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    Sublime Sleeves Girard Perregaux 1966 Women’s Watch Brief Comment

    In the 1960s, Girard Perregaux was one of the few watch manufacturers with its own research and development team. In 1966, it launched the first high-frequency movement based on its own ‘Gyromatic’ technology, which operates extremely precisely. As a result, 73% of the 1967 precision timer certificate of the Newhall Observatory in Switzerland was issued to Girard Perregaux. The 1966 series is Girard Perregaux’s tribute to this era, and it has been showing the continuous innovation of the brand. Today, the Watch House brings you a Girard Perregaux 1966 series women’s watch, reference model: 49528D52B871-CKBA.

       The Girard Perregaux 1966 collection combines subtle elegance and precision timepiece performance with a well-balanced design and layout, just the right size ratio, and flawless decoration. It is a contemporary masterpiece of elegant timepieces.

    Case in rose gold with a diameter of 30 mm

       The case of this watch is made of rose gold with a diameter of 30 mm. It is delicately retouched to show more dimensional fit. It is suitable for women’s slender and elegant wrists. The warm rose gold luster complements the elegant brandy dial, which together depict Gentle and moving female charm.

    Watch with a sapphire crystal

       The thin bezel outlines the elegant silhouette of the watch. A clear sapphire crystal glass is fixed under the bezel, revealing the perfect craftsmanship of the top watch without any reservation.

    Exquisite Triangular Crown

       On the side of the case, an exquisite crown crowns the delicate taste of this watch. The watch is made of rose gold with a simple and exquisite shape. The top of the crown is engraved with Girard Perregaux’s ‘GP’ logo, demonstrating the distinguished brand identity.

    Chocolate alligator strap

       This watch is equipped with a chocolate-colored crocodile leather strap. The strap is made of fine leather, exquisite workmanship, comfortable to wear, fine stitches and natural crocodile leather texture present a delicate and elegant temperament.

    Case thickness is only 8.90 mm

       The case of this watch is only 8.90 mm, combined with the exquisite polishing and polishing of the case, giving the watch an unparalleled wearing comfort and delicate and restrained elegance.

    The lugs are exquisitely chic

       The lugs are exquisitely chic, shining with a delicate precious metal luster, reflecting a delicate taste. The ear slightly draws an elegant arc backwards, making the watch fit more closely to the wrist to ensure comfortable wearing.

    With a simple rose gold pin buckle

       This watch is equipped with an easy-to-use pin buckle. The buckle is made of rose gold with exquisite workmanship. The buckle is engraved with the Girard-Perregaux watch’s ‘GP’ logo, which highlights the distinguished brand identity.

    Brandy rose pattern dial

       The brandy-colored dial is decorated with exquisite rose-patterned engravings, and the pattern radiates outward from the center, like a blooming rose flower, with two slender moving willow-shaped hands to highlight the elegant charm of the dial. Except for the finely polished Roman numerals at 6 and 12 o’clock, the other time scales are marked with inlaid diamonds.

    Bezel and lugs set with diamonds

      The perfectly proportioned case is meticulously crafted in rose gold, which is even more elegant and refined, with classic models with sparkling diamonds. The bezel and lugs are inlaid with a total of 80 exquisite bright cut diamonds, one lug that extends from the bezel to the two sides.

    Equipped with a GP03200-0005 self-winding mechanical movement

       This watch is equipped with a Girard-Perregaux GP03200-0005 automatic movement. The movement frequency is 28,800 times / hour, which can provide a power reserve of about 42 hours. Through the sapphire glass at the bottom of the watch, you can appreciate this beautifully refined movement, which is the charm of high-end mechanical watches.

    Summary: The history of Girard-Perregaux, the top Swiss watchmaking brand, was founded in 1791. It is one of the very few real watchmaking factories in the world. Tabulation process. Girard Perregaux has obtained more than 80 technical patents over the years and is committed to the development of new technologies. It is committed to presenting more than 200 years of watchmaking tradition with an innovative look and promoting the development of the watchmaking industry from the perspective of watchmakers.

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    Hand In Hand With Tag Heuer To Meet Intime Tag Heuer Enters Hefei Intime Center Opening Ceremony

    (August 24, 2013, Hefei) TAG Heuer, the pioneer of Swiss watchmaking, opened its exclusive store in Intime Center in Hefei. The brand sincerely invites movie stars, TAG Heuer’s best friend Deng Chao, many mainstream media in Hefei and The VIP guests gathered together to witness another precious moment of TAG Heuer’s expansion in China.

     The Hefei Intime Center store is Heuya’s first store in Hefei. The store design adhering to TAG Heuer’s pioneers and avant-garde, based on bronze and black, highlights the brand’s unique temperament. Entering the spacious and bright store hall, TAG Heuer’s luxurious avant-garde quality is unobstructed, and the full range of TAG Heuer’s full range of products is displayed in the window 360 degrees. It perfectly integrates cutting-edge technology and century-old watchmaking technology, showing the brand’s charm in all directions.

     As a close friend of the brand, Deng Chao has a unique understanding of watches. ‘For a man, being the master of time is a challenge of his life. As a leader in precision timekeeping in the field of watches, Heuer is also an avant-garde pioneer who courageously meets the challenge of time,’ he said. Love is born. Watches symbolize the taste of men’s life. Racing represents the passion and power of men. TAG Heuer combines the spirit of racing with the precision of watches and constantly breaks the speed limit in the field of high-end timing. ‘

     Since its establishment in 1860, TAG Heuer has undergone 153 years of hardening. With sophisticated watchmaking technology, unique and innovative design concepts, high-tech materials, excellent performance, and extreme precision, TAG Heuer has always led the development of Swiss precision watchmaking. As a pioneer in Swiss watchmaking and a leader in chronographs, TAG Heuer writes the brand’s eternal adherence to precise timekeeping. TAG Heuer is the first luxury watch brand to be accurate to one tenth, one hundredth or even one thousandth. In 2012, TAG Heuer launched the world’s first Mikrogirder, which can be accurate to 5 / 10,000 seconds, and won the ‘Golden Hand Award’, the highest honor of the Grand Prix de la Haute Horlogerie in Geneva.

     As the star brand of the world’s largest boutique group Louvre Xuan Group, TAG Heuer is known as a model of Swiss precision watchmaking and has created countless legends in the watchmaking industry. Since entering the Chinese market, TAG Heuer has grown rapidly in China. Today, TAG Heuer has opened TAG Heuer’s first specialty store in Anhui Province in Hefei Intime Center. With its profound cultural heritage, TAG Heuer has mastered many series of masterpieces since 153 years. As well as the constant introduction of new watches and communication products, TAG Heuer will become the dream first choice for Chinese tasters.

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    Perfect Inspiration Tasting Mido Perfection Series Limited Watch

    Swiss beauty watch that is good at drawing inspiration from classic architecture, it uses the Roman Colosseum as the source of inspiration to create the perfect series of watches. The perfect series stands out for its immortal design and shape. The narrow bezel allows the dial to show its space as much as possible, and the anti-dazzling sapphire mirror makes the dial a strong impact on time. Today’s Watch House brings you a Mido Perfect Series limited edition watch, the official model: M8340.4.18.19.

    Mido Perfect Series M8340.4.18.19

       This watch has a round case made of stainless steel and houses an automatic mechanical movement certified by the Observatory. Black dial with bar-shaped hour markers and centered hands, with day and date display. The watch comes with a stainless steel strap and is also 100 meters water resistant.

    Toothed crown for easy handling

       The crown placed on the right side of the watch is also made of stainless steel, and the side of the round crown is decorated with tooth patterns for easy function adjustment; the top is embossed with the English name ‘MIDO’.

    Stainless steel strap and buckle

       The watch is equipped with a stainless steel strap. The unique link design of the strap links is fixed by a steel rod link; a folding clasp with a push-opening device is mounted on the strap, and the brand name is engraved on the strap. The bracelet links and buckle are carefully polished, and the appearance is smooth, reflecting a very metallic texture.

    Black dial is simple and beautiful

       The black dial has a minute scale engraved on the outer edge of the watch, which forms a distinct layer difference from the internal plane; the second hand of the watch is orange, the minute hand and hour hand are orange coated, and the bar hour markers are surrounded by orange coating, and black The dials form a contrast of distinct colors, making the reading more clear and simple. The day and date display at 3 o’clock on the dial is in white font and is easy to read.

    Clear and legible day and date display

       The watch’s week display and date display functions are displayed in a long window at three o’clock on the dial. The day of the week is displayed by the English abbreviation and the date is displayed by Arabic numerals. Both functions are in white font and have a black chassis. Color difference.

    Integrated lugs for stronger links

       The watch uses integrated lugs, which have a wider connection between the lugs and the strap, which not only does not destroy the aesthetics, but also makes the links stronger.

    The inner movement can be seen through the bottom of the watch

       The bottom of the watch is a translucent back, and the inner movement can be clearly seen through the sapphire crystal on the back. This watch is equipped with an observatory-certified automatic mechanical movement, which has excellent performance and fine polishing. The brand’s logo is printed on the movement, which is engraved with Geneva stripes, which is very beautiful.

    Summary: This watch is made of high-quality stainless steel and ingenious design. Its carefully designed case and dial allow the wearer to clearly see the time at an extremely inclined angle. The chronometer-certified movement inside the watch gives it excellent and stable performance. Extraordinary outside and powerful inside, worth having.

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    Huo Jianhua At The 20th Shanghai International Film Festival Wearing Panerai Watches

    Shanghai, June 19, 2017 – Huo Jianhua, the brand spokesperson for Panerai Greater China, has recently launched two new works on the big screen. On June 17th, he appeared at the 20th Shanghai International Film Festival in Shanghai with two new works, ‘When Will the Moon Become’ and ‘Rescue Against Time’.

       In the red carpet of ‘When Will the Moon Become’ and ‘Rescue’, Huo Jianhua chose to wear the Panerai Radiomir 1940 Chronograph chronograph red gold watch with elegant style.

       Huo Jianhua’s work ‘What Time Will the Moon Begin’ at the film festival is to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the return of Hong Kong. It is directed by well-known director Xu Anhua. The movie restores the ‘Dongjiang Column’ in Hong Kong’s Anti-Japanese History. Huo Jianhua even performed the role of agent for the first time in the play , And partner with Zhou Xun. It is worth mentioning that the prototype of the Panerai Radiomir 1940 Chronograph chronograph red gold watch that Huo Jianhua specially chose to wear was just born in the 1940s, and the story of ‘When Will the Moon Begin’ happened in the same period.

       Huo Jianhua also appeared in the film festival’s new work ‘Rescue’ a science fiction action movie, and partnered with Yang Mi. Huo Jianhua, who first challenged the role of a kidnapper, will challenge many difficult action scenes in the play, showing his iron man side.

       At the press conference of ‘When will the moon be tomorrow’ on June 18, the Panerai Luminor 1950 Regatta worn by Huo Jianhua flew back to the chronograph titanium watch, demonstrating Huo Jianhua’s masculine style.

       Two watches with different styles add a lot to Huo Jianhua’s gentleman outfit, helping it become the focus of the film festival and the conference.

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    Sophie Marceau Wears Chopard High Jewellery To Attend The Closing Ceremony Of Shanghai Film Festival

    On June 21, 2015, the famous movie star Sophie Marceau, known as the “Rose of France”, wore Chopard high-quality jewelry and made a stunning appearance at the 18th Shanghai International Film Festival The closing ceremony brought a lot of sensation to Shen Cheng.
    Sophie Masso’s Red Carpet Plus Shanghai Film Festival Closing

    Chopard High Jewellery Rose Cut Diamond Ring

    Chopard High Jewellery Collection Pear-Shaped Yellow and White Diamond Earrings

       On the red carpet, she wore a red dress, pear-shaped diamond earrings dancing with the steps, and the diamond ring was dazzling under the flashing lights.