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    Rotating The Brilliance Of The Wrist Tasting The Piaget Possession Series Rose Gold Watch

    At the end of the twentieth century, Piaget interpreted the spirit of freedom with new works and launched the creative Possession series. Piaget Possession series has been designed with classic and unique rotating rings, constantly transforming into elegant and charming new styles. Charming, lively and colorful, accompanied by the self-confidence of an independent woman, she will launch a new style of graceful and feminine again. Below, let us appreciate a Possession series rose gold watch together. (Watch model: G0A43089)

    Magnificent design leads the modern trend
      Earl PIAGET has collaborated with fashion icon OLIVIA PALERMO for three consecutive years. As a diversified woman, she has become an active force in the fashion industry. She boldly plays with colors, stacks multiple styles, and mixes rose gold jewelry with watches to become a highlight The perfect woman in Piaget’s signature POSSESSION collection.

      The case is made of 18K rose gold, polished and polished, with a diameter of 29 mm and a thickness of 7.47 mm. The watch is covered with a rotating ring on the outside of the case. The ring can rotate in both directions. The rotating bezel rotates elegantly around the red gold ring. , Increase the vividness of the watch, the rotating ring is set with 42 round diamonds, a total weight of about 1.04 carats, noble and beautiful, the single diamond set on the bezel also jumps from youth to fashion Glamorous gesture, blooming woman’s glamour.

      The round dial design is extremely simple. It is made of turquoise material, which is bright and shiny. It is worn with 11 diamond hour markers on the wrist. The total weight is about 0.07 carats and the rose gold Piaget logo is placed at 12 o’clock. The minute and second hands of rose gold make the reading more clear.

      The watch has a crown-free design and a round and delicate appearance. It is also an exquisite jewelry worn on the wrist.

      The watch is equipped with a turquoise blue crocodile leather strap, which matches the color of the dial. It has a replaceable strap that can be changed according to your mood and style. The rose gold pin buckle buckle has a simple atmosphere.

      The design of the center dot on the back of the case is equivalent to the function of the crown. It is used to adjust the time. Hold the center dot and keep it still. The hour and minute hands of the dial will move clockwise and uniformly. When released, it will stop and finish the calibration. At the same time, the exquisite design reflects the sincerity of the brand’s watchmaking. Equipped with the Piaget 56P quartz movement inside, the movement is accurate and stable, which is very suitable for women who often change their watches. Even if they are left for a period of time, they do not need to worry about readjusting the time.

      Summary: The new watch launched by Piaget Possession series uses trendy eye-catching color design, once again leading the fashion trend, perfectly showing the diversity of women’s watches, selected gold, diamonds, stainless steel and various decorative gems, Provide different styles, 29 and 34 mm case sizes to choose from, friends who like it may wish to pay more attention to it! Watch price: RMB 140,000

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    The Founder Of Classic Timepieces Blancpain Baselworld 2015 New Product Summary

    Baselworld 2015 is nearing its end. As the annual industry event, Baselworld brings together the industry’s most outstanding watchmaking skills and is also the source of inspiration for watch and jewelry design. It can be said that A world-class art exhibition. At the Baselworld 2014, Blancpain upholds the brand essence of ‘Innovation is Tradition’, and has introduced a number of classic timepieces with sincere craftsmanship and sincerity-whether it is a formal watch, a ladies’ watch, or a sports watch For complex watches, Blancpain deserves the reputation of ‘the founder of classic timepieces’, demonstrating the brand’s extraordinary comprehensive watchmaking ability, which has won the favor of everyone. Let’s review together what new products Blancpain released at the Basel 2015.

    Blancpain Villeret Large Calendar Window Watch

       Blancpain’s most classic and elegant Villeret series welcomes the addition of a large calendar window watch. This elegant and practical complex function is displayed by large numbers through two side-by-side wide windows, making the date readings at a glance. Blancpain introduced the concept of ‘schedule’ into a purely famous junior model with a sense of proportion, breaking the ‘increasing by one point’ principle, not only retaining the essence of simple aesthetics, but also satisfying daily life. The most basic functional requirements of life on the watch-vividly reflects the brand’s style when dealing with complex mechanical skills.

    For more details, please click: Blancpain has always been famous for its independent top-level watchmaking workshops with engraving and enamel painting, and its Damascus gold inlays have been praised for a long time. Today, the brand is writing a glorious chapter, showing the splendid beauty of Shakudō. The dial of the watch is decorated with a portrait of the ganesha Ganesh. For Hindus, the ganesha is the god who covers all obstacles, but also the god of wisdom, knowledge and prudence. The decorative elements of the watch also use Damascus gold-inlaid craftsmanship, every detail highlights the ultimate exquisite and luxurious.

    For more details, please click: Blancpain’s push again, in the 2322V2 movement, the two wings of the two timing and speed regulating mechanism fly. This brand new watch is equipped with innovative and creatively carved bezels, which are both enterprising and sporty. The flying tourbillon and the flying Caruso jump simultaneously in the ‘core’ of the watch. The multi-layer dial design shows the movement’s communication Through the beauty. This watch is equipped with a newly designed characteristic bezel, equipped with practical digital scales, and the bridge and chassis are asymmetric. After a fine matte finish, the outer surface is coated with NAC, showing a unique and unique temperament. The multi-layer hollow movement creates a dynamic dynamic through a layered depth of space, and the hexagonal movement screws increase the overall aesthetics.

    For more details, please click: Blancpain Honor released the first ‘Mind Ocean’ special limited edition watch-‘Mind Ocean · Deep Submersible Bathyscaphe Flyback Chronograph’. This is the first limited edition diving watch to help the “Blanpain’s Mind Ocean” charity cause. Every watch purchaser will become a member of Blancpain’s Mind Ocean Circle. 250 watches will be on sale, and for each watch sold, Blancpain will donate 1,000 euros to support scientific expeditions. The total amount of 250,000 euros from the sales of watches will be invested into Blancpain’s continuous support for marine public welfare.

    For more details, please click: The new women’s day and night display watch is equipped with an extraordinary unique core and dual retrograde indication function. The dial adopts fine workmanship and a lot of technological innovations, ensuring the watch’s unique independent day and night display. . Blancpain’s brand new movement specially created for the women’s collection perfectly embodies the ‘innovation is tradition’ rooted in the brand’s genes as the ‘maker of classic timepieces’.

    For more details, please click: The above is the latest cutting-edge information of the 2015 Basel Watch Fair Blancpain brought by the special editor of the Watch House. Next, we will provide more and more intuitive exhibition reports, please everyone attention.

    For more details, please click the live feature of Basel International Jewellery & Watch Fair:

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    Elegant And Casual Tissot Sports Watch

    Movement gives life a healthy power; elegance, nourishes life as a source of quality. Link the rhythm of breathing with intimate design, let the elegant curve awaken the self-confidence of the mind-this is the time secret of the Tissot Sport-T series dedicated to women all over the world. Explore the space-time dialogue between man and nature in the beauty of craftsmanship. The Tissot Sport-T series ladies watches pay tribute to the traditional Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship. A watch that perfectly combines sports and elegant elements interprets Tissot’s care for women and close life. Humane feelings. Choosing the minimalist style of pure colors and the temperament of a steel strap, the Tissot Sport-T series will make you beautiful and different.

    Tissot Sport-T Women’s Watch

    Elegance goes with the sport-the double-sided baby in the minimalist era

    分钟 Every minute in life is a unique existence. Tissot sings the beauty of women with the craftsmanship, and dedicates a Sport-T series ladies watch to the beautiful ladies in the city, ‘every side is beautiful.’ The selected top Wesselton diamonds outline the glittering clouds of crystal molecules, the simple color selection renders holiness, and the steel bracelet expresses the expressiveness. Tissot uses the simplest elements to create an unparalleled elegant space. At the same time, due to practical considerations of sports attributes, the Tissot Sport-T series has a special crown design. The protective device protruding above the crown can effectively protect the crown, allowing sports cells to burst freely without having to consider the watch. Wear, let alone worry about physical injury. The hollow sword-shaped hands can accurately indicate the time, making the readings clear and convenient. Whether it is a cocktail party on the roof garden or a vibrant weekend gym, it can perfectly show the wearer’s elegance and flexibility anytime, anywhere.

    Tissot Sport-T Women’s Watch Front View

    Heavy makeup is always suitable-fashion attitude in life

    Whether you are passionate about design or expression, the Tissot Sport-T series gives the watch its ultimate interpretation in all aspects of aesthetics and connotation. Re-examining the Tissot Sport-T series watch from a metaphysical point of view, carrying Tissot’s century-old watchmaking technology, superb technology, and profound connotation. One watch contains thousands of words. Behind the watch design is Tissot’s profound meaning for consumers. blessing. The streamlined design with a special crown, supplemented by the quality of pure steel, whether it is the charming and elegant black dial or the immaculateness of the white dial, highlights the exquisite design of the Tissot watch, and the golden version reveals the noble charm with full color. The Diamond Extreme models use diamonds to create a full hour scale, which is gentle and lustrous. The beauty of women, beauty is always suitable in heavy makeup and light touch, beauty is charming in thin and fat, so that the ever-changing style of Tissot Sport-T series watches shows the fashion attitude in your life.

    Tissot Sport-T Series Ladies Sports Watch Other Styles

    Technical Parameters:

    -Swiss-made quartz movement with low battery indicator (EOL)

    -Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal

    -316L stainless steel case

    -Water resistance to 5 bar

    -316L stainless steel strap with push button butterfly clasp

    -Gold with PVD coating

    Suggested retail price: RMB 3,800 ~ 8,050