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    Iwc Portuguese Tourbillon Retrograde Watch Introduction

    For many years, the Portuguese tourbillon watch with rotating frame escapement has been one of the most beautiful watches. Now, in addition to the 7-day power reserve display, the designers of IWC Schaffhausen have added an extraordinary date display to this coveted and unique timepiece, making it even more charming.
    It is the queen of the Portuguese family & mdash; & mdash; attractive, beautiful, mysterious. Since its debut in 2003, its number of followers has been increasing. Its charm comes from the generous shape, chic style and extraordinary tourbillon escapement ‘mdash;’ on a dark background, as if a dancer rotates at 12 o’clock. The delicate frame of the Portuguese tourbillon watch with a balance wheel seems to be spinning in the air. The illusion of a real scene is very mysterious. The designers of IWC added the date display with the flyback function at the end of the month to this watch, and the mysterious and elegant Portuguese tourbillon retrograde watch was born.
    The newly added flyback date display is integrated into the IWC-manufactured 51900 movement, and its dial spans a quarter of this large case. When the 31-day big month (January, March, May, July, August, October, and December) arrives, the date display automatically jumps back to the first day. In small months, or if you have not worn the watch for a period of time, you can use the quick adjustment function to advance the date display and then fly back to the first day of the month. There is no need to adjust the time when adjusting the date. Now, this remarkable watch has added an extraordinary display function.
    The small second hand before is now replaced by the particularly striking minute tourbillon. This function is performed in a steel frame with three iconic support bars (arranged in a star shape). The 7-day power reserve display on the right half of the dial shows the remaining power of the barrel, which is powered by the proven Pellerton automatic winding system of the movement family with high efficiency. The flying minute tourbillon is supported on only one side, it consists of 81 parts and weighs only 0.433 grams. The mysterious tourbillon turns the dial into a stage. It transforms the wheel that rotates with the frame every minute into a dancer who rotates at 12 o’clock in a black set.
    In the previous models, the tourbillon is still embedded in the splint decorated by the external grinding process. In the Portuguese tourbillon retrograde watch, it is embedded in a mirror-polished ring on the inside, and the escapement components are reflected again, clearly visible. In addition to the exquisite technology of the escapement, the Portuguese tourbillon retrograde watch has shown us a visual feast.
    Limited edition of 500 18K red gold models with pure gold embedded numerals and silver-plated dials, and 250 titanium models with ruthenium black dials and rhodium-plated hands and indexes.