No Reason To Be Fascinated By Women # 4 # —-

To a certain extent, women value time more than men. Although time is the enemy of beauty and beauty, time will give a woman the charm that can not be given by heavy makeup, the kind of maturity and charm accumulated over time. Watches are more jewellery than jewelry, and women who know how to appreciate watches have a greater sense of personality and personality in the eyes of men.

  Piaget GALA G0A38160 watch


Comment on the watch: Piaget has always had an irreplaceable position in the field of fine watchmaking and jewelry. The LimelightGala series has been advancing with the times and innovating constantly, telling the brand’s sincere praise for women. The G0A38160 watch breaks the straight and circular lines that people are often familiar with. Two elegant lugs have been extended from the sides of the case to the strap, which makes the watch look beautiful and atmospheric while extending the lines of the case. On the 32mm dial, the black Roman numerals indicate the change of time, the Piaget’s mark at the three o’clock position, and the silver hour and minute hands mark the track of time. The LimelightGala series has been conceived from sketching and designing, all the way to the mold opening and polishing of the case. All of them are dedicated to the watchmaker’s hands. Therefore, the shape and line of the watch, as well as the polishing and polishing of each diamond. The gloss is perfect, interpreting Piaget’s distinctive style.

  In the end, the black silk straps even more embellish the dazzling luster of the diamond. The GALA series also has different styles of watches to choose from, and the G0A38161 in rose gold is more restrained and elegant, with different styles in the earl.

Basic Information
Number: G0A38160
Brand: Piaget
Movement type: Quartz
Gender: Lady
Price: ¥ 260,200
Published: 2014 Geneva
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Comment on the watch: not round, not square, but barrel-shaped. The most beautiful gesture of this LIMELIGHT barrel-shaped series G0A39188 watch is its appearance. Like a set of women’s evening dresses, each side of its rose gold case is inlaid with neatly arranged diamonds, which exudes luxury and elegance to the fullest, wearing even more charming on women’s slender wrists. The overall size is 27×38 mm. The white dial is decorated with bar scales. The ancient Roman numerals are used at 6 and 12 o’clock. The soft tones and simple design are just the extraordinary elegance and nobility of women. The white ceramic crown and strap echo each other to form a wonderful match. In terms of power, the watch is equipped with Piaget’s 690P quartz movement. Piaget’s movement is very thin. This movement naturally makes the watch light and convenient, while also eliminating the tediousness of women’s winding.

Basic Information
Number: G0A39188
Brand: Piaget
Movement type: Quartz
Gender: Lady
Published: 2014 Geneva
Price: ¥ 164,000
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Comment on the watch: Compared with the soft watch in LIMELIGHT, this Dancer G0A31035 watch is more neat, pure, and has a strong line. The 38mm 18k white gold case is more stylish and capable under the double ring circular engraving on the bezel and bracelet. The silver-plated dial, with the classic Barton hour markers, shows the time, and the satin-finished toffee hands rotate regularly. Another feature of this watch is that it is ultra-thin. As everyone knows, the ultra-thin design has always been Piaget’s signature craftsmanship. This watch has a thickness of 6.9 mm and is equipped with a Piaget 430P ultra-thin manual winding mechanical movement. It is derived from the legendary Piaget 9P movement, which is only 2.1 mm thick. The movement is decorated with a traditional circular Geneva wave pattern, and the exquisite decoration and beauty are clearly visible through the back case.

Basic Information
Number: G0A31035
Brand: Piaget
Series: DANCER and traditional watches
Movement type: manual machinery
Gender: Lady
Price: ¥ 296,000
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Comments on the models: These four Piaget watches are different and have their own characteristics. The beauty of this POSSESSION G0A36188 watch is the rotating diamonds, the 18K rose gold case, set with 37 round diamonds, which radiate a bright luster between the wrists as the wrist swings. The 29 mm diameter makes this watch more delicate and compact. The design of the bezel seems to be layered, and it has a rhythm and a dynamic beauty. The internal silver-white dial with black Roman numerals is another ingenious feature of the watch, which can be replaced at will, and a second strap is included for replacement, which is more convenient for women. Fashion matching needs. In terms of power, the watch is equipped with the Quartz 157P quartz movement to meet the energy requirements.

Basic Information
Number: G0A36188
Brand: Piaget
Movement type: Quartz
Gender: Lady
Price: ¥ 107,000
For more watch details, please click: piaget / 24268 /

Summary: Choosing a watch is a choice and recognition for the brand. Piaget can capture the charm of time. Each watch is driven by courage, professionalism and imagination. It is worthy of consideration and consideration. In the field of women’s watches, Piaget continues to combine jewellery and timepieces, continuing Piaget’s unique elegant style, and interpreting the charm of modern women. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

This Moment Creates The Next Moment Interview With Mr. Francois Timbo, Global President Of Tissot

As one of the young and influential watch brands in the minds of the Chinese people, every year Tissot will launch a large number of fashionable and exquisite new products to attract watch lovers. This year, the brand is still full of enthusiasm. With rich creativity, it has injected fresh blood into its models. The new models have a high cost performance and also reflect the interest between different styles. These models will meet you for the first time at the 2018 Basel show. At the watch exhibition, Watch House had the honor to interview Mr. Francois Timbo, global president of Tissot, and launched a unique discussion on the brand’s summary of the market last year and its goals for this year. Let’s take a closer look at the Tissot brand under the leadership of Mr. Francois Timbo.

Mr. Francois Timbo, Global President of Tissot

Watch House: In 2017, we saw that the entire watch market is improving. In 2018, this trend will continue. What do you think is the driving force for the continuous growth of the industry?
Mr. Francois Timbao: It is the continuous introduction of excellent watches, different types of watches. Let consumers feel the brand’s different types of watches, they can buy according to their own needs. When consumers do n’t know what this watch is, they need a professional media like you to speak up. When you come to the Basel watch exhibition, you will learn about the Swiss watch industry, know Tissot watches, and learn about some new products and ideas. I hope our readers, after reading this article, will want to buy and fall in love with Tissot watches.
Watch House: Tissot achieved good sales in 2017. What factors, spokespersons, products or activities?
Mr. François Timbo: Frankly speaking, I cannot comment on one factor being more effective and the other not important. Every factor is important to Tissot. Why? Because first of all we don’t just sell one product, we have many diversified products, including classic models, sports models and high-tech models. We have different product types. Therefore we need different promotion methods, including magazine ads, newspaper ads, print ads and TV ads. We need spokespersons. Excellent spokespersons like Huang Xiaoming and Liu Yifei wear our watches. They also need to cooperate with sports. For example, this year we will once again be the official timing partner of the Asian Games. Therefore, we need to continuously carry out brand promotion activities, which can be through spokespersons or other types of activities. But also through sales outlets, because we have many sales outlets in China, we hope that these outlets can do high-quality display, including beautiful display and good layout, so as to convey the information of Tissot watches and make more consumption I know and love Tissot watches.
Watch House: What are the different characteristics of target users in Asia, Europe, America, and Tissot in different countries and regions?
Mr. Francois Timbo: As social media and media such as magazines spread more widely, young people around the world are almost no different. There may be some differences, but the differences are not large. For example, although young people in China and the United States speak different languages, they have similar preferences when they listen to the same music. Therefore, there is not much difference.

Mr. Francois Timbo, Global President of Tissot

Watch House: What are Tissot’s most important goals for 2018?
Mr. Francois Timbo: Asian Games, after the Olympics and the World Cup. The Asian Games is the third largest sports event in the world. Teams from multiple countries will compete in this event. It will be a focus of Tissot. After that, we will do a series of activities and cooperation with the brand ambassador. Please look forward to it.
Summary: In recent years, Tissot’s efforts in the watch market are obvious to all. In addition to continuously improving industrial technology, grasping the overall market trend and diversified promotion models have become an inexhaustible driving force for brand development. After a brief conversation, we learned that Tissot is constantly improving its own promotion model and offline and online marketing methods that develop to high quality, and I wish the brand a better market performance this year.

True Love Is Priceless, Heart Comfort Mother Heart

Time is a knife, marking the years on the mother’s forehead; motherly love is a trickle, which still nourishes my heart after the sea. Another year’s Mother’s Day is approaching. It is exactly the weekend. Will you stay with your mother and let the seconds elapse and freeze in this tender moment. Retain tenderness, comfort the mother’s heart!
1 For a toiling mother
Tissot Wave Series Mother’s Day Special Watch
TissotWave Series
Reference retail price: 2300 yuan
The dial of mother-of-pearl, hollow hour hand, pure color, this is the classic symbol of the Tissot Ocean Wave series. This year’s Mother’s Day, the Tissot Ocean Wave series launched a new product in the original style, breaking the square shape of the original series T, and returning to a more classic round case. In particular, the undulating lines on the case are like a quiet sea. With the gently swaying waves of the night breeze, the name ‘Sea Wave’ is more appropriate.
In addition, the four hour, minute and hour hands on the dial have been redesigned into the shape of a leaf, which seems to express the Chinese-style heart of the grassy heart that can be returned to Chunhui, which is chic and full of tenderness.
This special watch for Mother’s Day. The white belt with white mother-of-pearl brings out the purity, and with the polished steel bezel and lugs, it seems that there is a hint of perseverance in the gentleness. The three characteristics of motherly love-purity, tenderness and firmness.
2 For the first mother
Longines Jialan Women’s Diamond Watch
Longines LaGrande
Reference retail price: 26700 yuan
After experiencing pregnancy in October and welcoming the advent of a new life, the expectant mother has transformed and gained a lot of self-confidence and perseverance after training. But the troubles of happiness also follow, the body that needs to lose weight, the work that needs to be reinvested, and the responsibility of caring for the baby. Of course, these worries need to be shared by her other half. The accompany and care of her lover will make her feel solid and happy, and a well-prepared gift will undoubtedly add points. Longines’ Jia Lan women’s diamond watch is perfect for her. The slim bezel is elegant and thankful, the shiny diamond is charming and gentle, just like the sweet wife in the eyes of her lover, and the mother who loves her baby. The concise hour and minute hands are lined with Roman numerals, and contrasted in black and white, creating a motherly ability. The design of the steel braided strap also blesses the savvy Yujie aura. The multi-link structure is also soft and ironed, which makes it more comfortable to wear.
3 To ‘Mother Expectant’
Prestige Women’s Watch
Baume & Mercier Linea
Reference retail price: 42300 yuan
I believe that the ‘expectant mother’ who was pregnant for the first time was surprised and happy in her heart. ‘His’ is natural, because her love with her husband has crystallized, and a new life has taken root in her body. That ‘shock’ is also reasonable. There are too many hardships in pregnant in October, and the care of new life is not enough.
At this time, as the mother of the passing person, she should be the most powerful mentor, a small gift, a sentence or two to communicate, to convey the true meaning of love and the continuation of life, and to dispel all doubts. Linea women’s watches will be a great gift for mothers’ ‘mother-to-be’ daughters. With a size of only 32 mm, the small and pleasant posture is accompanied by lively design lines. Just like the daughter in the mother’s eyes, she is always small Baby. The lustrous mother-of-pearl dial is filled with love and warmth, the bezel diamonds sparkle with hope, and the engraved digital hour markers are quite tough, suggesting that the future also needs to be strong and brave. And when the pointer passes by in seconds, the new life in the belly also feels the gift of love.