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    Several Watches Worth Investing

    Although the price-performance ratio of the classic timepiece is very high, the price itself is not easy to reach. In fact, many watch enthusiasts who know the watch but have limited funds, mostly buy watches from well-known brands. Because they have both excellent quality and affordable prices, they are definitely a great choice for investing in watches.
         The preciousness of the Lin Bai watch is that it was the watch worn by the pilot Lin Bai in May 1927 when he piloted the ‘Spirit of Saint Louis’ to leave Roosevelt Airport in the United States and began the first transatlantic flight in history. And this child watch, when he sold it was his own drawing and design, and then made by Longines time angle watch.
    Longines Lindby Flight Watch
         The effect is to quickly calculate the time angle during the flight and determine the aircraft’s flight bias. Although up to now, radar systems and satellite navigation systems have already appeared, Lin Bai flight watch may not have any practical significance in dealing with the real ‘flying’, but it is still the brand’s best-selling style all year round, and may be coveted by the public. It is its initiative and its spirit, because these are immortal.

    Rado monolithic ceramic watch
         Radar has won the hearts of Chinese consumers, and may have arrived earlier than any other brand. With its classic black and earlier than other brands, the brand began to make watches with precision ceramic materials and left a unique and unique impression in the minds of consumers. The sale of the overall ceramic series for the new year has attracted fashionable people who like simple design and color. This year, the radar has added a color dial to the use of clear black colors, from green, blue to orange, and purple, making the classic black more clear and the modern color more challenging.
         Many years ago, when I was selling professional clocks or even clocks, I didn’t have any opinions on them. I saw a very simple and elegant watch in the poster poster of the shopping mall. Its clear black face plate has no trace of burden, it just has a bright spot at 12 o’clock, no matter what color clothes, bags and accessories, it can show a completely different style. Later, I knew it belonged to Muse’s Museum series.

    TAG Heuer Carrera
         When it comes to the TAG Heuer brand, watch enthusiasts mention the two words-racing, which shows how deeply the brand’s cooperation with racing and various events is deeply rooted. As the ‘speed pioneer’ in the watch industry, TAG Heuer from Jo Siffert to Kimi Raikkonen and Lewis Hamilton, from Ferrari to McLaren, from FIA F1 to Le Mans and Indy 500 races. The most exciting races, teams and drivers work hand in hand to create dynamic watch creations. Speed ​​and passion, have these two most exciting characteristics of men, product talents can withstand the test of time and space.
         The public’s understanding of watches, except Switzerland, probably even Japan. And most of the understanding of the Japanese watch industry is through the word Seiko. Whether it is Velatura designed for the ocean, Sportura, an all-star chronograph series, or Premier, which connects tradition and modernity, or LUKIA, which is elegant yet feminine, it creates watches with the design and appearance methods that Orientals are willing to accept. product.

    Seiko Spring Drive
         The SEIKO Spring Drive series watch, which took 18 years to complete, not only fulfilled the desire to flow time ‘quietly’, but also let everyone see that Seiko is an experienced watch company that fully masters all watch technology. This is the most practical and reliable way to deal with consumers.

    Enicar (Delmont) Elite Series
         Did you know that Comrade Lei Feng also owns a Swiss-made watch? That’s right, that watch is Innag. We ca n’t be disappointed that Lei Feng always buys a piece of Innag and thinks he is a vanity person, because if you admire this magazine, you happen to be sitting with your father or grandpa outside, you Ask them if they know a watch called ‘Little British Geer’, the hit rate may be as high as you can imagine … As a brand’s classic series, the octagonal design of the Dell Monte Elite series comes from the famous castle in Italy Castel del-Monte. Architecturally, Del Monte Castle is based on the perfect octagonal element; Innagg condenses this iconic element into the dial design: the octagonal bezel is set with 10 diamonds, and the transparent back cover on the reverse side of the watch uses six Grained steel screws fasten. The dial is as large as 41mm, which is very suitable for those who are sturdy and seductive. In fact, even the less cowardly people are particularly fond of it.
         For Citizen, Chinese consumers are no longer familiar with it, because it is fashionable, functional and versatile, and it is very easy to find a watch that suits its temperament and characteristics. The brand’s most distinguishing feature from other watches is its use of light and kinetic energy.

    Citizen Super Air Eagle Watch
         This Citizen Super Air Eagle adopts light kinetic energy technology, receives radio signals in multiple rounds, and has world time display effect. After all, today’s society, often traveling around the world has become the labor trajectory of many people. Whether you are in the United States, Europe, Japan, or China, when you travel across time zones, as long as you choose the name of the city where you live, the super eagle in the air will Automatically receive the time radio signal of the land sale criterion, and switch to the land sale time accurately. In a different place, you may encounter tens of thousands of unexpected and unexpected, so convenient and fast has become the biggest bonus.

    Tissot T-touch
         For so many years, Tissot has steadily secured the entry level of Swiss mechanical watches. In addition to the good market management, more reasons are that while the brand adheres to watchmaking skills, it is always seeking innovation and understanding of consumers. Not to mention that Big S has signed a contract with Tissot. In the past three years, the sales figures for Tissot have increased. The brand’s T-touch, Ocean Wave, and Kufang series have relied on word-of-mouth propaganda methods. Especially the flagship product series T-touch, which adopts the revolutionary touch method to manipulate the watch, is unique among the young fashion crowd, and because it also serves as the goddess Angelina-Julie in ‘Tomb Raider’ and ‘Smith Smith’. ‘S best partner now sells ‘without the sun’. How much love do we have for each watch? Love is more probably the spiritual symbolism they bring to us.