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    Chopard Green Carpet Collection

    In September 2013, following the launch of two top jewellery pieces at the Cannes International Film Festival, Chopard chose the Venice International Film Festival to showcase its latest green carpet series as a global luxury brand.

     Before the world-famous film festival decorated the most elegant women’s dream on the red carpet, the source of jewellery works was profound. The provenance of the gemstones, especially gold, that make up jewellery is even more important today. With years of experience and its role in the jewellery industry and its social and ecological responsibility, Chopard Watchmaking Factory has invested in an ambitious sustainable development activity called ‘The Journey’.

    The Journey

     Working with Eco-Age and its founder, Livia Firth, Chopard joined the Green Carpet Challenge to strengthen social ethics and the fashion world. At the initiative of the event, Chopard designed and launched a bracelet and a pair of earrings, as the first jewelry pieces of the Green Carpet Collection, together with the famous Red Carpet Collection launched during the annual Cannes Film Festival by Chopard. Well-known actress Marion Cotillard wore both pieces when she stepped up the stairs at the Cannes Film Festival.

    Exquisitely handed down new products

     The far-reaching ‘The Journey’ is a natural extension of Chopard’s instincts that evokes praise for its artistic value. Caroline Scheufele and Livia Firth, co-president and creative director of Chopard, have unveiled this new high-end necklace to the world. Its pure and perfect design is almost suffocating. 144 pear-shaped diamonds (43.1 carats) are set in 18 carat white gold, creating this smooth and supreme work. Crafted by jewelers, gem inlayers, sanders and gold casters at Chopard’s top jewellery workshops, this boutique is also a testament to Chopard’s outstanding jewellery craftsmanship.