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    Tag Heuer Tag Heuer Never Fear, Only Love Does Not Lose

    Love is armor, and love is also a weakness. Fearless courage is a hard armor, and sincere love is a soft underbelly. From Valentine’s Day to Valentine’s Day, send love with things, convey the power of love, and time to support the promise of companionship. Swiss avant-garde watch brand TAG Heuer presents the best work on the wrist-Carrera Carrera series couples watch, combining excellent performance and avant-garde design, unique modern modern style, interpretation of the avant-garde life aesthetics of individual couples.

    For Him: Carrera Carrera Heuer 01 Chronograph

    TAG Heuer Carrera Carrera Series Heuer 01 chronograph and TAG Heuer Carrera Lady Carrera Series ladies watch are equipped with Calibre Heuer 01 movement and TAG Heuer quartz movement, tough edges and soft and round design Echoing from a distance, the lines are smooth and lively. The men’s watch with a large dial of 43 mm is equipped with a polished ceramic speed bezel and a polished stainless steel case composed of 12 modular structures, demonstrating its power and reliability like an armor. Its classic hollow dial with sapphire case back reveals the beauty of the mechanical power of the movement. The female watch conquers the eye with a charming and chic design. The classic blue dial is supplemented by a hand-inlaid date window. The ultra-thin bezel design is simple yet stylish. Adhering to the fine polishing of Swiss watchmaking technology, women can watch the day At night, dressed up or lightly on the battlefield, he is always outstanding. Both watches have unique module designs that perfectly embody the athletic genes of the ‘track aesthetics’, infusing infinite power into the modern style that is both soft and firm.

    For Her: TAG Heuer Carrera Lady

    Choose a Tag Heuer Carrera Carrera couple pair watch, fight side by side with your lover, make yourself stronger, and eventually become the soft underbelly of each other’s hearts, and also become the armor of each other.