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    Hermes Launches Arceau Lift Tourbillon

    According to the Watch House, Hermes launched a new timepiece called ‘Lift’ in Paris for the first time in October. The two biggest points of this watch are the complex technology of the built-in Fib-shaped tourbillon.

     This Arceau Tourbillon watch uses a 43 mm rose gold case, and it still strictly inherits the various features of the Arceau series from its appearance. Of course, as to why such a top tourbillon watch is launched, the brand said This is the crystallization of the wisdom and creativity of countless people dedicated to Hermès in the past years.

     Given such a great significance, this Arceau Lift tourbillon watch certainly has something unusual. In terms of appearance, we start from the back and draw a beautiful flower roll at the back of the table with a level of art-like rigor. Of course, this pattern also heralds the past of the Hermès family.

     As you have heard, each tourbillon has its own story behind it, Arceau Lift is no exception. First of all, in the early stage of the design, the brand encountered unprecedented difficulties. How to truly find between aesthetics and mechanical principles The most perfect combination, this has been the answer Hermès sought after.

     Of course, in the end, VAUCHER and LJP successfully cooperated in research and development. This watch is equipped with a Hermès H1923 manual winding movement with a diameter of 32.6 ok. It provides a power reserve of up to 90 hours. The realization of long power is also a time for this watch. sure.

     Finally, according to the Watch House, this watch has a limited production of 176 pieces, which can be regarded as a rare treasure in the world.