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    Jacques Watch Has Been Favored By International Superstars

    Jaeger-LeCoultre watches have repeatedly won the favor of celebrities with their superb art and precise timing technology, and have become shining stars in major international events. At the recently closed 62nd Berlin International Film Festival and New York Fashion Week, many stars chose the elegant appearance of Jaeger-LeCoultre watches.

    著名 Famous French actress Isabelle Huppert wore a Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Dame Joaillerie women’s jewellery flip watch at the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival.

    上 At the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival, Clive Owen, Jaeger-LeCoultre’s global image ambassador, wore Jaeger-LeCoultre Duomètreà Chronographe at the launch of the new film Shadow Dancer.

    著名 The famous Italian actress and supermodel Elisa Sednaoui debuted at the 2012 New York Fashion Week wearing a Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso watch.

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    Fantasy Dreams Needle Brave Free Diver Fred Buyle And Ulysse Nardin Athens Watch Join Hands

    Le Roque, March 13th-Marine watch maker Ulysse Nardin is proud to announce that free diver and photographer FredBuyle have become friends of the brand. Over the past three decades, as an underwater explorer, Buyle has dived into the deep sea most of the time, using only cameras and visible light to capture the light and shadow of the ocean in one breath.

    Dancing with sharks, Buyle photographs marine animals in their natural environment in a non-invasive way. Buyle wears the Athens watch diving series, a diving watch that is water-resistant to 1,000 meters

     Sun, water, air. FredBuyle is using underwater photography to change the way we look at the ocean. Thanks to his adventurous spirit, we can admire the Antarctic iceberg from the perspective of a whale, swim with sharks, and look up at the dazzling sunlight through the sea from 60 meters underwater.
     Without damaging the fragile marine environment, Buyle used his artistic background to capture creatures rarely seen in the film for biologists to mark. He was able to take a camera, take a deep breath, and dive into the deep 60 meters, taking pictures with natural light and free diving techniques. Buyle, born in Belgium, is good at capturing images of sharks in their natural habitat, and dives freely with iconic species like hammerhead sharks, tiger sharks, and even great white sharks without any protective cover.
     In order to accompany Buyle to the depths of the ocean, the Athenian watch manufactures a durable and practical sports watch with a water resistance of up to 1,000 meters-the diving series deep diving watch. Patrick Pruniaux, chief executive officer of Athens Watch, said: ‘In an era of so much fluidity, it’s great to be able to carry an item that shows your true identity with you.’ Everything you need for an experienced diver: a helium exhaust valve, removable titanium protection, an adjustable rubber strap that can be extended, and a large 12-tooth bezel that’s easy to handle (even with diving gloves). The dial is decorated with 15 sharks, and the back is decorated with 1 shark-a reminder that humans are just a visitor deep in the ocean; the ocean belongs to these marine animals first.
     Buyle said, ‘Three things fascinated me most when I was young: bicycles, sailboats, and mechanical watches. All three share common characteristics: advanced technology, natural energy, and a little magic.’
     The talented, bold and humble FredBuyle never ceases to surprise us.

    About FredBuyle

     For Ulysse Nardin, a watch manufacturer based in the ocean, the cooperation with FredBuyle is a natural thing. Buyle is a free diver and underwater photographer. At the age of 10, he started exploring free diving.
     In 1995, he set his first world record and decided to focus on freediving. Between 1997 and 2000, he broke three world records. In 1999, he dived to a depth of 100 meters in one breath and completed the fabulous record.
     In 2002, he began to take underwater photography as his second profession. His goal: show the beauty of aquatic life and free diving in the natural deep sea. Buyle uses only natural light to capture images of sharks, catfish, fish, dolphins, and countless other samples of spectacular marine life on the sea bottom at a depth of 60 meters. From his works, he can deeply feel the subtle influence of the family. Only experienced eyes can find such subtle beauty.
     Buyle uses a series of simple elements in photography: water, visible light, camera and breathless time. With simple equipment and the freedom to swim around, free divers can capture unique moments. This ‘zen style’ approach makes Buyle’s photography completely different from other underwater photography. In 2005, Buyle began working with marine biologists to assist them in field work. He uses his free diving skills to approach animals for tasks such as acoustics, satellite tagging, and DNA sampling. His photos have been used in marine conservation activities by NGOs around the world to raise awareness and focus on marine conservation issues.
     In 2018, the launch of the new DiverDeepDive watch perfectly matched this new partnership, linking the consistent image of watchmakers, watches, and wearers.

    Technical Information
    Model 3203-500LE-3 / 93-HAMMER
    Limited to 300 pieces
    Movement UN-320
    Self-designed and developed movement, professional certification of Athens Watch Observatory
    Silicon hairspring and anchor escapement
    Power reserve about 48 hours
    Automatic winding movement
    Hours, minutes, seconds and date display
    3 o’clock position, date window display, date adjustment before and after
    5 o’clock position, small seconds
    9 o’clock position, screw-in automatic pressure reducing valve system
    Case titanium
    Bezel anti-clockwise one-way diving chronograph bezel, titanium, partially rubberized
    Dial Blue Hammerhead Shark Dial
    Luminous hands and hour markers
    46 mm diameter
    Crown at 2 o’clock, detachable titanium crown protector
    Hammerhead Shark Pattern on Side
    Water-resistant to 1,000 meters
    Table mirror: anti-glare sapphire crystal
    Case back: stainless steel, embossed hammerhead shark design
    Strap rubber strap with expansion unit (a spring that can be adjusted according to the dive depth), folding buckle
    Reference price 96,000 RMB

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    Vacheron Constantin Vacheron Constantin’s ‘voice Of Time • Voice Of Inheritance’ Tour Show At Shanghai Ifc Center

    On August 28, 2014, the exhibition ‘Voice of Voice • Voice of Inheritance’ held by Vacheron Constantin, a Swiss watchmaker with nearly 260 years of history, stopped at this China tour after Nanjing and Tianjin The final stop: Shanghai IFC. This exhibition showcases a series of the most exquisite timepieces and watches in the history of Vacheron Constantin brand. Through the perfect fusion of light, shadow and sound effects, it plays a unique and elegant watch movement. Dozens of Patrimony classic models and the latest masterpieces representing Vacheron Constantin’s pure watchmaking traditions are also unveiled. The unique round case and timeless classic design perfectly inherit the brand’s watchmaking essence, excellent tradition and exquisite craftsmanship.

    Play a unique and elegant horology movement
    As night fell, Vacheron Constantin carefully created a multi-sensory feast by the Huangpu River, and invited VIPs from Shanghai to gather together. This is a sensory feast that showcases the art of haute horlogerie, bringing guests the precious beauty that blends concepts such as time, sound and texture, as well as unparalleled haute horology art enjoyment. Vacheron Constantin specially invited Ms. Rong Chenchu, a well-known Marimbas player, to inspire the brand’s timepieces, simulate their sound and rhythm, chant a period of elegant rhythm that lingers on time, and play a feast of clocks and watches. The beautiful movement is a perfect ending for this tour of China.
    Unique Haute Horlogerie Tour
    The first minute repeater watch was born in the 18th century. Since electric lighting was not yet available, people need to rely on the time to know the time at night. Now that the minute repeater is no longer an essential feature of a watch, it is still a symbol of top watchmaking art. Walk through the bustling crowd in the atrium of IFC, step into the exclusive exhibition hall of ‘Voice of Time • Voice of Inheritance’, and walk through eighteen antique timepieces that record the traces of time. Listen carefully, each timepiece has its own The rhythm of life, sounding his own music, sounds every time, as if chanting the elegance and rhythm in the passing time. With the sound of the clock ticking, the lights instantly change, and the light and shadow intersect. The pleasant timekeeping of the new Patrimony 1731 ultra-thin movement is memorable, and the perfect ending for this sensual feast performed by ancient timepieces and innovative masterpieces. .

    Vacheron Constantin has long been known throughout the world for its exceptional timepieces. The founder’s grandson, Jacques Barthélémi Vacheron, was a well-known expert at asking questions before taking over the family business in the early 19th century. VIPs present at the exhibition will appreciate a rose gold two-pointer pocket watch with a traditional Swiss enamel dial produced by Vacheron Constantin in 1812, and a two-pointer pocket watch with a time jumper and small seconds hand produced in 1827. Both pocket watches showcase the brand’s long history.
    The advent of the twentieth century watch has prompted watchmakers to devote themselves to the technology that can make the timekeeping device smaller and meet the needs of customers for smaller and thinner cases. At the same time, it has also urged a series of exquisite and unique watches. The birth of the table craft. In 1941, Vacheron Constantin launched the first single-complex watch with a minute repeater design equipped with a 4261 ultra-thin movement. Since then, Vacheron Constantin has continuously pursued the ultimate in thin watchmaking. In 1955, Vacheron Constantin produced a minute repeater with a movement thickness of only 3.28 millimeters, pushing the superb watchmaking skills to an unprecedented height.

    This is a unique journey of haute horlogerie, with every guest to explore the human wisdom in every minute. Each showcase gives visitors a chance to admire up close the famous collectors’ hot pursuit of mysterious and rare superb and complex watchmaking techniques. Since its establishment in Geneva in 1755, Vacheron Constantin has never ceased production. It has a 260-year-old watch manufacturer, adhering to the founder’s ‘strive for excellence, keep improving’, and constantly pursue the perfect artistic spirit, from mechanical to movement development , Technology, design and other creations, as well as the production process, are fully controlled by Vacheron Constantin, and inherit the company’s three fine traditions: excellent technology, perfect design, rigorous process, so that watch lovers around the world can enjoy excellent watchmaking Craft.
    Perfect symphony of superior craftsmanship
    If there is a watchmaking skill that only a few master watchmakers can really master, it must be a timepiece device, which is the symbol of the highest skill in today’s complex watchmaking. Vacheron Constantin, which lasted for four years, combines a slim profile with pure sound quality and aesthetic charm, as well as the reliability and durability of the Patrimony 1731 ultra-thin movement will also debut in China with this exhibition. This advanced and complex work released at the end of 2013 is paired with a new 1731 caliber with a thickness of only 3.90 mm. Although it is slightly thicker than the brand’s caliber of 3.28 mm in 1955, it is currently the thinnest manual on the market. With a chain of three questions, Vacheron Constantin successfully overcomes the technical difficulties of assembling and adjusting extremely thin parts.
    In addition to its ultra-thin appearance, the movement also has an ingenious device ─ flight timing governor, which is completely silent during operation and stabilizes the rate at which the hammer strikes the reed, avoiding the rapid and difficult recognition due to the unstable frequency of the hammer. The scales make the sound achieve the best propagation effect. The subtleties of the governor are carefully polished and engraved with the brand logo ‘Malta Cross’.

    Sound quality is the key to the success of timepieces. Vacheron Constantin tries to create crisp and pleasant music through various techniques. The gong is not only connected to the center of the case to amplify the sound, but also stacked on top of each other for the first time instead of being arranged one by one; the case and the movement are integrated into one. Good spreading effect.
    The Patrimony 1731 ultra-thin movement minute repeater model conveys the essence of classicism in the ultimate purity. The case combines subtle and complex craftsmanship with the 1731 movement. It also sets a double record: the thinnest bracelet The minute repeater (8.90 mm) is embedded with the thinnest hand-wound minute repeater movement (3.90 mm). The brand chose to place the elegant small eccentric second hand at 8 o’clock, which is the first in the Patrimony heritage series, which makes this watch stand out in a practical and clever way.

    The real soul of the watch is that each watch has a unique sound. All the sounds of Vacheron Constantin’s questionnaires will be recorded and carefully saved before leaving the factory, marking a ‘sound mark’ in the hall of brand watches. This program not only guarantees that the brand can provide lifetime maintenance for either historical or contemporary works, and that any watch equipped with the minute repeater function can restore its unique sound in the workshop.