2017 Regatta Countdown Watch Special

In the hot summer, it is hard to stop the heat. At this moment, the clear blue sea and blue sky have naturally become our fascinating destination. Panerai sincerely recommends three watches that are closely related to sailing to bring you a touch of summer sea breeze.
   Panerai has a deep relationship with the world of classic sailing. In 2015, Panerai launched a special countdown function for the Regatta-REGATTA COUNTDOWN. The use of this function is quite simple. The watch has a button at 4 o’clock, and each time you press it, you can move the chronograph minute hand back one minute. By pressing the stop / start button at 10 o’clock, the relevant hands will start to move, indicating the minutes and seconds remaining before the start of the game. After the countdown ends, it will display the time elapsed since the start of the game. It is convenient for the sailors to better grasp the time and formulate the racing strategy. In addition, there is a button to stop the chronograph operation at 8 o’clock, which can return all chronograph hands to the zero position; if the button is operated while the chronograph hands are still operating, it will start to reset the chronograph hands ( Flyback) function, so you can start measuring a new time period immediately, without pressing the stop and zero buttons separately.

Panerai’s first regatta countdown watch (launched in 2015)

   The Luminor 1950 Regatta 3 Days Chrono Flyback Titanio 3 Day Power Reserve Flyback Titanium Watch (PAM00526) was born in the 2015 Panerai Classic Sailing Challenge. It is equipped with an automatic movement and a three-day power reserve. It is also equipped with a regatta countdown function, specially created for the moment when the regatta begins. The outer edge of the dial is not only printed with a 15-minute scale clock for the countdown to the start of the game, the last 5 minutes are highlighted in orange, and a speed scale in nautical miles is also provided to measure the speed of the sailing boat within a certain distance.

Panerai PCYC chronograph (launched in 2017 for the Panerai Classic Sailing Challenge)

   Luminor 1950 Regatta PCYC 3-Days Chrono Flyback Automatic , A collection of outstanding technology, to provide sailing enthusiasts with countdown functions. The black dial, the oversized hour-markers highlight the unique temperament and complement the other chronograph functions. The bridge is made of frosted titanium, light and strong, forming a magnificent contrast with the polished bezel. The case back is engraved with the embossed pattern of a classic sailing ship sailing and the words ‘PANERAI CLASSIC YACHTS CHALLENGE’.

Panerai America’s Cup chronograph (launched in 2017 for the America’s Cup)

   Panerai pays tribute to ORACLE TEAM USA, the defending champion of the 2017 America’s Cup, while praising the brand’s historical relationship with sailing and oceans, creating the Luminor 1950 Regatta ORACLE TEAM USA 3 Days Chrono Flyback Automatic Titanio 3-day power reserve flyback timing titanium The birth of the metal automatic watch (PAM00726). Not only is it equipped with a regatta countdown function, this respectful watch is also equipped with a flyback chronograph function, and the outer edge of the dial is a 15-minute countdown scale, and the last ten minutes are marked blue and red, and Equipped with a speed scale in miles to measure sailing speed within a default distance.