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    The Source Of The Brand, The Exclusive Residence, The Fifth Anniversary Of The Opening Of Patek Philippe Shanghai Yuandi

    After more than two years of site selection, design, restoration and preparation, Patek Philippe Shanghai Store moved to No. 33, Bundyuan, Shanghai in October 2012, and named ‘Maison Patek Philippe’ ‘Grand opening. Since entering the Chinese market in 2005, Patek Philippe has long sincerely cooperated with long-term partner Melchers International to grow steadily. The sincere building of the Patek Philippe Shanghai Yuandi Building was formerly the official residence of the British Consulate General in Shanghai. The beauty of the work creates a far-reaching vision to experience the long history and brand value of this time palace. As of October 18, 2017, coincided with the fifth anniversary of the opening of Patek Philippe Shanghai Yuandi, Watch House had an exclusive interview with the sales consultants of Patek Philippe Shanghai Yuandi, reviewing the stories and changes of Patek Philippe Shanghai Yuandi within five years At the same time, I will share this important moment with everyone.

    Interviewed: Sales consultant of Patek Philippe Shanghai Yuandi
    Watch House: In your eyes, has there been any change in guests since 2011?
    Sales consultants: The early customers were mainly successful entrepreneurs, most of them were the first generation who were rich in reform and opening up. They were relatively old and didn’t know much about watches. Today’s guests are much younger. They succeeded with their own efforts and bought watches from former sources. Young VIP guests are much more aware of watches than their parents. These guests not only know the watch very well, but also have exposure to European watch culture and have a deeper understanding of the watch and Patek Philippe. At the same time, young guests will ask very professional questions, and they love Patek Philippe sincerely.

    Watch House: Now that younger guests have more travel experience, why do they still choose to buy watches from domestic sources?
    Sales consultant: Buying a watch in China is completely different from buying a watch overseas. First of all, there is a great possibility that language is not available when buying a watch overseas. Consumers are more likely to observe the watch’s style and appearance. At the domestic source, the sales consultant will introduce the details to the customer from the history of the watch. Hope Customers can learn more about the product. In addition, Yuandi’s shopping environment is quiet and comfortable, which is significantly different from buying watches overseas. We believe that buying watches is only the beginning, not the end. After the watch is sold, we can still provide customers with many services, and we can also solve any problems encountered by the watch. We have encountered many customers who purchased watches overseas, they did not understand the usefulness of the watch itself, and such customers accounted for a certain percentage. But we have also seen such a phenomenon: more and more customers choose to buy watches in the domestic Patek Philippe source, I believe this is also a trend for future development.

    Watch House: Are there any guests who have impressed you very much?
    Sales consultant: Many customers have left a deep impression on me. A guest once worked in a middle-aged man in Tibet far from Shanghai. Occasionally he saw the introduction of the Patek Philippe watch, and then telephoned us for information about this watch. I happened to receive the customer at that time. After exchanging WeChat, I introduced the watch to the customer in detail. After that, the guests decided to order this watch and made a special trip from Tibet to Shanghai after the watch arrived in Shanghai. What moved me even more was that I encountered some festivals before I had time to send a message to this guest, but he had already sent me holiday blessings. I can feel this guest’s heartfelt love for Patek Philippe.

    Summary: In this pleasant conversation, we learned that the customer body of Patek Philippe is transforming into a younger, more diversified and professional information company. I also learned that during the five years of development, Patek Philippe has continuously improved the consumer’s purchasing experience, communication with customers, and more comprehensive after-sales service links to further enhance the brand’s influence in China. For the Chinese market that has become more mature in the high-end consumer sector, Patek Philippe has adopted a stable and service-oriented market strategy to enhance the customer service experience. In China, Patek Philippe has two customer service centers in Shanghai and Beijing, which are designed to provide Chinese consumers with the most professional lifelong services from the brand.
    Introduction of ‘Pak Tai Philippe Shanghai Source Mansion’

    The Patek Philippe Shanghai Residence (formerly the residence of the British Consulate General in Shanghai) is quiet and beautiful. Construction of the building began in 1882 and was commissioned in 1884. With a total area of ​​1,227.5 square meters, it inherits the classic style and tradition of the Geneva salon.

    As the wife of Philippe Stern, the third generation of Patek Philippe, and the mother of the current president Thierry Stern, Ms. Gerdi Stern is the chief designer and soul figure, leading the design from Geneva The team is devoted to the decoration work of the entire Shanghai Yuandi.

    The official residence of the Consulate General is a two-story brick-wood structure with Victorian Romanesque architecture. The decoration of the building is rich and delicate, with well-ordered classical pillars and wall pillars as its characteristics. The interior of the building uses Ionian stigmas, while the stigma of the outer porch is a rare Corinthian decoration in the Bund building. The bottom floor of the outer porch is gorgeous and exquisite, with the tiles remaining from the original mansion. The entrance is facing south, and the lobby has large floor-to-ceiling windows. Both buildings have been awarded ‘Shanghai Excellent Historical Protected Buildings’ for their profound cultural heritage.

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    Tiger Woods Wore A Rolex D-blue Watch And Won The American Masters Laurel

    On April 14, local time, the 2019 US Golf Masters ended the last round of competition at Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia. Tiger Woods scored 275 below par 275. After finishing the stroke, the 11-year-old Grand Slam champion drought is over. This is his fifth Masters championship and the 15th Grand Slam championship.

       After winning, Tiger Woods wore a red jersey and, for the fifth time, a green jacket symbolizing the championship. He wore a Rolex D-Blue watch and won the US Masters. With this victory, Tiger Woods staged the ‘return of the king’ and at the same time allowed a new generation of golfers to recognise the king of golf.

       Tiger Woods has been the Rolex Brand Ambassador since 2011. The Rolex D-Blue watch was first introduced in 2014, and it was replaced in 2018. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)