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    Time Incubation Process Craft Preservation Time ‘crafting Time Process’ High-end Watch Exhibition

    For you who live in modern society and are busy all day, time is your enemy? Or your friend? How would you describe the person ‘time’? In the eyes of Hermès Hermès, a French high-end fashion brand, time is a loyal ally with deep relationships, and through the brand from April 29 to May 14, the ‘Crafting Time-Time Craft’ haute horoscope held in the Bellavita Hermes flagship store. The exhibition will allow you to have a different perspective on time.

    Enamel painting: lively, intense, flashing

    Metalworking sculpture: a unique dance that is hollow and not stale

    Complex watchmaking: gear meshing, traction rotation, gentle pace every minute

    Crystal Art: Burning clot, slow circle cutting, serene ballet dance

    Jewellery inlay: fascinating, pleasing, unexpected perspective
       In this exhibition, the brand collaborated with artist Guillaume Airiaud. He created space art installations and watches combined with countless cubes, presenting five kinds of craftsmanship applied to Hermès high-end watches: enamel painting, crystal art , Complex watchmaking, metalworking engraving and jewelry setting, many of which were released at this year’s Basel Watch Fair, and immediately came to Taiwan to display in front of brand lovers.

    Hermès invited Ms. Nathalie Rolland-Huckel, a French lacquer artist, to come to Taiwan to demonstrate the lacquer painting process to the audience.
       In the space created by artist Guillaume Airiaud, the alternation of colors evokes day or night scenes. Professional watchmaking techniques are presented one by one through metaphorical scenes imagined by the artist: the crystal melts in fire; the enamel powder becomes stained glass windows; Miniature jigsaws make the metalworking engraved components dance; rainbow-like collages are reminiscent of the dazzling flare of diamonds on various cut surfaces … Various elements continue to move in accordance with the laws of time in the mechanism of time.

    Harnais d’ apparat French lacquered art watch
    750 rose gold case, 30 mm diameter, hour and minute hands,
    Self-made H1950 ultra-thin self-winding movement with 42-hour power reserve, sapphire crystal and case back,
    Water resistant to 30 meters, shiny burgundy crocodile leather strap with 750 rose gold pin buckle
       In addition, the brand also invited Ms. Nathalie Rolland-Huckel, a French lacquer artist, and Ms. Agnè s Paul-Depasse, a fine mosaic artist, to come to Taiwan to demonstrate their professional skills at the scene and demonstrate the subtlety of these two processes. In this exhibition, you can see seven Hermès watchmaking techniques.

    Dans un jardin anglais
    750 white gold case, 30 mm diameter, Persian micro-painted ‘Dans un jardin anglais (English garden)’ pattern dial, hour and minute hands, homemade H1950 ultra-thin self-winding movement, 42 hours power reserve, sapphire crystal And case back, waterproof 30 meters, shiny sapphire alligator strap with 750 white gold pin buckle
       Examining the various models in the watch exhibition, in addition to being able to watch the dial of the Harnais d’apparat French lacquered art watch by Ms. Nathalie Rolland-Huckel, there are also exquisite metalworking Pocket La promenade de Platon pocket watches, and the fusion ‘ Beetle Coleoptera Inlay ”and Pocket Ailes et Ecailles pocket watch with enamel crafting, as well as the newly created Dans un jardin anglais Persian micro-painted art watch, and it has not been exposed at the Basel watch exhibition, using“ Millefiori Thousand Flowers ” ‘The exquisite watches with crystal technology and straw setting technology, I believe that after the visit, you will love the smart ideas of Hermès watch factory and the professional spirit of persistent watchmaking.

    Pocket Ailes et Ecailles
    750 white gold case, diameter 26 mm, beetle inlaid with inlaid and inlaid enamel dial, hour and minute hands, homemade H183 self-winding movement, 50 hours power reserve, sapphire crystal glass and case back, waterproof 30 meters , Matte indigo blue alligator leather (MM76) leather strap and protective cover