2014 Sihh – Roger Dubuis 21st Century Unique Mechanical Feast In Roger Dubuis

ROGER DUBUIS invites visitors to follow the latest amazing creations of its extraordinary world and enter a unique mechanical feast of the 21st century.
Left brain, right brain, a spirit that combines retro and future, a tribute to inventors and enthusiastic scientists, some creative movements with stylistic characteristics, the latest technology and the ancient confrontation of copper and iron ROGER DUBUIS Roger Dubi will set up a brand new and unique exhibition venue for the re-launched Hommage series at this SIHH Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Show, once again bringing visitors an extraordinary journey of surprise: expressing the traditional system through modern interpretation The table compliments the use of the post-industrial period and steampunk’s sci-fi hyper-realistic spirit to show the rich combination of mechanical aesthetics and organic creation.

ROGER DUBUIS injects a steampunk sci-fi hyper-realistic atmosphere into the SIHH 2014 Geneva International Haute Horlogerie

The SIHH Geneva International Haute Horlogerie fair held at the beginning of each year is a major occasion that offers unique exhibition opportunities. ROGER DUBUIS is proud to take this opportunity to showcase recent works and reveal the latest features of its complicated and sophisticated timepieces. This year ROGER DUBUIS dedicates this exhibition to the Hommage series, which once again brings opportunities for people to step into the space beyond time, in which it displays an extremely timely theme, which shows that ROGER DUBUIS is good at Contrast effects of vision and concept. In order to highlight the Hommage series and its great significance in the brand, ROGER DUBUIS presents its cuckoo clock with a steampunk sci-fi hyperrealistic approach at the SIHH 2014 Geneva International Haute Horlogerie exhibition. Accompanied by a set of fascinating and fun, inspirational and educational elements. This unique exhibition design is to commend the outstanding creators from ancient times to the present. Due to their unremitting pursuit and breakthrough in watchmaking technology, this moment-and this Hommage series-has existed.
Transformational imagery
This brand new exhibition room expresses the beauty of all machinery and the delicate taste of Belle Epoque, reflecting the attractive atmosphere of elegant clothes and luxurious pomp. However, ROGER DUBUIS has never done anything in an oversimplified, unbridled way. Its approach is always meticulous and symbolic, sometimes subversive or provocative, but there is no lack of meticulous calculation ideas to achieve the highest standards of superior quality.

SIHH 2014 Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Show, ROGER DUBUIS Opening Ceremony

The design focus of the main hall of the ROGER DUBUIS exhibition hall falls on an oversized cuckoo clock that is driven by a mechanical movement, and it has also become the perfect symbol of the creative concept of this exhibition hall! Although the cuckoo bell is not a Swiss original work, its close relationship with Switzerland is famous all over the world and it appears in many different countries, such as Italy, Russia, the United States, Britain, Argentina, Germany, and so on. ROGER DUBUIS uses humorous methods to pay tribute to the time-honored Swiss wisdom through this cuckoo clock. Switzerland not only makes full use of all existing traditional resources, but also turns them into its own assets-its performance The achievements in the field of watchmaking are the best example.
Mr. Alvaro Maggini, creative director of ROGER DUBUIS pointed out: ‘The cuckoo clock not only symbolizes Switzerland and watches, but also shows the characteristics of birds in a fun way. This transformation ability fully reflects Switzerland’s industrial Features. A country lacking natural resources, but with the rich creativity of the people, the best existing expertise and technology are brought to the extreme, and they are internalized into extraordinary and nationally exclusive exclusive assets! ‘In short , ROGER DUBUIS Roger Dubuis used to use semi-joking humor to achieve strong effects, and therefore once again converted the symbolic image of the cuckoo clock to another bird-you must guess, that is: with ROGER DUBUIS Roger Dubi is closely related and represents the eagle of the Geneva Seal.
In this artistic and creative world of ROGER DUBUIS, gears and springs of various sizes are shuttled through, and clicks, ticks, and time signals are constantly heard in the wood, metal and leather kingdom of the watchmaker’s workshop, as if Express a vivid warning: In today’s flooded virtual world, everyone is looking for the real thing. What ROGER DUBUIS offers to people through this wonderful world and its innovative timepiece is the most exquisite and amazing ‘extraordinary machinery’.
Inside Roger Dubuis’s giant brass cuckoo bell, there is a fascinating Alpine world and several traditional shepherds’ houses, some silent statues symbolizing the unknown watchmaking genius of centuries, its hands Holding a transparent bell cover, it shows the various watches of the Hommage series. The ROGER DUBUIS movements engraved with the Geneva mark are displayed on black copper countertops, which are the latest achievements of the brand’s proud technological assets. Visitors can sit and relax on the smooth black leather sofa. A row of high-quality screens presents the daily life of the watch factory and intriguing mood boards, so that visitors are immersed in the background world of crafts and craftsmen. The exhibition scene and the precious works displayed in it were created through the exquisite skills of these artisans.
Bringing the story to a farther country in a dramatic setting
ROGER DUBUIS Alvaro Maggini, the creative director of Roger Dubuis, is a highly developed character who obviously has left and right brains. The encounter with his boiling personality is bound to be an unforgettable experience. He can captivate the audience and lead the other party into a dream world filled with the values ​​of ROGER DUBUIS, just like the extraordinary visual country he designed and created for this exhibition.

 (Left) Mr. Roger Dubuis, founder of the watchmaking factory and creator of the Hommage collection, Mr. Jean-Marc Pontroué, CEO of ROGER DUBUIS

Together with the watch factory, he developed a way to present the extraordinary world of ROGER DUBUIS with theatrical scenes, and also used this to show the special world of the Hommage series, which he regarded as infiltrating the other four The ‘fifth element’ of the world has shaped a territory where imagination can gallop. When he conceived the exhibition for this series focusing on the movement, the heart of clocks, a magnificent space symbolizing ‘extraordinary machinery’ naturally appeared in his mind in an organic and vibrant form. . At the same time, the idea of ​​using steampunk sci-fi hyper-realism naturally comes from Hommage’s respect for fine watchmaking crafts, such as the unique sun decoration pattern shown by Guilloché carving technology.
Whether it’s conceiving a ROGER DUBUIS store or a special venue such as the SIHH Geneva International Watch & Clock Fair, Alvaro Maggini’s professional background in advertising has enabled him to fully grasp the importance of attracting visitors’ attention: lead They enter a completely extraordinary world and tell them a story that can inspire their own imagination. Through the guidance of the drama scene, people feel as if there is a special stage into their own lives, so that they can participate in the lively performance. The clear identity in it has a subtle effect with the interaction between the individual and the watch Variety. This also reflects the wonderful connection established between a watch and its owner when it is actually worn. Similarly, his drama experience also made him realize that talent and talent can only be achieved through precise calculations and plans, which also means that this ROGER DUBUIS performance of ‘Extraordinary Machinery’ cannot be relied on By chance.