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    Thinking Of ‘slow Activism’ – Karl Onuohe

    In November 2014, the 6th Forum de la Haute Horlogerie was held at the Lausanne International Management Institute in Switzerland. Carl Honoré, author of In Praise of Slow and The Slow Fix, gave a lecture on slowing down the pace of life. Time, especially time measurement, will be in this concept. Play a core and key role.
       How do people know time now? Mostly through cheap watches, flashing digital screens, or smartphones. All of them have the characteristics of one-time and cheap. It is because we understand time from this level that we have strengthened the perception that time is just another commodity, like oil and gas, which can be traded freely. Just use the resources.
       But if from the level of fine watchmaking, those timepieces that have taken hundreds of years, days or even longer to build upon hundreds of years of glory and perceive through such works, then I believe that the relationship between people and time will change. It’s totally different. These timepieces remind us that time is not a commodity but a gift, and in fact it is the most precious gift we can give ourselves and others. As a result, fine watchmaking does fit perfectly into the slow-life revolution.
       A key to slowing down the pace of life is to look at the passage of time peacefully. Studies show that just looking at the clock face is enough to cause people to worry about time. Casinos and malls never set a clock, just to make gamblers or customers slow down and forget the passing of time. The eye-catching clock face is full of eyes, and the ticking of the hands seems to be ringing in our ears all the time, all of which make us become manic, and then go faster and faster. We must build a more harmonious and fluid relationship with time.
       A company in New York has developed a ‘slow watches’ with only one pointer, which only rotates once a day. But I think the Hermès Arceau Le Temps Suspendu watch’s creativity best embodies the idea of ​​a slower life, which also shows that people have also begun to try to stay away from the hurried virus, and no longer regard every day of life as a race against the clock. Walking with time and enjoying every minute is a way to regain control over time. But now that we have lost this ability, we are doing many complicated tasks at the same time, so I support those things that can bring us precious enjoyment.
       But there is still a problem here: ‘Slow’ is a deep-rooted taboo that seems to have become synonymous with laziness, and nobody wants to change it. Because we are all ‘speed junkies,’ we slow down and be considered sinful. As with any other kind of mystery, they will panic when they take what fascinates them. So if one afternoon we find ourselves occasionally free and doing nothing, we feel we must do something to fill the void.
       We in the workplace are always pushed in one direction involuntarily. More and more people are looking for ways to slow down their pace of life, although it is not easy. People are beginning to realize that the fast pace of life is harmful to physical health, and in the end the actual work efficiency is deeply affected.
       Slow work! It can be said that the pressure of speed has been following along since the time when humans learned how to measure time, taking advantage of the opportunity of the industrial revolution to take off, and has been in an upward trend ever since. It must be acknowledged that, in most cases, accelerating speed creates more value for humanity. But in the past ten years, people feel that the pendulum seems to have moved so far that it hurts our lives. The emergence of the slow life revolution can be described as the times require, of course, the change of this life concept and method will not be fast.

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    Earl’s Telemedicine Program Benefits Altiplano Plateau, Bolivia

    Piaget and its famous Altiplano ultra-thin series watch, from charity, to contribute to the humanitarian plan, combined with the expertise of the University of Geneva Hospital (HUG) in telemedicine, together Charity cooperation. This plan was facilitated by the opening reception hosted by the Thonon-Geneva International Rotary Club, which is hosted by many Geneva-based fine watchmakers, public or private professional medical units. The only highest purpose is to provide high-quality medical services in remote areas of the Altiplano Plateau in Bolivia through the construction of technological equipment and ultrasonic equipment.

       Philippe Léopold-Metzger, Earl’s Chief Executive Officer, said, ‘This humanitarian charity is based on the Altiplano Plateau, one of the highest and most remote settlements in the world. The Altiplano plan achieves this intention. The five medical bases use technology equipment and ultrasonic equipment to build a complete information network through the Internet. They can also compare the health of patients. The public provides appropriate medical education.
       Under the leadership of Professor Antoine Geissbuhler, eHealth & Telemedicine at the University Hospital of Geneva, the plan finally took shape from June to December 2011. Completely installed, completed the construction of relevant electronic equipment and instruments, followed the blueprint for education and training and gradually practiced, and even the medical base has entered the operational stage. Professor Antoine Geissbuhler said, ‘Telemedicine equipment improves the care of patients in remote areas, and at the same time promotes the communication and transmission of professional medical information, eliminating the inconvenience of having to move patients or related medical personnel.’

       After this program was listed as the core of the Earl Charity Sponsorship Program, Earl McKenzie’s CEO decided to expand the amount of sponsorship funds, as Professor Antoine Geissbuhler insisted, “Integrate the activities of existing medical bases to New services, in particular teledermatology, in collaboration with Dr. Marc Pechere, the authority on teledermatology, and the extension of this medical network to Potosi and Uyuni Salar d ‘Uyuni). The plan also includes organizing seminars to connect Bolivian officials and representatives at all levels to lay a good foundation for this national telemedicine program in Bolivia. ‘

       The University Hospital of Geneva and the Arteres Foundation, which play an important role in linking various ministries in this project, are also impressed by the philanthropy and the fruitful results of the joint effort!

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    Timeless Rolex Three Classic Rolex Watches Recommended

    Rolex, a legendary watch brand. In the watch circle, Rolex enthusiasts often use a word to describe Rolex, that is, ‘Luo’ forever. In the current watch circle, Rolex is the only watch brand that is favored by people for its precision. Although it is not as accurate as quartz watches, the spirit of people’s pursuit of the precision of mechanical watches is Very favorite. Today, the Watch House recommends three classic Rolex watches for everyone.

    Rolex Submariner 116610LV-97200 Green Dial Watch

    Watch Series: Submariner Series
    Movement type: automatic machinery
    Case material: stainless steel
    Strap material: stainless steel
    Case diameter: 40 mm
    Domestic public price: 700,000
    Watch details:

    Watch Series: Diary
    Movement type: automatic machinery
    Case material: 18K yellow gold-stainless steel
    Strap Material: 18K Yellow Gold-Stainless Steel
    Case diameter: 36 mm
    Domestic public price: ¥ 97800
    Watch details:

    Watch Series: Greenwich II Series
    Movement type: automatic machinery
    Case material: stainless steel
    Strap material: stainless steel
    Case diameter: 40 mm
    Domestic public price: 64900
    Watch details: rolex / 5085 /
    Watch Reviews: This Greenwich II watch and Black Water Ghost are two watches that many people struggle with. Of course, some people choose this Greenwich II watch and some people choose Black Water Ghost. This is the 2 watches. A fascinating watch. This GMT watch is 100 meters waterproof. It is enough to drain water if it is not deep diving. In addition, the watch also has a dual time zone display function, which is useful for friends who travel frequently.

    In summary: Rolex watches’ ‘stable, applicable, and not flashy’ design style has been greatly promoted by people, and precision and durability make Rolex worth more. Each Rolex watch technician has the same confidence that everything must be improved. Every production process is subject to strict quality control. Each watch enters the air pressure chamber to test the waterproof performance, and then uses an atomic clock with an error of two seconds every 100 years. Accuracy calibration, the meter completed all quality tests before leaving the factory. Rolex, this brand has its own insistence. Rolex stands for precision and durability of mechanical watches.

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    Breguet Classique 5177 White Enamel Watch

    18K yellow gold case and white enamel dial, with needle-pointed blue steel hands and unique numerals, make Breguet’s unparalleled style. Equipped with a new basic movement 3/4 777Q self-winding movement, incorporating a number of cutting-edge technologies, including silicon escape wheel and escapement lever, ceramic bearings, new Nivachoc suspension and DLC-coated barrel surface
    Contemporary white enamel watches are basically precious metal cases with leather straps. They are simple and retro in style. They do not deliberately pursue overly decorative styles and dazzling mechanical functions, allowing the watch to return to its original appearance. The round case is the most obvious common feature of these watches, because classic pocket watches are all round cases. Made of gold, rose gold, and platinum, both in keeping with tradition and representing their extraordinary position in the product line. The ivory-white dial with antique Breguet needles, willow needles, sword-shaped needles, and pear-shaped needles, these elegant elegance in details will evoke memories of 18th century Europe.
    Bao Baozhen once introduced a very famous white enamel watch 5140. From the heavy 18K gold case, the diameter of 40 mm, to the small three-pin dial details are clearly from 200 years ago antique pocket watches. In particular, the hollow second hand on the sunken eccentric small plate, and the ‘hidden signature’ engraved on the white dial, are very classical. The fans of Breguet-style hands and Breguet-type figures of watch fans are fully interpreted on this watch. Later, the 5177 was changed to a three-pointer, plus a calendar display. The same white enamel dial with Breguet-type numerals and blue-steel Breguet-style hands still has a strong retro style.

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    Top Precious Watches

    Patek Philippe self-winding semi-skeleton three-question perpetual calendar watch, this exquisite watch is extremely exquisite rare platinum and pink gold as a whole, at the same time with flyback date, moon phase profit and loss and leap year display, 2009 It was manufactured in the year of 5104P. Patek Philippe is a famous Swiss watch brand that began in 1839. Every watch is very precious.
    Estimate: HK $ 4 million to 5 million / US $ 510,000 to 640,000.
    Patek Philippe automatic winding three minute perpetual calendar watch, this is the second precious Patek Philippe watch. Extremely exquisite pink gold wine barrel design, with flyback date, moon phase profit and loss and leap year display. The year of manufacture is 1998, model 5013R. Patek Philippe’s watch adheres to the tradition of quality, beauty and reliability. With its strong sense of boutique, exquisite craftsmanship, and continuous innovation, it has created a world-renowned watch brand.
    Estimate: HK $ 2.4 million to 3.2 million / US $ 300,000 to 410,000
    Greubel ForseyG (Quadruple Tourbillon) four-body tourbillon watch, this watch is made of extremely rare platinum, with power reserve display, number 3, about 2009. Cooperfuss watches have always been centered on high-complexity watches, and each watch has amazing creativity.
    Estimate: HK $ 2.2 million to 3.5 million / US $ 280,000 to 450,000 —

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    Introduction To Patek Philippe 3970eg Perpetual Calendar Chronograph

    Estimated price: 90,000-20000 Swiss francs
    Commission price: 103200 Swiss francs (about RMB 663,864)
    【Overall description】
    The case diameter is 36 mm and the thickness is 13 mm. Caliber number 3046243, case number 4125944, model number 3970EG, sold by Hausmann in Rome, Italy in 2001, good condition, waterproof, solid 18K white gold case, polished, diamond inlaid, round chronograph button, screwed Transparent case back, sapphire crystal, black dial, hour markers with 10 round-cut diamonds and 1 bar-cut diamond, perpetual calendar function, moon phase display, leap year display, 24 hours, 18K white gold Patek Philippe buckle , Comes with original wooden watch box, certificate of origin, adjustment dial, booklet, and an 18K white gold back and an original silver dial.
    [Movement configuration]
    CH 27-70 / 155 Q movement with Geneva stamp, rhodium-plated, 24 rubies, vertical lever escapement, Gy ro max balance wheel with accurate hot and cold isochronism and 8-direction accurate correction, shock absorber, automatic Compensation Breguet-free balance spring, signed on the dial, case and movement.
    评论 [Review]
    The Patek Philippe 3970 is divided into three specific ‘sequences’: the first sequence uses a push-back case with a diameter of 36 mm. This sequence is the least recognized model with less than 100 surviving ones; the second sequence uses solid spins The pendant case back is also from the appearance of this series, Patek Philippe began to launch a diamond-set version of 3971, which is very similar to the 3970 appearance, but uses a sapphire screw-in case back.
    Patek Philippe has also received many orders for 3970’s transparent case back. The third sequence is 3970E, where the letter E is the acronym for French waterproofing, which means that the watch is waterproof. In view of the fact that the second series of 3970s has received many orders for custom transparent casebacks, the 3970E is sold with two styles of casebacks. In the Hong Kong auction of Antigoron on June 27 last year, a brand new 3970EJ was sold with a commission price of 570,000 yuan.
    3970 has long been discontinued, and the subsequent model is the 5970, which has a bullish price all the way. In my opinion, whether it is 3970 or 5970, there is still room for second-hand price increases.