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    Switzerland Swatch Group Eta Movement Factory Fire

    Morning news, December 30, Beijing time According to Reuters, a sudden fire in the ETA movement factory of the Swatch Group in Switzerland caused one workshop to be burned and the other to be damaged.

    Swatch president Nick Hayek told Swiss Radio on Sunday that the fire occurred at the ‘production heart’ of ETA Manufacture Horlogere, and Swatch will have an impact on the output this Monday. Perform a more detailed inspection. ‘Everything was destroyed,’ Hayek said. Hayek said Swatch could also rely on other factories.
    ETA, whose full name is ETA SA Manufacture Horlogère Suisse, is the world’s largest manufacturer of finished and semi-finished movements. Production reached 100 million units in 1996. Manufacturing and assembly plants are located in Switzerland and around the world including France, Germany, Thailand, Malaysia and China. ETA has its own research and development laboratory: it is also responsible for the design and development of its own production equipment. Although ETA movement is not the most advanced movement in the world, it is the most important movement manufacturer in Switzerland and even in the world. Its output is measured in billions. It used to be the source of almost 99% of Swiss watches and monopolized more than 85% of Swiss movement production. Take the Longines brand under the Swatch Group as an example. The brand does not have its own machine. Core, the main column wheel movement is the ETA movement factory specially customized for the brand.
    Since October this year, Swatch has gradually reduced the supply of parts to competitors, which may cause some companies in the watch industry to experience supply shortages.
    He said the fire damaged the electroplating plant in Grenzen, Switzerland, while another plant was damaged by the smoke.
       Local police said the fire could have cost millions of Swiss francs. Swatch said the fire did not cause any casualties, and it is not yet known what caused the fire.