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    The Paradox Of New Product Retail And Second-hand Market The Different Ecology Of Watch Industry

    Just like Patek Philippe’s familiar classic slogan-‘No one can own a Patek Philippe, it’s just for the next generation of custody.’ Watchmaking brands always tirelessly emphasize the inherent quality and long-lasting performance of timepieces. This leaves people with the impression that the quality of the watch does not change over time. However, at the same time, watchmaking brands are still ignorant of the vast second-hand watch market, and they have not even considered giving them a more euphemistic name.

    Christian Odin, founder and CEO of France’s largest watch trading platform Cresus

       On December 3, 2015, the 19th International Symposium of Watch Marketing Seminar was held in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, and finally paid a little attention to the increasing number of participants in the secondary watch market. Different speakers at the meeting explored the ambiguities of two mutually exclusive worlds, one is the new market for luxury retailers, and the other is the already profitable two watch market.

    Catherine Bourdin-Mougel and Karine Brisset win JIMH Awards

    Brand Opt Out
       In recent years, the transaction of second-hand luxury goods has skyrocketed, and the annual turnover of the global watch market alone can reach billions of dollars. There are two main reasons for the remarkable growth in the luxury market over the past two decades: the arrival of new technologies and changes in purchasing habits. Through private sales, auctions, loans, swaps, and leasing, the number of easy-to-hand watches continues to increase, and the Internet is another important driving force. The latter has shown endless development potential in contacting buyers and sellers. The number of new products sold each year around the world makes this market situation even more encouraging. In 2014, Swiss watch exports reached 5 million pieces, with an average value of more than 500 Swiss francs.
       However, as Catherine Bourdin-Mougel from the Chamber of Commerce of the Province of Ontario said, watchmaking brands are no longer able to operate in this area. The lack of interest, or the lack of possibility, is largely due to the difference in sales thinking between the two markets: on the one hand, a strict pricing strategy that excludes any form of discount; on the other, there are distinct unpredictable ends on both the supply and demand sides. Sex. Catherine Bourdin-Mougel concluded, ‘Other market players fill this gap.’

    According to Christian Odin, the success of the second watch market is due to new shopping habits

    Juggling word games
       Cresus is one of them. Headquartered in Lyon, the company is France’s largest second-hand watch trading platform, employing 43 people. Since its establishment in 1993, it has sold more than 50,000 pieces and achieved a turnover of 15 million euros in 2015. Cresus has 9 retail stores and 1 website, ensuring online and offline coverage. ‘There is a fixed process for buying a watch,’ said Christian Odin, founder. ‘Customers first seek relatives and friends, then browse the Internet, and finally visit the retailer. Our mission is to accompany customers at every step, blog, Facebook or the company’s official website ( Daily visits can reach 10,000 people). ‘The watch you no longer wear, there is always someone else who wants to own it, this is the entry point of the Cresus business. How does the company focus on maintaining its brand image and sales network? Play around with word games!
       Despite engaging in completely legal business in a market economy, Cresus is cautious and cautious. What is the reason? First of all, Cresus business is not included in the authorized network and is not controlled by the brand. Therefore, most brands refuse any kind of contact. ‘We are not on the brand’s dialogue list,’ explains Christian Odin, ‘the door is open.’ As a result, the brand will not train watchmakers, supply parts, and provide after-sales service for Cresus. Secondly, Cresus’s supply comes not only from individuals, but also from authorized retailers (excess inventory), and sometimes even the manufacturers themselves, which makes the originally obscure areas surface. ‘If there is a new product label, we will have trouble,’ Christian Odin said frankly. ‘We don’t offer discounted prices. Watches are cheap because they are second-hand, that’s it.’

    Geoffroy Ader, general manager of Antigoron Online, talks about insights and insights into the second watch auction

    The power of auctions
       Auction houses are another major player in the second-hand luxury market. Bidding sales first appeared in ancient Rome as a means of distributing loot. With the founding of Sotheby’s (1744) and Christie’s (1766), modern auction houses are finally taking shape. Two centuries later, in 1974, Antigourn Geneva became the first auction house to focus on watches.
       Since then, this channel has developed into an industry reference that cannot be ignored and is sufficient to have an impact on the new product market. At one time, the auction only offered antique clocks and pocket watches, but in a modern auction, in some cases, 95% of the lots were watches that were released shortly. The most notable achievement comes from Patek Philippe, a brand that regularly sets transaction price records. On November 14, 1989, Antigourn organized the first single-brand timepiece auction, 231 Patek Philippe watches, including the one bought by French actor Fernandez for himself in 1945. From launch to auction, time didn’t go far, but prices skyrocketed. Patek Philippe also pioneered the second watch trade as a means of adding aura to the brand. It is worth mentioning that Patek Philippe has almost all auction records of timepieces. In November 2014, a Patek Philippe pocket watch sold for $ 24 million, setting a new record for watch auctions.

    Kim Claes, Graduate School of Business, Seoul National University, believes that there is a specific correlation between the auction price and the price of a new product

    Affects the price of new products
       According to Kim Claes, Graduate School of Business, Seoul National University, and Ryan Raffaeli, Boston Business School, ‘Watchmakers can benefit from the added value of brand watch auctions.’ In a study entitled ‘Second Watch Market Analysis-Based on Antigoron Database’ In the report, the two students reviewed the auction held by Antigoren in 1984-2012, and research showed that 95% of the lots sold exceeded the lowest estimate and 5% of the lots sold exceeded the highest estimate. They concluded that for the latter, ‘brands can increase the price of new products by 4% to 25% without losing customers.’ High-profile auctions in luxury hotels can attract the attention of wealthy collectors and even public speculators. And, once again, the Internet has become the intermediate medium for most lotteries. Today, auction houses and online platforms supply tens of thousands of modern and antique timepieces throughout the year.

    Jean-Marie Schaller, CEO of Louis Moinet

       Will the expanding secondary watch market adversely affect brands? No, Christian Odin affirmed that as long as market players can act according to rules, brands are more closely involved. Jean-Marie Schaller, CEO of niche brand Louis Moinet, was invited to attend the round table and made a conclusive judgment on the situation: ‘I have bought some outstanding timepieces made by Mr. Louis Moinet during his life, including time Measuring the first chronograph in history, (participating in the auction) will undoubtedly help to improve the brand’s reputation. However, I have also seen brand watches online, or stolen dirty goods or (as a gift) transfer Sale, the price is only a quarter or even a fifth of its due value. Obviously, this is very unfavorable to the brand image. ‘

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    This 5,000 Yuan Replica Diving Watch, Why Can It Become An Annual Explosion?

    I have long been used to grab Nautilus, Daytona, and Royal Oak. Now I find that everyone is restless and ready to grab Certina, which really admires rabbits. I can’t bear everyone’s troubles. Today, the rabbit is ready to take advantage of the big day of your online shopping (failure) on Double Eleven, to make a contribution, of course, there will be additional surprises today. This year’s Citroën DS PH200M replica diving watch, but in fact, I am more concerned about what kind of story behind this watch became popular. The popularity of this watch was completely expected by the rabbit, because when I first saw the DS PH200M at the Basel Watch Fair in March, I expected it to sell well. The reason is simple, super high value, and 5350. The price of yuan is very high. This is more interesting with nato belt. When I saw Lei Jiayin’s magazine blockbuster a few days ago, I actually wore this watch, and I felt that it really looked like something to do. But since it is a replica watch, its predecessor naturally has a story. The DS PH200M was first produced in 1967 and was born in the Swiss town of Grünchen where Certina is located. It is a diving watch with the charm of an era. The original prototype was that there were not many records of the steel strap on the watch itself, but Certina found an antique watch real body and used it to take a taste of the 60s. The model wears a white shirt and wears an antique watch prototype. It reflects the feeling of the sixties. Behind this watch, we see the development history of Certina diving watches. Around 1960, Certina’s first dive watches went on the market, at which time the DS series was just launched (1959). When the successor of DS (DS-2) was released in 1968, two versions were provided, with a water resistance of 200 meters and 500 meters, respectively. Among them, DS-2 Super PH 500M was successfully used in TEKTITE I and II tests conducted between 1969 and 1970. TEKTITE I is a joint underwater test in the Lameshur Bay on St. John’s Island near the Virgin Islands. It is a collaboration of the US Navy, NASA, the US Department of the Interior, and General Electric Company. Four deep divers lived in a submarine residence 15 meters below sea level for 60 days. The Super PH 500M watch has been evaluated by 13 criteria and scored excellently. This test at that time fully proved the strength of Certina diving watches. This year coincides with the 130th anniversary of Certina. Taking this opportunity to rewrite the DS PH200M is also a tribute to history. The model changed to a blue shirt and wore this year’s re-engraved new 42.8 mm stainless steel case with a unidirectional rotating black bezel with graduations. The dial is also black, but the hands and timepiece have Super-LumiNova fluorescent coating. The back of the watch is a very classic embossed pattern of Certina (rabbit has quietly learned before, the reason it is a turtle is because only the turtle does not retract its head when it is in danger, which can also be hidden as guts and spirit ). The case back is a classic brand logo just mentioned. Unlike the 1967 version, the new DS PH200M is equipped with a calfskin strap, and a black and blue Nato braided strap with pin buckle is also provided. The quick-release strap is very easy to remove by yourself. As for the other designs, the original works are highly restored, such as the broad sword shape. It is worth mentioning that the Nato strap is waterproof. The original case of this watch is also waterproof. Of course, the similarity is not just the surface, the new DS PH200M watch uses the original DS double insurance technology of the 1960s (DS is Double Security). Certina’s modern models all use sapphire crystals, but in order to be consistent with the original, they still use a round plexiglass surface with an anti-glare coating and a scratch-resistant NEX Scratchguard coating on one side. Independent mounting ring. The first generation of dual-insurance technology is actually well understood. It is called a floating movement. It is a movement that is covered with a layer of waterproof and shock-resistant rubber rings. Waterproof and shock-resistant components are also added between the mirror and the movement, and between the mirror and the case. . As for today’s dual insurance technology, the rabbit probably mentioned a few words. The biggest feature is that generally the diving crown has a rubber ring, and all Certina watches have 2 rubber rings at the crown, and there are also places where the crown is connected to the case, so even if the crown is pulled out, Still waterproof (rabbit has heard of store listings and put the watch directly in the water, of course, this need not be imitated). That’s why all Certina watches are 100 meters waterproof. As for the movement, of course, the Powermatic 80 movement. Since the Swatch Group has been used in various brands, its stability is also much better than the first generation. In addition, the rabbit has been introduced many times. The 80-hour power reserve is very suitable for lazy people. It was taken off on Friday, and it still walked before going to work on Monday, saving time adjustment steps. In fact, when we talked about this explosive model, almost no one asked me about the movement. For most people, the price of 5350 yuan is high enough to be convincing. The most obvious characteristic of these two years is that when you say that a watch is solid enough and durable enough, it seems that it is not enough. As long as it is good-looking, it seems that many people can tolerate other small flaws. This is an era of ‘face’, even watches. Yes. For brands such as Certina, this year also seems to be a surprise-just like the old generation has begun to pay attention to dressing up, and often has new fun. At least on the basis of good quality, we pursue good-looking, which is itself a more assured choice. Who is chasing this watch? Rabbit made a simple survey, which is roughly divided into three categories:

    1, consumers with budgets around 5,000 yuan. 2, passing money is not bad, I find it fun to buy. 3, the big brothers who buy watches are also no shortage of fun, anyway, cheap, one more to wear.

    The collective influx of these three groups has naturally created a ‘tight-selling’ situation. Of course, the first batch of DS PH200M in China is very small. The Tmall store only had 10 pieces in total. Just at 12:20 in the morning, the rabbit deliberately went to Certina’s official flagship store and saw that the watch had been emptied . The others are scattered throughout the country. However, Rabbit found a spy photo for you, and there are stores in the country that are currently in stock. If you have n’t grabbed it, but you are still interested, you may wish to compare your luck with your city. Physical stores, successfully starting a piece). From the perspective of future trends, the price of 5000 yuan is not small, and Certina is already one of the successful cases. In addition, there is no shortage of formal watches on the 5000 yuan market, but there are not many iconic sports models. The sports wind has spread to this place, which obviously brings more new opportunities. The point is, do you only use watches as tools or accessories? The former seeks practicality, the latter loves beauty, and a practical watch may suffice, but it will definitely make people break through the number limit. The gossip rabbit is only original, welcome to repost!

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    Tag Heuer New Two Emerald Green Dial Watches

    With two new watch collections, TAGHeuer is introducing trendy colors for men and women who are eager to innovate timepieces that combine fashion and function.

       Swiss watchmakers took inspiration from the fascinating marine blue-green tones to create two sporty green dials for any terrain. The new fashion watch combines both men’s and women’s styles and is known for its daily versatility and professional diving performance. These modern diving timepieces are perfect for individuals or as couples to buy watches, we invite wearers to enjoy a good life. Whether it’s a sea vacation or exploring the underwater world, it’s a great companion.


       The 43mm model of the diving watch (model: WAY2015.BA0927) has a beautiful green dial with striking light and shadow effects. The horizontal line design across the dial resembles a wooden dock where sailing boats are moored. The dial has a date window at 3 o’clock, the numbers on the bezel are filled with black lacquer, as is the triangle mark at 12 o’clock. The smaller 32 mm model (model: WBD1316.BA0740) uses the same color scheme and is decorated with solar radiation and elegant diamond hour markers. The dial at 3 o’clock and the bezel at 12 o’clock have date windows and triangular markings, respectively, for best readability. Both watches are made of stainless steel with a stainless steel bracelet. The 43mm model has a built-in Calibre5 automatic movement, while the 32mm model is driven by a quartz movement.

    Ready to dive

       These sturdy watches are both sturdy and stylish, suitable for any terrain experience and sports activity, especially for underwater exploration. Both watches are equipped with the six standard diving functions of the diving series: water-resistant to 300 meters (30 bar), unidirectional rotating bezel, screw-in crown, fluorescent hands and hour markers, dual safety buckle, and sapphire Crystal mirror.

       Elegant, sophisticated and fearless, in the history of TAGHeuer, waterproof timepieces have continuously evolved and developed. The new model is a modern interpretation of the historic diving series. With a comfortable chain and a timeless design, accurate and reliable diving watches escort the life experience of watch lovers anytime, anywhere. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

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    The Chopard Classic Watch Series Is Equipped With A Mechanical Movement To Celebrate Its 20th Anniversary

    For 20 years, Chopard Happy Sport watch series has attracted countless love watch families with its modern flavor, boldness and unrestrained style. This year, to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the series, Chopard has launched the Happy Sport Medium Automatic with mechanical movement.
       In 1993, Caroline Scheufele designed the Chopard classic Happy Sport. Since then, with the passage of time, the personality of this series has been continuously enriched, sometimes with a sense of humor, but always maintained an elegant style. The names of each series are rich in content: Happy Beach, La Vie en Rose, Happy Spirit, Mystery Pink …
       Today, to celebrate the birth of a fine watch with active diamonds a few millimeters above the dial, Chopard’s latest Happy Sport Medium Automatic is launched. The famous active diamond, the most charming jewellery idea in the past 40 years, is even more glorious due to the mechanical movement.

    Diamond and mechanical movement
    Elegant and noble, mature and refined, the new Happy Sport Medium Automatic watch inherits the original style of the Happy Sport series. The front dial pays homage to the traditional decorative elements of classic watchmaking. The silver Newsot pattern background perfectly sets out 7 active diamonds. On the back, the self-winding mechanical movement is clearly visible through the sapphire crystal caseback, decorated with straight Geneva waves. The watch is available in stainless steel and 18K rose gold, with a diamond or polished bezel, a 36 mm case diameter, a water resistance of 30 meters, and an alligator leather strap.

    Model: 274808-5002-18K Rose Gold, 18K Rose Gold Strap

    Model: 274808-5003-18K Rose Gold with Diamond Bezel

    Model: 274808-5003-18K Rose Gold with Diamond Bezel

    Model: 388549-3006-Stainless Steel

    Model: 388549-3006-Stainless Steel

    Technical specifications
    Steel or 18K rose gold
    Total diameter: 36.00 mm
    Thickness: 12.08 mm
    Water resistance: 30 meters
    Stainless steel or 18K rose gold bezel, polished or diamond
    Steel or 18K rose gold crown with sapphire 6.00 mm
    7 live diamonds
    Anti-glare sapphire crystal surface
    Open case back

    Automatic mechanical movement
    Diameter: 26.20 mm
    Thickness: 3.60 mm
    Number of gems: 25
    Vibration frequency: 28,800 times / hour (4 Hz)
    Power reserve: 42 hours

    Dial and hands:
    Silver Newsot dial or 18K rose gold diamond dial
    Rhodium or gold-plated hour, minute and second hands
    Rhodium or gold plated time stamp

    Function and display:
    Hours, minutes and seconds are centered
    Calendar at 4:30 (except full diamond version)

    Strap and buckle:
    Alligator leather or 18K rose gold strap with folding clasp
    Stainless steel or 18K rose gold pin buckle
    Watch home 2013 Basel international watch exhibition special website: