to time, humor is a rare style of J12, but it is also Mademoiselle. It is the most attractive design in the J12 series.
Cousin F: Today when I look back, I think that it is not only the line design that is as elegant and official as the official claim, it is actually the cramped, boy-like neutral temperament that causes unisex wear.

As mentioned earlier, the J12 series is not only a single style. In fact, Chanel has also made a lot of attempts and breakthroughs in terms of technology and functions. Can you talk to us about any crafts that surprised or even surprised you?

Chanel floating tourbillon movement
Lan Siqing: The technology is reflected in the constant pursuit of tourbillon technology, which can represent the most intuitive and beautiful device of high-level watchmaking: the tourbillon. Chanel has been launched in the J12 series as early as 2005. At that time, the first Chanel J12 tourbillon watch was a traditional fixed-bridge tourbillon, which was made by the famous Swiss advanced movement factory Le
Joux-Perret for Chanel. In cooperation with APRP in 2008, the J12 tourbillon watch began to be equipped with a floating tourbillon device made by APRP. The floating tourbillon does not have a traditional fixed bridge. Therefore, Chanel can use the brand feature mark to design its tourbillon device. To better match the taste of Chanel.
Cousin F: In the intervening year of the birth of black and white J12, the observatory-certified black and white chronograph was also invented. I am a bit vague about these two memory points because during those years, Chanel went back and forth There are many complicated functions superimposed on the basic model of J12 black and white: tourbillon, moon phase, two places … Among them, I like J12 when the two places are clear and not overwhelming, with Chanel-style aesthetics.

What does J12 show you?

 Lan Siqing: After nearly 20 years, J12 series watches have gone from classics to diversified styles. It is not easy to challenge the tradition. It is even more difficult to subvert the self-established classics. Just like Ms. Chanel on the road of creation, she always Continually proposing change, proposing creation and renewal, so much is said, but in fact the same thing is said: the classics are not staying in place, not immutable, but they have obtained immutable truth in the ever-changing.
Cousin F: For ordinary people, J12 is just a piece of watch, like a tweed jacket, two-tone shoes, 2.55, and a little black dress, a Chanel-style invention. But beyond the present time, more importantly, it reveals a certain style, which is the deep skill that few brands can do.

Finally, are there any tips on sharing watches for everyday use?


Picture from Cousin F
Lan Siqing: Take 12 · XS as an example. The design of the Chanel J12 watch subverts the tradition of fine watchmaking and has a unique way of self-interpretation in complex functions. The emergence of 12 · XS shows that the J12 is worn more closely to the thought of clothing. The smaller diameter XS can be worn in combination with leather gloves, bracelets, etc., making the style of J12 more complicity with fashion.
Cousin F: I hope that in the process of selecting watches, you will return to rationality, control, and small size, and not to be led by the so-called ‘Oversize’ wind.

Summary: Variety, classics, breakthroughs … We can’t simply sum up the pleasant surprise of Chanel J12 in a few words and sentences. When you really have it, actually feel its touch and the radiant light it emits under the light, you will understand this sentence: With Chanel J12, you have more possibilities. (Image source Chanel / Lan Siqing / Cousin F Group Watch House Mo Yang)