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    Reproduction Of The Peerless Fenghua Clockwork Elements Of The Big Three Needles

    Master watchmakers often use multifunctional technology and rich dial design to enrich the dial space. Whether it is the moon phase display full of mood, and the power reserve of the fan-shaped disk, the dial can Has a brand new look. The junior hand is a huge test of watchmaking technology. A simple junior hand needs a more unique pointer design and a better match with the dial to show its style and occupy the visual focus of the dial. Make readings easier.
      The popularity of junior pin
      In the early 18th century, for the first time, a second hand device was set on a series of precision marine clocks, making people’s time control more precise, and the era of ‘race against time’ came. Because the second hand runs very fast and requires much more power than the hour and minute hands, the second hand is initially set to the position closest to the escape wheel group, while also reducing its volume as much as possible. The watch that came into being under the design is the current small three-pin style.

      The popularity of the small three hands continued until the appearance of watches. As the dial became more and more compact, some problems that did not exist on the large dial began to appear. For example, the watch was not easy to read because the dial was too small. People began to realize that Now, you should invent a bigger second hand. The application of the micro-hole penetration technology makes it possible to add a second hand shaft to the center axis of the watch, and the junior hand watch also frequently appears in people’s field of vision. This wave of replacing small three-pins with large three-pins spread rapidly in the 1950s and 1960s. The junior hand is just like a gentleman. It is polite, simple but full of charm. Next, I will introduce several junior watches.
     Blancpain’s new 2014VILLERET watch
      If complexity is a kind of beauty, simplicity is definitely a kind of elegance. Men love watches more like a glance, the simpler the more the essence, it is not easy to do simple. Blancpain is such a refreshing brand. Blancpain in the new century is ‘the founder of classic timepieces’. It always embraces the unwavering faith in time and watchmaking, and continuously sublimates the charm of mechanical watches.

      Blancpain’s exquisite craftsmanship, precise technique and meticulous handcrafting have been perfectly verified on this Villeret series watch, which can make the junior needle so elegant, and it is presumably only Blancpain can bring shocking people. beautiful. The watch case has a diameter of 42 mm, and the dial uses the classic large open flame enamel. The digital enamel color must also undergo the same high-temperature furnace fire baptism, showing a gorgeous luster. The rose-gold hollow leaf-shaped hour and minute hands and the slender second hand end have the ‘JB’ logo. Brands usually engraved the acronym of their name on the work, and the details show the superb carving skills.

      The dial is large enough to show the classic example of three-pin hands, and the other parts are also completely in line with the overall design style. With a chocolate-colored alligator leather strap, it is low-key and temperament on the man’s wrist. The case back is also backed by sapphire crystal, driving this new self-winding mechanical watch is Blancpain’s self-made caliber Calibre 1335. It is also equipped with an extraordinary eight-day power reserve function, perfectly highlighting the manual watch Professionalism in the industry. There is no doubt that this watch will be praised and favored by passionate connoisseurs once it is launched.
     Rolex Oyster Perpetual Watch
      Most people think that the junior needle is very ordinary and it is not easy to have a lot of highlights, but Rolex proves in its own way that any watch can be beautiful. Rolex presents the new Oyster Perpetual Milgauss watch, showing unique and symbolic aesthetic features, the lightning pointer beautifully debut, such a delicate and personalized junior pin, who can not be tempted?

      The Oyster Perpetual Milgauss watch is 40 mm in diameter and the mirror is made of scratch-resistant green crystal. Looking through the green crystal mirror, you can see the attractive blue surface of Z blue, and the Rolex crown is at 12 o’clock. All Rolex metal scales are made of precious metal. Not only are the scales gold, the hands are gold. The blue dial with 18ct white gold easy-to-read Chromalight hour markers (persistent glow), 18ct white gold Chromalight hands, orange lightning-shaped second hand, the overall color tone is vibrant and dynamic.

      The triangular-shaped bottom case is screwed tightly by Rolex watchmakers with special tools exclusive to the brand to completely seal the case. The winding crown uses Rolex’s patented double-lock double waterproof system, which is firmly screwed to the case. It uses a 3131 automatic mechanical movement developed entirely by Rolex. Like all Rolex calibre movements, the 3131 movement also received the official Swiss timepiece certification. This certification was specifically awarded to precision watches that successfully passed the Swiss Precision Timepiece Testing Center (COSC) test.
     Tissot LELOCLE
      With a history of 160 years of exquisite watchmaking, Swiss Tissot watches have been committed to precise and perfect watch manufacturing since 1853. The watches produced in the LeLocle factory in Switzerland are rich in creativity and excellence. It is famous for its quality and ingenious watchmaking technology.

      This watch combines comfort, taste and thoughtfulness, and is suitable for the matching style of modern urban men. The dial is medium in size, with a diameter of 39.3 mm that fits perfectly on the wrist. Through the sapphire crystal glass, the Tissot LELOCLE series T41.1.483.53 watch has a black dial and is carved with a classic ribbed surface, creating a retro The mood, the gentleman’s style. With silver willow leaf pointers, the Roman numeral scale is extremely simple and beautiful. The calendar display window is located at three o’clock.

      The function of the crown is extremely simplified, and a small T-shape is carved in detail. The stainless steel case and strap design is elegant and stable, no irritation to the skin, and with butterfly buckle, it is more noble and elegant. The Tissot watch has an engraved half-opened caseback, which puts an elegant scroll of the Buddha, which has a very ornamental effect. Equipped with Swiss original movement, 38 hours power reserve and 25 gems, it has reliable quality standards and professional quality inspection. This Tissot focuses on the people-friendly route. Its materials are exquisite and the price is more suitable for office workers. Men who like it quickly start.
      The world of junior needles is also colorful, almost every brand has its classics, and simple timepieces can be more touching at some times. When people gradually mature with the increase of experience, they no longer need to use decorations to show their identity and status. It seems that they will ignore some of the multifunctional and complex designs, and pay more attention to the timepiece function of the watch itself. And simple and clear design.

    In summary: the third and third needles and the standard needles have different parallaxes at different angles, bringing different fashion flavors, each with its own advantages. The junior needle is not artificial, and it will not be complicated. It has an elegant and unique appearance and a very practical time display function. If necessary, it can also be included in the date display. For men, whether it is with formal or casual wear, it is very decent and close to life; ample dial space leaves room for imagination, making the wearer feel pleasing to the eye. Each brand has a three-hand watch with brand characteristics. Friends who like it can go to the relevant brand webpage of the Watch House to learn more about the models. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

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    Franck Muller® Brand-new Store Gorgeously Settles In Wynn Palace ™ Macau Celebrities Red Stars Gather And Witness Eternal Bright Times

    [Macao-November 04, 2016] Swiss high-end watch brand FRANCK MULLER®, following the Venetian Macau and Galaxy Macau, opened its third branch this year at Wynn Palace ™. To celebrate the event, the brand held a simple and grand ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Wynn Palace in Macau on the same day, and invited the brand ambassador Zhang Zhilin from the Asia-Pacific region, the film actor Yuan Yongyi and the famous film star Lu Liangwei and the director of FRANCK MULLER® Group. Nicholas Rudaz, Mr. Zhu Woyu, Executive Director of SINCERE WATCH LIMITED, Dr. Zhu Liyuehua, Chairman of FRANCK MULLER® Asia Pacific, and Mr. Zhu Junhao, Deputy Chairman and Executive Director of FRANCK MULLER® Asia Pacific, attended the meeting.

    (From left) FRANCK MULLER__ Group Director Nicholas Rudaz, Lu Liangwei, Yuan Yongyi, Executive Director of SINCERE WATCH LIMITED, Mr. Zhu Woyu, FRANCK MULLER__ Chairman of the Asia-Pacific Region, Dr. Zhu Liyuehua, Brand Ambassador Zhang Zhilin, and FRANCK MULLER__ Deputy Chairman of the Asia-Pacific Region and Executive Director Mr. Zhu Junhao

    Carina Lau wears FRANCK MULLER__ 7 days Power Reserve Skeleton

    During the event, Zhang Zhilin wore a FRANCK MULLER® Vanguard Gravity watch. The new tourbillon frame concept blended with sports design style and perfectly interpreted the essence of timepiece technology. Yuan Yongyi wore a FRANCK MULLER® Double Mystery watch. The watch exudes a magnificent elegance and bold design, coupled with flashing delicate colored gems, it also shows the brand’s excellent craftsmanship.

    Alan Yuen and FRANCK MULLER__Brand Ambassador Zhang Zhilin

    (From left) Mr. Zhu Junhao, Deputy Chairman and Executive Director of FRANCK MULLER Asia Pacific, Mr. Yuan Yongyi, Lu Liangwei, Carina Lau, Mr. Zhu Woyu, Executive Director of SINCERE WATCH LIMITED, Dr. Zhu Liyuehua, Chairman of FRANCK MULLER Asia Pacific, Brand Ambassador Zhang Zhilin and FRANCK MULLER Group Director Nicholas Rudaz

    In addition, the brand held a grand dinner that night, inviting more than 500 VIPs and celebrities in the city to attend, including: Zhang Zhilin, Yuan Yongyi, Liu Jialing, Tong Meiyun, Zhang Yushan, Lu Liangwei, Yang Xiaojuan, Xue Jialin, Zhuge Ziqi, Wang Shishi, Lin Wenlong and many more. Now star-studded and fragrant. With the theme of Timeless Garden, the brand has devoted special attention to the layout. The center of the venue is set with a sea of ​​roses of more than 30 feet and displays a variety of ultra-luxury watches. It is set against the brand’s iconic Arabic numerals. carpet. The two watchmakers came to Macau from Geneva, Switzerland, to display different craftsmanship such as dial drawing and movement setting. The guests were all amazed by the gorgeous layout. They went to the sea of ​​flowers to take pictures and take photos to witness the eternal bright moments of the brand together.

    (From left) FRANCK MULLER__ Brand Ambassadors Zhang Zhilin, Carina Lau and Wing Wing Yi

    Zhang Zhilin, Brand Ambassador of the Asia-Pacific region, said in his speech, ‘As a Brand Ambassador of the Asia-Pacific region, I am very honored to be present at this opening ceremony and witness the expansion of FRANCK MULLER® in Macau. I wish FRANCK MULLER® business to flourish and flourish. ! ‘

    FRANCK MULLER__ Set a sea of ​​roses over 30 feet in the center of the venue and display a variety of extremely luxurious watches
    Mr. Zhu Junhao, Vice President and Executive Director of FRANCK MULLER® Asia Pacific, said: ‘It is a great pleasure to see all the guests at the dinner party. Thank you to all the guests who present memorable memories of FRANCK MULLER® and write glory for the brand Page. ‘

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    Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Heritage Series Moon Phase And Retrograde Calendar

    -Timepieces certified by the Geneva Seal
    -Vacheron Constantin’s new 2460 R31L automatic movement
    -Easy to use (crown adjustment)

       As a pre-heating model of the 2017 SIHH, Vacheron Constantin launched another eye-catching work-Patrimony heritage series moon phase and retrograde calendar. This new timepiece continues the pure and simple style of the Patrimony heritage series. The moon phase profit and loss and the moon age display jump above the dial without any correction for 122 years. Vacheron Constantin also combines this elegant and fascinating complication with a retrograde calendar display, with scales from 1 to 31 displayed in the arched area on the upper half of the dial. Patrimony’s heritage moon phase and retrograde calendar are equipped with the brand’s own movement, and are certified by the distinguished Geneva mark, showing its extraordinary temperament.

       The Patrimony heritage collection highlights Vacheron Constantin’s expertise in watchmaking. Its harmonious proportion draws inspiration from the brand’s models from the 1950s, which simplifies the design of the watch to the greatest extent. The simple and pure dial design of the Patrimony heritage moon phase and retrograde calendar is the best proof. This timepiece has a timeless, low-profile round case, and is equipped with the brand’s original self-winding movement, ensuring the accuracy of the moon phase display and retrograde calendar. To ensure the convenience of the timepiece, these functions can be adjusted through the crown. Vacheron Constantin’s new models are available in pink and platinum.

    Dance of Time
       The two models correspond to pink or white gold moon phase disks respectively. Through the open window in the lower part of the dial, the moon phase profit and loss are shining against the background of stars. The so-called moon age display means the number of days that have elapsed since the last new moon passed. It can be read by the dial surrounding this window. This romantic and poetic complication echoes exactly the actual cycle of the moon’s orbit around the earth, 29 days, 12 hours, and 45 minutes. And this sophisticated mechanical masterpiece only needs to be adjusted every 122 years.
       Another practical and elegant complication is the retrograde calendar display located on the upper half of the dial. The central pointer is a black sculpted sword-shaped pointer, which moves forward daily as the date changes. At the end of each month, the retrograde system makes the pointer jump back to the date marked with the number ‘1’ in the counterclockwise direction.
       Silver milky white dial, slightly arched bezel, pink gold or white gold hour markers, and ‘bead-type’ minute scale rings according to different models. The brand’s signature Maltese cross pattern on the dial, slim hands and a pin buckle with an alligator strap are made in pink or white gold according to different styles.

    Superior convenience and ease of use
       The new Vacheron Constantin 2460 R31L movement contains 275 parts, has a power reserve of about 40 hours, drives the hour and minute hands, a precise moon phase display and a retrograde calendar display. This outstanding movement is representative of Vacheron Constantin’s simple adjustment mechanism. Three functions of the timepiece can be easily adjusted just by the crown. Adjust to the first position to wind the watch. Pull out the crown to the second position. Turn clockwise to set the date. Turn counterclockwise to adjust the moon phase display. The last third position is You can set the time. Through the transparent sapphire crystal case back, you can admire the 2460 R31L movement and the 22K gold oscillating weight decorated with Vacheron Constantin’s iconic Maltese cross pattern. This hand-polished movement demonstrates mastery of watchmaking and traditional craftsmanship.
       With the launch of the Patrimony heritage moon phase and retrograde calendar watches, Vacheron Constantin perfectly combines the simple and pure characteristics of the Patrimony heritage series with the two complex functions that highlight the art of watchmaking.

    Technical specifications Patrimony heritage moon phase and retrograde calendar
    Model 4010U / 000G-B330
    Geneva-Certified Timepiece
    Caliber 2460 R31L
    Developed and manufactured by Vacheron Constantin
    Automatic mechanical movement
    Diameter 27.2 mm (11½ French cents), thickness 5.4 mm
    Power reserve of about 40 hours
    Vibration frequency 4 Hz (28,800 times per hour)
    275 parts
    27 gems
    Display functions: hours, minutes, flyback calendar, precision moon phases, moon age
    Case 18K White Gold
    42.5 mm diameter, 9.7 mm thickness
    Case back with transparent sapphire crystal
    Water-resistant to 3 bar atmospheric pressure test (about 30 meters)
    Dial Silver Milky
    Arched outer ring
    18K Platinum Moon Phase Disk
    18K white gold appliqued hour markers and 18K white gold ‘bead’ minute scale ring
    Strap Black double layer Mississippi alligator leather strap, hand-stitched, saddle stitching, large checkered
    Buckle 18K white gold
    Polished Half Maltese Cross Design
    Patrimony Heritage Series Moon Phase and Retrograde Calendar
    Model 4010U / 000R-B329
    Certified by the Geneva Seal
    Movement developed and manufactured by Vacheron Constantin
    Automatic mechanical movement
    Diameter 27.2 mm (11½ French cents), thickness 5.4 mm
    Power reserve of about 40 hours
    Vibration frequency 4 Hz (28,800 times per hour)
    275 parts
    27 gems
    Display functions: Hours, minutes, retrograde calendar, precise moon phases, moon age
    Case 18K 5N pink gold
    42.5 mm diameter, 9.7 mm thickness
    Case back with transparent sapphire crystal
    Water-resistant to 3 bar atmospheric pressure test (about 30 meters)
    Dial Silver Milky
    Arched outer ring
    18K 5N Pink Gold Moon Phase Disk
    18K 5N pink gold appliqued hour markers and 18K pink gold “bead” minute scale ring
    Strap Dark brown double layer Mississippi alligator leather strap, hand-stitched, riding stitching, large checkered
    Buckle 18K 5N pink gold
    Polished Half Maltese Cross Design

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    Learn Hip-hop With Your Instructor? Better To Follow Them To Buy Watches

    In the draft show, the recent fire is ‘Hip-hop 2’. Every time a program is broadcast, it is bound to occupy the hot search list of Weibo, Luo Zhixiang’s watch, Yi Xi Qianxi’s hairstyle, Han Geng’s ‘too miserable’, Wu Jianhao’s true meaning … Each episode of the show has no urine point, it is wonderful. Players have been screened by experts, and the confrontation between the mentors has been very attractive to the audience. But in fact, this is not a hip-hop show, it is more like a show of hip-hop tutors’ ‘fight watch’.

    Yi Xi Qian Xi

    Luo Zhixiang

    Han Geng

    Wu Jianhao

     The four mentors were Yi Xi Qianxi, Luo Zhixiang, Han Geng and Wu Jianhao. Due to the withdrawal of Huang Zitao in the first season, Wu Jianhao as a new mentor brought a lot of laughs to the show. Many people are still impressed by his beautiful hair in F4 Meteor Garden. No one knows that he dances and dances so well. But let’s not talk about him first. Let’s start with Yi Qian Qianxi. Let’s see how the younger generation wears watches.

    Yi Xi Qian Xi on the show
     When the first season of ‘This Is Hip-hop’ was broadcast, there were a lot of questioning voices. Generally questioning Yi Xi Qianxi’s voices are these: too young, don’t understand anything, traffic and the like. This year’s Yi Xi Qianxi looks more mature. Although he is only 19 years old, he is very calm in the show. He knows what kind of players he wants, and he also knows what the audience wants.

    Yi Xi Qianxi leads the flammable device team

     In the show, he did not wear a watch, maybe it was more convenient for dancing? However, the watch with the highest appearance rate of Blancpain this year is Blancpain. Many people speculate that Blancpain may favor Yi Xi Qianxi. To start further cooperation, I think there are some reasons for this and some Yi Yi Qian Xi really likes watches, otherwise how can we call him ‘the new star of the watch’?

    On the night of Weibo in June, Yi Xi Qianxi wore a Blancpain Fifty Fathom Series 5008B-1130-B52A watch (picture source see watermark)

     This is not the first time he wore a fifty-pink, but this fifty-pink has a slight change from previous designs. The time scale and rotating bezel and the luminous coating on the hands are more retro brown. This watch People sent the nickname ‘Barracuda’ (as for why it is called Barracuda, we don’t know). The domestic price is around 100,000, which is the new version of Blancpain released this year.


    While shooting a magazine, he wore a Blancpain Fifty Fathoms 5018-1230-64A watch

     Mainly speaking about this fifty-thousand centimeter, he looks a little big on Yi Xi Qianxi’s wrist. In fact, this watch will be a little big on the wrist of a normal person. The dial of this watch is 55.65 mm in diameter and is water-resistant to 300 meters. The most worth mentioning is that the power reserve time has reached 120 hours. The extremely long dynamic storage time and the large case diameter can be said to be a ‘non-daily’ but cool fifty cents.

    Earlier this year, Yi Xi Qianxi wore a Blancpain 5050-3630-52A watch on the cover of the magazine

     However, in addition to Blancpain, Yi Xun Qianxi also wore other types and styles of watches, including Tissot, Bulgari, Zenith, and it can be said that there are many types involved.

    Yi Xi Qianxi wears Zenith DEFY series watches

    Yi Xi Qianxi wears a Tissot watch

    Yi Xi Qianxi wears the Bulgari OCTO series 102912 watch

     I have to say that Yi Qian Qianxi is strong in driving hard photos, and can be easily controlled in different styles, different themes and different types of occasions. In addition to Yi Xi Qianxi, Luo Zhixiang is the one who wears watches and hides watches the most among the four mentors. He even produced his own watch.

    Luo Zhixiang wears Richard Mill watch

    Luo Zhixiang wears Richard Mill Men’s Series RM 50-03 / 01 Wrist (Similar)

     We know that the entertainment star loves Richard Mille. In addition to Luo Zhixiang’s favorite Richard Mille, Patek Philippe also has two (known) Nautilus, and one of them has been modified by itself.

    Luo Zhixiang wears Patek Philippe Sports Elegant Series 5990 / 1A-001 watch

    Luo Zhixiang wears Patek Philippe Nautilus (look closely, his is full diamond)

     This all-drilled Patek Philippe Nautilus has a hollow or moon phase display at 6 o’clock. In this series of Patek Philippe models, the full-dial dial should be full of diamonds and three-pin design, so his This shiny nautilus should be a modified version. However, in addition to these ‘playthings’ that advanced players can only own, Luo Zhixiang’s watch dressing rules also have great significance for young people.

    Luo Zhixiang wears Casio G-shock series GMW-B5000D-1 watch ‘small silver block’

     As we all know, Luo Zhixiang is a loyal fan of Kimura Takuya. Kimura endorsed Casio, and now Luo Zhixiang has also cooperated with Casio. It can be said that online star chasing was successful! This ‘small silver nugget’ Kimura also has the same paragraph, which is also the same as the get idol.

    In the previous episode, Luo Zhixiang wore a collaboration watch he founded with the fashion brand and Casio

    In the 2V2 team battle, he also wore a fluorescent yellow Casio G-shock

     Although Luo Zhixiang made his debut for many years, and the first generation fans also accompanied him through the years of growth, most of Luo Zhixiang’s fans are mainly young groups, so his matching has given these young people a role model in a sense. For example, the same color system with a small area of ​​contrast color wear method, thousands of electronic watches, etc., the purchasing power of the younger generation (except for homes with mines) is still limited, just find what suits you within the scope of your ability.

     Speaking of the power of idols, Han Geng, the first former SJ member who returned to Korea from the Korean entertainment industry, returned to China to focus on his role as an actor. Many of us have forgotten that they are singing and dancing in Asia. Act as and captain.

     Han Geng wore a Zenith Bronze Pilot Watch in the latest episode

     Han Geng was really miserable on the show, especially because the candidates in the previous issues were not selected well, the competition plan was ill-advised, and other reasons could not help the audience to sweat for him, but in the latest episode, the team he led was a winning streak. The two street dance works presented are also memorable. But what impressed me even more was the Zenith Pilot’s Watch in his hand. The domestic public price is around 50,000 yuan. I feel I can start.

    Han Geng wears Athens Watch Whimsical Series 020-81

     In previous photos, I also found him wearing an Athenian Whimsical watch. The domestic price of 870,000 made this watch not so close to the people. However, I have said before that Athens is not a popular choice for the masses of players in the country. Only the ‘iron powder’ players who want to develop watchmaking craftsmanship and advanced watchmaking will want to know it.

    Han Geng wears WN watch

     Having finished Han Geng, let’s focus on the new mentor Wu Jianhao this season. I said earlier that everyone’s impression of him is still in the past F4. In the program, he also admitted frankly that this is his most successful work.

    Wu Jianhao wears Apple Smart Watch

     Wu Jianhao grew up in the United States, made his debut in Taiwan, and currently works in the mainland and Hong Kong. Therefore, he is not affected by the domestic entertainment industry. He speaks straight on the show, likes to like, and dislikes directly. At first I thought he wouldn’t dance hip-hop, but he didn’t expect to dance well, and he was injured for dancing, so he could be said to be a very serious teacher. He also wears a watch in his own style. Everyday speaking, smart watches are indeed more in line with the habits of modern people in terms of practical functions. So most of the time he will wear this Apple Smart Watch.

    In the last issue, he wore an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Collection 26378IO.OO.A001KE.01

    While he was still walking in this slightly exaggerated style, the watch liked to be worn with jewelry

    Here he wears a Rolex

     Rolex, as an entry point for many people to buy mechanical watches, many people have a deep-rooted view of ‘forever and once.’ I have interviewed some front-line salesmen in the fine watchmaking industry, and most of them have said this sentence: Because of buying this luxury product, of course, people who buy it still hope that others can see what brand it is. ‘The public’ is only a small part after all. The meaning of this sentence is that people who have the money to buy luxury goods are more interested in iconic products that are generally recognized by everyone. This can also explain why Rolexes are always sizzled and always put on the altar.

    Wu Jianhao also has a ‘small silver nugget’

     His number of watches is not large, but each piece is worth our ordinary consumers to consider, whether it is practical or cost-effective, it has reference value, so I personally have a good opinion of Wu Jianhao.

     After reading the watches worn by these hip-hop instructors, whether from the perspective of watch fans or from the perspective of ordinary people buying watches, are they more or less useful? (No comments are allowed.) Which tutor’s watch do you prefer? Remember to tell me below the comments.