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    Patek Philippe 2018 New Work Flash Tour

    PATEK PHILIPPE 2018’s new works are exciting and exciting. The brand is deeply impressed by the sports and practical styles that the market currently loves. Among them are unexpected works that are unexpected, and continuous enhancements to highlight the products. With its own special fine-tuning, Patek Philippe has brought us double surprises in the creation of sports watch types.

    The main feature of the 240 Q movement in Ref. 5740 / 1G is that the small dial at 9 o’clock is coaxial with the week and the 24-hour display, which continues to the new Nautilus.

    This folding buckle has four independent clasps and is integrated into the Carrezovar style concept. The advantage is that because there are two sets of opening and closing buckles, the possibility of accidental release at the same time is greatly reduced

    Nautilus evolves complex specifications
    As the king of watch sports watches, the Nautilus series has always emphasized practicality, but the new work Ref. 5740 / 1G launched by Patek Philippe in 2018 introduced the more complex perpetual calendar function for the first time. For the series and even the brand itself It’s all a try. Patek Philippe uses a white gold case to echo its difficulty in production and its flagship status in the series. The 240 Q movement itself is known for its ultra-thin design, and the overall thickness of the 5740 / 1G affected is only 8.42mm. It feels a little more burdensome, but more comfortable and handy feedback. This latest work of the Nautilus series also contains a brand-new patented folding buckle developed by the brand. The design of four independent buckles can ensure that the watch is less prone to loosening.

    The black face plate with radial treatment gives the convex texture a more delicate aesthetic sense. In addition, Patek Philippe also uses orange hands and scales to form a visual contrast with black background and white time scales.

    The long strip design makes it easier for the wearer to operate. In addition, the surface is polished and matte polished, which not only creates a sense of hierarchy but also shows the superb craftsmanship of the watch.

    More playful Aquanaut
    Patek Philippe’s other sports watch, Aquanaut, was launched in 1997. So far, there were originally only two, three hands and two time options. However, in 2018, the brand also launched the series’ first chronograph Ref. 5968A. The watch’s CH 28-520 C movement not only contains the indispensable column wheel of the traditional chronograph, but also is equipped with a vertical clutch mechanism to effectively reduce the wear of the chronograph components. In addition, the watch also has a flyback function, which means The wearer can directly time the next round without resetting to zero and restarting, which is more convenient in operation. The 5968A’s black radial dial is equipped with a small seconds dial at six o’clock. Patek Philippe’s orange scale and hands and other details produce a high contrast with the black surface, giving the watch a clearer time reading effect.

    The large Arabic numerals and pointers can be seen from the pedigree of the early flight watch. The 2018 new model will change the face plate to brown, highlighting the difference from the platinum model.

    The 324 SC FUS movement has a total of 294 parts and a power reserve of 45 hours. The movement is characterized by a dual-day and night display that simultaneously displays the location and the original place of residence.

    Growing flight watch lineup
    Different from the two sports watch series introduced earlier, the first new breakthroughs in the series were introduced. In 2018, Patek Philippe also made use of the existing styles and extended the small modified works with different materials. Among them, high-profile models such as Calatrava Ref. 5524R. Speaking of 5524, the brand first launched the platinum model in 2015, which caused a lot of heated discussions in the market. However, after three years, this model has not only disappeared in the Patek Philippe product lineup, but also launched a small number of three-pin special editions. Until 2018, there was another 5524R, which was changed to rose gold. 5524R This time with the change of material, the color of the faceplate is also changed to brown, and it is still retro brown calfskin strap. It gives consumers who like this style an extra choice. It is worth mentioning that The brand even launched a female version 7234R with a reduced watch diameter to 37.5mm. Although the design is exactly the same as the 5524R, this model bears the significance of Patek Philippe’s first two-time automatic female watch, and its head is even higher than the 5524R.

    The 5738R is changed to rose gold, and the face plate is also changed to ebony. You can also see the finely polished gold inlaid hour markers, which shows the fineness of the work of the watch.

    The modern version of the Golden Ellipse is rarely set with gems on the crown (this one is set with onyx), giving the watch an unobtrusive elegance

    Celebrating 50 years of Golden Ellipse
    In the formal watch section, Golden Ellipse, which coincides with the 50th anniversary in 2018, can serve as a representative. This series was very popular in the 1970s to 1980s. Its unique oval shape (between rectangle and circle) is the most distinctive design highlight, although the Golden Ellipse’s momentum is no longer as peak as it was in modern times Vast, but its status as the basic classic of Patek Philippe is still deeply rooted. After the platinum Jumbo version was launched in 2008, the brand replaced it with rose gold in 2018. This Ref. 5738R is paired with black and ebony radiation. The face plate, with the simple two-pin function, linear time scale, and the ultra-thin 240 movement, make it wear elegantly on the wrist, but also relatively light-fitting, elegant style awakens the past people’s beautiful impression of Golden Ellipse , Also became a real-wearing model with rich collection meaning in 2018.

    Nautilus Ref. 5740 / 1G-001

    18K white gold material / 240 Q self-winding movement / hour, minute, date, week, month, leap year display / perpetual calendar function / lunar phase display / 24-hour display / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / water resistance 60 meters / diameter 40mm / Reference price: 820,000 RMB

    Aquanaut Ref. 5968A-001

    Stainless steel material / CH 28-520 C automatic winding movement / hours, minutes, small seconds, date display / flyback chronograph function / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / waterproof 120 meters / table diameter 42.2mm / reference price : 300,000 RMB

    Calatrava Ref. 5524R-001

    18K rose gold material / 324 SC FUS self-winding movement / hour, minute, second, date display / two places time display / two places day and night display / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / water resistance 60 meters / diameter 42mm / reference Price: 330,000 RMB

    Golden Ellipse Ref. 5738R-001

    18K rose gold material / 240 self-winding movement / hour and minute display / sapphire crystal / waterproof 30 meters / diameter 39.5×34.5mm / reference price: 220,000 RMB