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    Red Dot Design Award: Le Méridien Bentao Double Offset Gmt Watch

    Le Méridien Bento series double-eccentric GMT watch won the ‘Best of The Best Award’ by the Red Dot Design Award for its innovative design. This is the highest honor of all awards. The Red Dot Design Award is a very important award in the design industry. The judging panel is composed of a group of reputable design experts who carefully evaluate outstanding works in various fields. Of the more than 2,500 entries, only 43 were recognized by the Red Dot Design Award. The Red Dot Design Award is regarded as ‘Oscar in the design world’. From 1955 onwards, various outstanding design works are selected and exhibited by Design Zentrum Westfalen in Essen, Germany.

       The overall performance and design of the eccentric time zone watch is as the name suggests, and all performances are arranged in an eccentric manner. The outstanding design of the Le Méridien Bento series of eccentric time zone limited watches can immediately attract everyone’s attention. As the name suggests, this watch is not only special because of the eccentric faceplate design of the time zones of the two places, including the local time display of hours, minutes and seconds in an eccentric manner. The face of the local time is slightly offset to 10 o’clock, with thicker lines indicating the hour scale and thinner lines indicating the minute scale. The second time zone panel between 2 o’clock and 5 o’clock also has a surprisingly bright sun and moon dial, which can clearly show the day and night in the second time zone. The sun and moon dials are designed with the sun and the moon at the same time. The special day and night display method is separated by the sapphire crystal with a matte surface and a bright surface.

       The Le Meridien Bento series is limited to 999 eccentric two-zone time zone watches. Its fascinating feature is that the time performance of the two places is presented in a very creative way-eccentric display. This new model developed by the Le Méridien plant combines the basic movement and a new date display method. The case and dial are made of titanium, highlighting the high-quality value. Le Méridien Bentao’s new eccentric time limited watch is a watch that goes beyond previous designs. It combines the traditional Swiss watchmaking technology with the modern design brought by high-tech materials. For players who are extremely sensitive to aesthetics and structure, this watch will surely fascinate them.

       The date display is also another feature of this watch. The general display is a date window on the dial, and a date disc that rotates with time on the movement configuration. This makes the date dial and dial A gap between them forms a barrier to reading. However, in order to overcome this problem, this watch is redesigned to make the date display as parallel as possible to the face plate height. This technology that connects the movement with complex performance modules is being patented.

       This mechanism is equipped with another dial under the face plate, which will rotate directly with the passing of hours and hours, and when the date number is turned over the white surface of the face plate, the date number can be clearly displayed. These innovative designs are not only impressive in appearance, but also greatly improve the legibility of the overall faceplate and make it present a harmonious beauty. The selection of materials also shows creativity and modernity. The case and face plate of this 999 Amy Bento eccentric two-zone time zone watch are made of titanium, which makes this watch although the diameter reaches 45mm, but very light. The crown is protected by a bridge, and the upper bridge is equipped with a button to adjust the second time. Including two time zone hands, minute scale, moon pattern on the sun and moon dial, and the dial below the date display, all coated with luminous paint for easy reading at night. The strap can be paired with an alligator leather strap or a rubber strap.

       As for the movement ML 121, this watch is hand-carved with Geneva ripples and fish scales. After special treatment, it gives the ML 121 movement a noble black surface color. The additional performance and innovative mechanism of the ML 121 movement are developed and designed by Le Méridien. The Le Méridien Bento series was remodeled once in 2004. All models today have practical performance and eye-catching appearance, and this eccentric time zone model is the best representative. Le Méridien will continue to make breakthroughs in innovation in watchmaking technology and move forward.

    Appendix: technical information of Le Méridien Bento series double eccentric GMT watch

    Movement: hand-wound self-winding ML 121 movement, 30 stones, special ‘black gold’ treatment on the surface of the movement
    Performance: Off-centre indicating hour, minute, and second dials, off-centre day and night indicating second time dial, date display
    Case: Titanium, sapphire crystal glass with anti-glare coating, part of the GMT and date display part of the sapphire crystal is not polished, lock-in sapphire crystal transparent back, waterproof 50 meters, diameter 45mm
    Faceplate: Titanium, cutting face shape hour markers, luminous hands (hour, minute, second time hands), luminous minute hour markers, moon phase pattern, dial surface under the date dial
    Strap: Alligator leather strap with titanium clasp or rubber strap with titanium folding clasp
    Limited: 999 pieces