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    Leather Is No Problem To Make A Face Plate Hublot Hublot Classic Fusion Berluti Scritto Chronograph

    HUBLOT cooperated with the leather family BERLUTI again to create the classic fusion series Berluti Scritto chronograph. The watch uses an emperor gold or titanium case with a burgundy red or Mediterranean blue leather dial. Leave the texture of top leather on the watch forever.

    The joint series of Hublot and BERLUTI continues to develop. The 2018 new models still use the latter’s famous Venezia Scritto leather, and launched two new face colors of ‘Burgundy Red’ and ‘Mediterranean Blue’.

    The century-old leather family BERLUTI is good at using the famous Venezia Scritto leather to engrav the elegant script characters from the 18th century on calfskin. It is tanned by various minerals and plants, and it uses hand-made various oils and pigments to render rich colors . Two leather shades include ‘Burgundy Red’ and ‘Mediterranean Blue’, extending the classic color scheme of menswear to watch design.

    The special material of Huangjin can resist the oxidation phenomenon, which makes the case as beautiful as new for a long time, exuding a bright and full golden luster.

    The new classic fusion series Berluti Scritto chronograph uses for the first time the King Gold and titanium metal exclusively developed by Hublot. The special material of Huangjin can resist oxidation, so that the case is as beautiful as new for a long time, exuding a bright and full gold luster. Titanium has excellent corrosion resistance, has the best wear resistance and weight ratio among all metals, and is light and powerful. The wonderful combination of the two shows the unique skills of Hublot materials and artists.

    Hublot and BERLUTI use a complex and delicate process to remove the naturally occurring water from the leather, so that Venezia Scritto leather can be properly sealed in sapphire without oxidative decay.

    Just like BERLUTI’s top footwear, every leather part follows the same procedure from shaping to processing, from cutting to assembly and tanning. Hublot’s major challenge comes from how to encapsulate natural materials into a watch forever. Hublot and BERLUTI use a complicated and delicate process to remove the naturally occurring water in the leather, so that Venezia Scritto leather can be properly sealed in sapphire and completely isolated from the outside world to avoid any oxidation.

    Classic fusion Berluti Scritto chronograph

    Titanium material / HUB1143 self-winding movement / hour, minute, small seconds display / chronograph function / sapphire crystal mirror / waterproof 50 meters / diameter 45mm

    Classic fusion Berluti Scritto chronograph

    King gold material / HUB1143 self-winding movement / hour, minute, small seconds display / chronograph function / sapphire crystal mirror / waterproof 50 meters / diameter 45mm

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    Ni Ni Tells You: How Beautiful A Small Diameter Watch Can Be

    If you want to describe the temperament of a small diameter watch, then it must be ‘small and beautiful’. Men always give enthusiasm to those tough and weighty watches. And the personality of the ladies determines that they prefer small and exquisite watches. Small means subtle and delicate; beauty is praise for its exquisite and delicate …

    Ni Ni Dai Di LA D DE DIOR watch

    Ni Ni Dai Di LA D DE DIOR watch

    Christian Dior LA D DE DIOR

       The Dior LA D DE DIOR watch worn by Ni Ni, the small dial and slender strap are completely covered with gorgeous metallic colors. However, because of the small size of the watch, this gorgeous feeling is not noble and compelling, but is born with noble blood. Although it is a 19mm mini dial, the charm of the small dial is infinitely magnified. The Milan-style woven mesh bracelet shows its unique texture and luster with its unique watchmaking technology.

    Watch recommendations:

    Christian Dior LA MINI D DE DIOR SATINE, 19 mm diameter, rose gold case, Milanese mesh bracelet, diamond-set case

    Christian Dior LA MINI D DE DIOR SATINE, 19 mm diameter, stainless steel case, Milanese mesh bracelet, diamond-set case

    Christian Dior LA MINI D DE DIOR watch, 19 mm diameter, stainless steel case, diamond setting, white gold ‘Miroir’ goatskin strap

    Chaumet Paris Hortensia Hydrangea ‘Eden’ Watch

    Chaumet Paris Hortensia Hydrangea ‘Eden’ Watch

    Chaumet Paris Hortensia Hydrangea ‘Eden’ Watch

       The new Hortensia Eden Hydrangea Eden series watch launched by Champagne Paris continues to draw inspiration from the love of Hydrangea, Empress Josephine-Napoleon’s wife, and ingeniously decorate the flowers on the dial. The 21.5 mm diameter came into being, making this watch more exquisite and moving. Coupled with bright pink, fuchsia or orange lizard skin and satin straps, the delicate and dazzling watch is perfect for summer wear.
    Watch recommendations:

    Champagne Paris Hortensia Hydrangea ‘Eden’ watch, 21.5 mm diameter, 18K 5N rose gold case, bezel set with 27 brilliant-cut diamonds, decorated with 3 rose gold carved flowers

    Champagne Paris Hortensia Hydrangea ‘Eden’ watch, 21.5 mm diameter, 18K 5N rose gold case, bezel set with 27 brilliant-cut diamonds, decorated with 3 rose gold carved flowers

    Champagne Paris Hortensia Hydrangea ‘Eden’ watch, 21.5 mm diameter, 18K 5N rose gold case, bezel set with 27 brilliant-cut diamonds, decorated with 3 rose gold carved flowers

    Ouyang Nana and Lin Yun wear Chanel J12 · XS watches

    Chanel J12 · XS watch

       The Chanel J12 series is famous, and the ‘reduced’ J12 · XS watch launched in 2016 has also won the hearts of many people with its small body. In the 19mm diameter dial, the white lacquered dial with rhodium-plated hands reveals elegance in simplicity. A circle of delicate diamonds adds a layer of bright starlight. Wenrunruyu’s high-tech precision ceramic bracelet is lightly wrapped around the wrist, and it has a kind of Xiaojiabiyu’s ‘both sense of sight’.
    Watch recommendations:

    Chanel J12 · XS watch, 19 mm diameter, white high-tech precision ceramic with stainless steel case, bezel set with 32 brilliant-cut diamonds

    Chanel J12 · XS watch, 19 mm diameter, black high-tech precision ceramic with stainless steel case, bezel set with 32 brilliant-cut diamonds

    Kate Winslet Dancing Longines

    Longines Round Dance Watch

       The Longines series of small diameter dials, the 18.9 × 29.4 mm oval dial is different from the modern round, the elegant and smooth lines are more nostalgic and retro, just like the celebrity’s graceful dance in the bright moonlight. The chic diamond-shaped steel bracelet also perfects this slim watch. If the round case is considered more popular, then Longines’s Rondo watch is a unique choice in the ‘small and beautiful’ series.

    Watch recommendations:

    Longines Round Dance Watch, 18.9X 29.4mm, oval  case, wear-resistant synthetic sapphire crystal, multi-layer anti-reflective coating on the inside, stainless steel bracelet

    Longines Round Dance Watch, 18.9X 29.4mm, dial set with 13 top Wesselton VS diamonds, and case set with 56 top Wesselton VVS diamonds
       Men who watch watches like that kind of non-negligible presence; women who watch watches are more willing to turn it into a part of themselves, blending in collocation and shape. Therefore, the ‘small and beautiful’ series of watches is actually easier to please Ldays.

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    Feeling The Beauty Of Machinery

    I often hear that there are three treasures for quality men, but each version has different words that say ‘watches, pens, leather shoes,’ and ‘watches, ties, belts,’ and ‘lighters.’ , Shavers and watches ‘, these versions are the only watch that overlaps anyway, that is to say, the importance that men attach to watches cannot be underestimated, and most men prefer mechanical watches. Indifferent to quartz watches. Such a performance is destined to be caused by men’s natural sensitivity and love for machinery. Today we will take you to appreciate a very delicate men’s automatic mechanical watch, the Baume & Mercier watch 10032.
      This watch perfectly follows the style of the Humberton series. Its exquisite workmanship and elegant design style, but you show your charm in your home. The silver rectangular dial and blue steel hands make up the classic watch. Modeling, many classic men’s watches are designed with white dial and blue steel hands.
      This watch belongs to the chronograph series. At the three o’clock position of the dial is a 30-minute chronograph dial, at six o’clock is the date display window, and at nine o’clock is the 12-hour chronograph dial. There are three buttons on the side of the case. The two o’clock position is the timing start / pause button. The three o’clock position is our common crown. The bottom button is the time zero reset button.
      The overall thickness of this watch reaches 13.4 mm. Even as a men’s watch, there are still some heavy ones, but some men naturally like thicker watches. We can clearly see the engraved celebrity logo on the crown, which symbolizes perfect and solid workmanship.
      The black alligator strap is stitched with grey silk and the lining is beige. The texture of the strap’s tail is stronger, and there is no such obvious texture near the strap.
      It can be seen that the strap is close to the lugs, although the texture is not so clear, but you can see the texture and details of this strap.
      In terms of wearing, this watch uses the most classic pin buckle wearing method. The biggest advantage of this wearing method is that everyone can use it. The other is safety, because the pin buckle can lock the strap. Hell, unless the buckle or the strap is broken, there is no problem.
      The buckle is still the design method commonly used by the Baume & Mercier Humberton series, that is, the sapphire crystal glass curved watch is higher than the case, and some of the sides of the watch are exposed outside, which undoubtedly adds to this watch It has full charm, but it also brings some hidden dangers to the arrangement.
      The back of the watch is also made of sapphire crystal glass. Through the back of the watch, we can clearly see the movement of this watch. This is undoubtedly the deadliest attraction for men who like machinery. However, it is a bit regrettable that Baume & Mercier did not provide us with the specific model of the movement used by this watch, so we cannot comment on the quality of this movement.
      Even if we do not know the model of the movement, we still have to take a closer look at this movement, we can see the LOGO of the Baume & Mercier and the impression of Geneva. According to Baume & Mercier’s product style, we can guess that this should be a movement from ETA, we don’t know the specific model, the movement must be improved by Baume & Mercier. With the continuous development of ETA movement, it has won a very good reputation in the market, so the quality is also worthy of recognition.
      There are four rivet-type time scales on the dial, which form a rectangle and it looks a little interesting. Most of the remaining time scales are displayed using ancient Roman numerals, which have a different kind of beauty.
      The white dial with blue steel hands is a combination I like very much. I asked a lot of watch friends around me and everyone liked it. According to previous product sales, this combination should be considered a classic.
      Summary: The first thing that touched me on this watch was its stylish design. Of course, the most striking thing was the blue steel hands. Then there are some relatively practical timing functions, which are very useful for people with a strong sense of time. In my spare time, I can also do a small game or something. I personally feel that the disadvantage is that it is slightly thicker. At present, the domestic price of this watch is about 70,000 yuan, friends who hope that they can pay attention to local dealers for accurate quotes.
    For more details, please see: baume / 19142 /

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    Age Is Just A Number, You Can Decide What You Want To Be

    Everyone has the right to choose to make themselves better, but not everyone is willing to make such efforts. Age is just a number. We may not escape the traces of time and life left on our bodies, but we can still fight gracefully to the end, at least not to give up on ourselves. ( Special thanks: People Photography / Summer Hsia) People to middle-aged, friends and parties apart from life and work, the most often sighs are ‘life is a pig killer’, ‘life is not easy ‘It’s easiest to get fat’ and so on. I remember during a party, a single female friend took out a photo of a man, his eyes glowing and said, ‘If my husband / boyfriend can still maintain such an appearance when he is 50, I am willing to give him a Hit the child. ‘The strike caused all the men present to be curious, and then the female friend showed off the following photos with a challenging eye. The style of painting was like this. The men present protested that this could not be a fifty-year-old man. The female friend only left a cold sentence: ‘He is Singaporean photographer ChuanDo, this year is 52, the Internet celebrity on IG, you go and check it yourself!’ Then there was a silence among the men who picked up their mobile phones, their faces The weather is cloudy, and the expressions are utterly endless, as if thinking about what kind of words to fight back, but without a strong reason. In the end, some people tried the last struggle and threw out a sentence: ‘He is a net red, this is not fair enough, handsome and natural, and you can train to have such conditions.’ ‘Then you look like No one is handsome, just over the age of 4 and everyone is over 5. They are still trying to maintain this figure, not to mention the abdominal muscles. May I ask the number of wrinkles, the number of weights, and the dressing style? ‘Female friends made up the deadliest knife, and did not even give the opportunity to explain their last words. When you are middle-aged, your appearance is a walking business card that shows one’s self-management and life attitude. Someone said: ‘No one will find your excellent inner through your sloppy appearance.’ When dealing with people, the other person’s first concern must be the face, body and clothing Decent, good appearance, can keep us absolutely decent in the face of cruel years. On the way to middle-aged people, there is too much helplessness in life, family, and work. Every day, they are burned by a variety of trivial matters and pressures. Therefore, many people simply ignore themselves and even give up. As a result, a group of ‘greasy uncles’ appeared in the eyes of the post-90s and post-00s. In their eyes, their bodies are blessed, they are not trimmed, their faces are shiny, they are wearing clothes that do not fit their body, and sometimes they have a large string of beads on their hands. No one can touch them, let alone have any possibility of communicating with such uncles, because the ‘brushing face’ level has directly brushed them into the sewer. Age is just a number, never an excuse, Especially as an excuse for self-abandonment. We may not have the will and conditions to become a celebrity, but it’s not difficult to spend time in daily life to remind ourselves to avoid self-abandonment. No time to go to the gym, Then go to work for more than 500 hundred meters to move a little; feel a bit too much for a meal, don’t lie on the sofa immediately, stand for half an hour, brush your phone, watch TV; waist is an inch longer than last week, Then eat less greasy, snacks and starch control; coupled with walking as much as possible to remind yourself to shrink the belly, it is better than the increase of internal annoyed belly, but do not want to go to the gym The guilt of being defeated by laziness. In terms of dress, the idea that middle-aged uncles should not pursue ‘shape’ is a fallacy that the middle-aged ethnic groups suppress each other. They would say ‘all of them are so old and still care so much’ People who are “dressed up” are completely unaware that they are close to “inability to return to the sky” and are unwilling to make any effort to change, so they try to draw others with themselves with a mocking and degrading attitude and words. Level. But I have no consciousness about my poor image in the eyes of others, and even feel that I am like a ‘real man’. I feel complacent. Appropriate dressing does not mean that I want to be full of famous brands or catch up with the trend. Clothing, clean and tidy instrumentation, trying to find a style that suits you, and presenting the most decent self, is the key to making a first impression, and it is the first step for people to decide whether to have trust. For details Attention, or even ingenious jewelry matching, is a little trick to deepen the impression. And the true meaning behind the phrase ‘a lot of people care about dressing up’ Responsibility is also the basic principle of respect for others. If you give up yourself, the end result is that life and others will gradually give up on you. Even if you drive a luxury car with a watch, it will be a first glance. The bad impression you see may also just be another local tyrant or rich greasy uncle in the hearts of others. On the contrary, let your decent image appear in the eyes of others, and then choose a watch with a good texture and good design for yourself Not only does it make people feel more comfortable, but it’s easier to have a willingness to actively communicate. After all, who does n’t want to get closer to beautiful people and things? It’s like the new Kerry from the Richemont brand brand. Dayton Club Bronze Watch Series , although it is a basic three-hand watch function, it presents confident and attractive men with many design details, special bronze materials with a variety of color dials, and a convertible strap The multi-layered appearance of the watch. Who says that watches can only be immutable and serious? Who stipulates that watches can only be worn in one way? This celebrity watch, which is nicknamed “Little Bronze King”, is a Bronze Watch of the Crichton Club. em>, its own bronze material already has variable diversity. Over time, the bronze case gradually oxidizes with your daily wear to your own unique mark. Every trace of oxidation is you and it. The years and memories we have experienced together. With the four different faceplates of Army Green, Dark Blue, Coffee, and Ink Black, each can play different sportsman styles such as sunlight, vitality, elegance and calmness, plus an interchangeable strap and a 100-meter Waterproof performance, change of occasions or all kinds of daily leisure activities can be easily accomplished. Such a high-quality men’s watch, Baume & Mercier watch has already prepared for you, depending on whether you will also be ready to take the first step towards a man, and let it add points to your new image charm . I want to remind everyone that beautiful things are always well received. Green disk styles have to be on the waiting list, and other color styles are extremely scarce. Once missed, the focus of the waiting time will make this time a pig killer. Take the opportunity. Everyone has the right to choose to make themselves better, but not everyone is willing to make such efforts. Age is just a number. We may not escape the traces of time and life that have left us, but we can still fight to the end gracefully, at least never giving up on ourselves. Bronze Clifton Club Bronze Watch, Material: Bronze, Movement: ETA2893-2 automatic movement, vibration frequency: 288,00 times per hour, power reserve: 42 hours, waterproof: 100 meters, suggested selling price: 20,600CNY

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    Basel 2019: Bronze With Khaki Green Turned Out To Be So Good-looking Zenith Pilot Type 20 Adventure

    The Zenith Pilot Type 20 series has always been the brand’s index series, and many classic styles have also been introduced and welcomed by the market. In 2019, Zenith launched the Pilot Type 20 Adventure watch and Pilot Type 20 Chronograph Adventure with bronze case. Zenith has applied khaki green to a brand new model. The watch combines an urban appearance with unparalleled versatility and a clear and easy-to-read Pilot trademark. It is suitable for urban players seeking adventure and fashion.

    This time the case is made of bronze material, after years of precipitation can produce a natural copper green. The side of the case is engraved with ‘HB-XXX’. ‘HB’ stands for Swiss Civil Aviation Registration Code, followed by the watch number

    This time, like the onboard instruments developed by Zenith for the early years of aviation history, the Pilot Type 20 Chronograph Adventure is powered by an automatic El Primero column wheel chronograph movement. The Pilot Type 20 Adventure is not to be outdone. It is equipped with an Elite 679 automatic movement, which ensures complete travel time and a power reserve of 50 hours.

    New model with camouflage crocodile leather and soft khaki matrix calfskin leather strap with protective rubber and titanium buckle clasp for military style

    The watch is equipped with an easy-to-adjust wide ratchet crown, which became the inspiration for the evolution of early aeronautical instruments into the 21st century. The Pilot Type 20 Adventure uses the logo of Zenith flight instruments on the case back of the titanium case as a way to dare them. A tribute to the pioneering spirit of the world, these cities are equipped with grained khaki green faceplates and oversized Arabic numerals made of Super-LumiNova® fluorescent paint, allowing the wearer to easily read the face at any time plate.

    Pilot Type 20 Chronograph Adventure

    Bronze material / El Primero 4069 self-winding movement / hour, minute, small seconds display / chronograph function / sapphire crystal mirror / waterproof 100 meters / diameter 45mm / reference price: 58,000 RMB

    Pilot Type 20 Adventure

    Bronze material / Elite 679 self-winding movement / hour, minute, second display / sapphire crystal mirror / water resistance 100 meters / diameter 45mm / reference price: 54,000 RMB

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    Catatrava Ultra Thin Women’s Watch

    Ref. 4897R, Cal.215 hand-wound ultra-thin movement, power reserve about 44 hours, 18K rose gold case, polished and polished, case set with 72 diamonds, sapphire crystal, strap 18K rose gold case back with sapphire window, case diameter 33 mm, rose gold plated matte arrow-shaped hour markers, double faceted sword-shaped hour and minute hands, sandblasted on the other side, matte brown satin strap , 18K rose gold pin buckle.
    Recommended reason:
         Abandon the ‘stale’ concept of ‘women’s watches mostly use quartz movements’ that you have always adhered to. Now Patek Philippe lets you know that women’s watches can not only use mechanical movements, but also use manual winding. Who says that the words mechanical and controllable are men’s patents? The moment you put it on your wrist, you are destined to stun the queen that night.